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Computer Science Software Developer

Eugene, Oregon, United States
August 15, 2018

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Parsa Bagheri

541-***-**** ● ●


• Talented candidate, with the formal education to work as a Jr Software Developer

• Passionate about learning, computer science and math; having the foundation to learn new tools and technologies, with an unwavering diligence SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

• Good programming knowledge of C/C++, Java, Python and Swift.

• Solid understanding of Data Structure, Algorithms.

• Solid understanding of Operating Systems and inner-workings of a computer

• Skilled in Object-Oriented Programming and technologies such as Eclipse, XCode, and JetBrains products

• Platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR ● Bachelor of Science in Computer Science ● Minor in Mathematics Graduated Spring 2018

• CIS Courses:

o Covering programming languages such as Java, Python, C/C++, SML/NJ, Haskell and Swift and topics such as Algorithms, Data Structure, Computer Organization, User Interfaces, App Development in iOS and Android, Software Methodologies, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Parallel Computing and Scientific Visualization.

• Math Courses:

o Covering topics such as Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, Calculus with proof, Linear Algebra, and Real Analysis. INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES

Parallel computing, threads and concurrency ● System level programming and learning Linux code ● Networking and Distributed Systems ● Computer and Network Security ● Machine Learning and AI ● Compilers ● Mobile app development as a hobby ● Coding in C and Haskell Luks Programming Contest, Eugene, OR

Contestant Spring 2017

• Tied for the third place. The questions were dynamic programming and greedy algorithm based. WORK EXPERIENCES

Mathematics Department of University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Teacher Assistant Fall 2016 – Spring 2018

• Grading and tutoring for Discrete Math, Calculus and Calculus with proof, Linear Algebra and introduction to proof PROGRAMMING PROJECTS (Website linked above contains sample of work) Image-Manipulator ● C++ programmer ● Spring 2017

• Through a Data Flow Network of Sink, Source, and Filter, this program is an object-oriented approach to manipulating “. pnm” image files. TreeCalc ● Swift/XCode/iOS programmer ● Fall 2017

• Binary trees are one of the most fundamental concepts in mathematics and computer science. This educational iOS app provides an interface for creating a variety of different binary and binary-search trees, their operations and run-time complexities, and their traversals. Star Explosion Volume Rendering ● C++ programmer ● Winter 2018

• A ray-casted volume renderer that implements scientific visualization algorithm consisting of calculating ray direction for each pixel on the screen, efficiently searching for overlaps along the ray with a large data set and deriving an image from the resulting intersections. Front-End Lisp Toy Compiler Development ● C++ programmer ● Winter 2018

• A Lisp programming language lexical analyzer and parser that runs in parallel. SecureCal ● Python programmer ● Spring 2018

• A multi-purpose calendar application. SecureCal, is a calendar that allows its users to log in/out and add/edit/remove events. Round-Robin CPU Scheduler ● C programmer - Linux/Unix ● Spring 2018

• Using a primarily system calls (2), this program utilizes the Round-Robin algorithm to schedule the processes on the CPU. Smart Forecast ● Swift/XCode/iOS programmer ● Spring 2018

• An iOS app that provides timely forecast of current location and searched cities, with the capability of sending relevant notifications. Include-Crawler ● C programmer ● Spring 2018

• This software takes advantage of p-thread’s concurrency features to record the dependencies between C files (.h files enclosed in “”) in parallel.

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