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Training School

Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
August 15, 2018

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RAJANI GOWRI SANKAR - Senior Academician/Correspondent/Education Consultant

*/**** *.* *****, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Mobile: +91-949******* / +91-909*******~ E-Mail:;

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An innovative forward-thinking educator with a track record of success in turning around under-performing school operations through strategic planning curriculum and program development, effective faculty interaction and communication.

Experienced in meeting the needs of at-risk students and creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment conductive to highest level of achievement. I am a Senior Education Consultant with over 30+ years of experience in the field of School Education. I have worked in the capacity of Principal, Correspondent, Education Advisor, Content Developer and Academic Assessor/Auditor of Schools, covering various curricula such as ICSE, CBSE, State Board and IGCSE.

My additional strengths include:

Strong Leadership and Mentoring Skills;

• Excellent Organizational Skills;

• Budget development and management;

• Magnet Gifted program experience;

• Curriculum planning and implementation;

• Diverse monitoring community relationships;

• District/State/International Assessment Co-ordination;

• Creative Problem-Solving techniques.

Experience Snapshot:

• I am working as an Inspector/Assessor of various CBSE Schools across India. My major role is to supervise and train teachers after a thorough inspection of Academic & classroom observations.

• I completely assess the various functioning domains of the school like student oriented, teaching and administrative/management perspective and give suggestive improvements.

• I previously worked as a Correspondent & Academic in- charge at Chinmaya Vidhayalaya Hyderabad. My main role is to co-ordinate all academic activities of the school right from time tabling to assessment of teachers regularly for improvement of standards of performance. The parents of the school are actively coordinated in all extra and co-curricular activities to provide overall personality development of the students.

• Prior to being a Correspondent & Academic in- charge I was working with Butterfly fields an education empowered solution company as a Specialist Training Lead, directly involved in making science models in a simple way to make the concept effective and pupil friendly. The hands-on activities devised were implemented in different school curriculums through subject trainers and was found to be effective.

• My previous role as a principal of Chinmaya Vidhayalaya CBSE Curriculum handled 1500 students, 100+ academic staff members. My key responsibilities included both academic and administration activities. During my tenure I was involved in activities such as: o Inspector of schools

o Zonal Head for Correction of CBSE papers

RAJANI GOWRI SANKAR - Senior Academician/Correspondent/Education Consultant 6/2437 V.N Nagar, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Mobile: +91-949******* / +91-909*******~ E-Mail:;

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o Member of the Panel for affiliation (CBSE)

o Superintendent for Conduct of CBSE Examinations

o Controller for Conduct of a no. Of Competitive examinations like IITJEE, AIIMS, AIEEE, Amrutha Engineering Entrance.


• As an academician, I want to coordinate and control all activities in a School effectively and efficiently which would help the organization to achieve its objectives and goals. Education:

• Bachelor degree of Science in Physics –University of Madras.

• Master degree of Science in Psychology & Physics - University of Madras.

• Master of Arts degree -University of Madras.

• Master of Business Administration in Education Management – Alagappa University

• Bachelor of Education-Annamalai University.

Professional Certifications:

• Professional Certification in Type-writing.

• Professional Certification in Industrial Electronics at I.I.T. Madras.

• Professional Certification in Sanskrit and Hindi.

• Professional Certification in First-Aid at St. Johns College, Bangalore. Key Strengths:


• Developed innovative curriculum, organized time, space and resources to balance heavy workloads.

• Used advanced methods to educate students for comprehensive classroom material for I.C.S.E.

&C.B.S.E. with sufficient reasoning examples.

• Edited and contributed to a number of books in Physics & Chemistry at all levels written by group of teachers.

• Experienced in preparing Time-Table for staff of over 200 in number. Administration

• Conduct of examinations along with preparation of exam time-table in accordance with the work load concerning each teacher.

• Experienced in conducting Competitive exams like AIEEE, AIIMS and Olympiads at different levels

• Conducted regular workshops for Science teachers.

• Trained students to handle Talent examinations and successfully completing project work at Senior Secondary level.

• Expertise in Using Microsoft Tools namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint. RAJANI GOWRI SANKAR - Senior Academician/Correspondent/Education Consultant 6/2437 V.N Nagar, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Mobile: +91-949******* / +91-909*******~ E-Mail:;

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Work History:

Butterfly Edu Fields, Hyderabad/Chennai – Specialist Trainer Lead for Academicians. Duration: Dec 2011– Jan 2015


• As a specialist trainer lead at Butterfly fields I was responsible for training the academicians with the following skills:

• Hands on activities which involve practical approach of learning;

• Initiation of Science innovation centers;

• Concept maps to help mathematical and analytical skills;

• Educational games to remove the blur lines between students and studies. Distinguished Talents

• Proficiency in Classical Music and playing the Veena.

• Excellent Dramatical and theatrical skills.

• Judgment of various Competitions likes extempore, debates and quiz.

• Intricate resolving capabilities of student problems through counseling.

• Deployment of Unconventional coaching methods for the enhancement of overall

• Students’ personality.

• Preparation of Questionnaire for acquiring the feedback from parents and students for evaluation and assessment purposes.

• I was a part of the workshop on Quality Training Management for Principal all over the country.

• I was also a part of workshop on making of working models Conducted by H.C. Verma a renowned academician

Training and Development Conducted:

• Site based Decision making training;

• Instructional leadership training;

• Finance Training;

• Facilities Training;

• Human resource training;

• Cognitive Coaching;

• Capturing Kids Hearts.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Hyderabad - Principal

Duration: May2009 – Dec 2011


• As a Principal I take up the coordination tasks like coordinating meetings with the board, staff and parents.

• As a principal was responsible for co-coordinating daily functioning of all school activities including teaching, learning and security of students inside the campus.

• Due to my previous experience in teaching I also coach the students personally and dedicate myself for producing cent percent results.

• Insisted on value-based education along with personality development. RAJANI GOWRI SANKAR - Senior Academician/Correspondent/Education Consultant 6/2437 V.N Nagar, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Mobile: +91-949******* / +91-909*******~ E-Mail:;

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• Utmost care was taken during admission of students purely based on merit at different levels.

• The parents are also made to involve themselves actively in the co-curricular &Extra-curricular activities of the school.

• Made regular discussions within charges of different sections of the school to analyze the difficulties faced and arrive at amicable solution.

• Planned the financial status of the school through proper budgeting by channeling it under various genres.

• Regular updating of student particulars to the concerned board is done online under my supervision.

• Was the initiative for the commencement of Remedial coaching classes for average students thereby resulting in cent percent results consecutively?

• Had conducted number of inter-school competitions and exhibitions during my tenure.

• Preparation of class and individual teacher timetable is my unique expertise.

• Took great pride in introducing myself as an excellent planner for successfully organizing educational tours and tournaments.

• Have a great eye in public relations and meet the students individually by conducting daily rounds around the campus.

• Have introduced a Special Activity program during the daily morning assembly which has improved the public’ speaking, debating elocutionary skills of students.

• This program served as a platform to showcase individual talents.

• Have encouraged the students to post their views on various current issues in our monthly newsletter and have edited it to perfection.

• Various Eco-friendly programs have been conducted through clubs and plantation of saplings has been promoted by me. As a result of which our school was declared a Plastic and Smoke free zone

• Successful implementation of Adolescent Education program has created a welcoming change in the attitude of the students.

• Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system of CBSE was appropriately implemented in our institution by my guidance.

• In Chinmaya Vidyalaya 100% result was produced for Class X (CBSE) and for Class XII 88% and 96% for the years 2009-2011.

Hyderabad Public School

Duration: Sept 1985 – May 2009


• Served as Senior Physics faculty in The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet for24 years, under ICSE

(Class10)/ISC (Class12) Curriculum

• I have taught for about 24 ICSE (Class10) batches from 1985 to 2009 having a pass percentage ranging between 95%-100%.

• I have also taught 21 ISC (Class12) batches from 1988 to 2009 having a pass percentage ranging between95%-100%.

• Served as an Examiner for Board Examinations, conducted Practical Examinations at Class XII I S C Level

RAJANI GOWRI SANKAR - Senior Academician/Correspondent/Education Consultant 6/2437 V.N Nagar, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Mobile: +91-949******* / +91-909*******~ E-Mail:;

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Work duties

• Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a high standard.

• Supervising and monitoring pupil’s laboratory work.

• Providing careers support and advice to pupils.

• Marking students course work.

• Maintaining good levels of behavior.

• Contributing to the implementation of departmental and school improvement.

• Taking appropriate and effective measures when pupils misbehave.

• Coordinating with teaching assistants and suggesting for their enhanced performance.

• Preparing textbooks, handouts, course work & homework assignments.

• Participating in meetings with other teachers and also parents. KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES

Teaching abilities

• Ability to correlate day-day activities in learning concepts in Physics.

• Able to conduct classes in a disciplined environment where children are challenged.

• Able to provide high quality learning experiences for students.

• Friendly personality and excellent communication skills.

• Comprehensive knowledge of national and local curriculum policies.

• Excellent classroom management skills.

• Knowledge of physics principals, laws, atomic structures & processes.

• Combining bits of information to create general conclusions. Languages Known:

English, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit and Telugu

Personal Vitae:

Date of Birth: 11-04-1963

Husband’s Name/Occupation: S. Gowrisankar/ Retd. Deputy General Manager (Bharat Dynamics Limited Hyderabad) Permanent Address: 6/2437 V.N Nagar, Tolgate 1 Pichaiandar koil, Trichy – 621216 Languages Known: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Sanskrit. Passport No: M6199824 Passport Validity: 18/02/2015 – 17-02-2025 Rajani Gowrisankar

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