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Engineer Civil

USD 3000
August 15, 2018

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Civil Engineer (B.E., – Anna university)

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G5 Thilagar Street, Iyappa Nagar,

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Here just informing about my career experience.

* Professional civil engineer with 10 years mature experience in Project execution and planning of structural, Infrastructure & O&GC fields.

* Project / Execution - Mature knowledge in construction of structures (Roads, Bridges, Culverts and Drains), Water Treatment Plant structures and Industrial buildings, Power plant, Lifting and installation of preassemble modules, Transformers, IPBD’s.

* Technical Skill - Mature knowledge in Rigging study, planning, Estimating & costing, Quantity surveying, Pre & Post tendering, Structural and alignment Drawing, Project scheduling and Procuring.

* Mature interpersonal skills in all construction works, trainable and adjusts well to all types of Work environment.

* Committed to implementing excellent standards of client service and maintaining professional project.

* Effective communicator with all levels of personnel and management, verbal and written.

* Strong Team Member, Strong negotiation and analysis. Execution Experiences

Erection and installation of preassembled steel structures, modules, Transformers & IPBD (1570mm).

Construction of concrete structures such as Bridges, Culverts, Water retaining structures (Intake well, Collector Well, Aerator, Reactor clarifier, Filter house, Chemical building, Sludge recovery tank and drying beds, Pump Houses, sumps, overhead tanks, reservoirs, channels) multistory buildings.

Construction of Highway Roads with embankment, reinforced earthen wall, abutments and bridges.

Construction of precast structures and precast drains. CURRICULUM VITÆ RAJESH KUMAR


Technical Experiences

Rigging – Lifting plan, Transportation plan.

Preparation of materials requirement and resource arrangements.

Controlling productivity and proactive control measures to increase the daily productivity.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Project report to the management.

Scheduling – Micro planning, Look ahead scheduling.

Detailed Quantities as per BOQ and for materials.

Highway Road cross section and Quantity - Calquan

Zero cost estimate & Rate analysis for each activity involved with works.

Monthly invoices with price escalation for Client & sub-contractor.

Periodical & Final Reconciliation for all materials, Quantity of work done & Bill claims.

Quality, Safety documents such as Method statements, procedures, job plans, risk Assessments.

Technical documents such as Lifting plan (rigging study), Transportation plan. Projects involved

Alba Power station – 5 – Construction of Power station (E-Room, Transformers, IPBD)

Alba Potline 6 – (Bahrain) - Construction of Pot rooms – 1.3Km x 2 Nos (25m Width x 22m Height)

HDB – Bedok 6 – (Singapore) - Construction of HD blocks – 19 story x 9 Blocks, 3 Storey MSCP x 2 Blocks.

CWSS to Natham – (India) - Construction of 98 MLD Collector well and water distribution structures and pipe lines.

CWSS to Vellore – (India) - Construction of 217 MLD Water treatment plant and water distribution structures and pipe lins.

National Highway - Trichy to Karur - 80 Km – (India) - Construction of National Highway 4 lane with structures. Job Calander:

Since 2017 – Technical Engineer

Company : TozziRamsis W.L.L (Bahrain) – Bechtel Internation, GAMA & GE as Client – Alba as Owner.

Project : Alba Potline – 6 & Alba Power station 5. CURRICULUM VITÆ RAJESH KUMAR


(Construction of Pot rooms 1.3 Km x 2 Nos, Pot delining relining & PTM maintenance Building.)

(Construction of Power station – Installation of E-Rooms, Transformers, IPBD) Roles:

Executing and the works at site with coordination and arranging all resources.

Understating all technical information and critical activity in project from drawings as per project contract.

Preparation of all technical documents relevant to the project such as all Method statements, job plans, Lifting plans, transportation plans, procedures.

Rigging study for all lifting activity.

Resource arrangements.

Controlling and guiding survey team.

Technical input & support to the construction team.

Progress control and schedule chasing.

Quantity Control and productivity.

Learned from this project:

1. Preassembled and precast installation activities. 2. Rigging study for all kind of lifting activities. 3. Transportation study for heavy transportations. 4. Documentations such as Procedures, Method statements, job plans. 5. Control measures in safety and quality.

2016 – 2017 – Project Co-ordinator

(Joined as an Engineer and promoted as a Project coordinator) Company : Lim Kim Huat Construction Pvt. Ltd. (Singapore) – China Construction as Client – HDB as Owner.

Project : HDB Bedok 6. - Construction of HD blocks – 19 story x 9 Blocks, 3 Storey MSCP x 2 Blocks


Planning & scheduling.

Resources arrangements as required

Planning work sequence and arranging materials according.

Optimum utilization of resources.

Monitoring and executing with construction team.

Work done quantity and invoicing.

Technical input & support to the construction team.

Progress control and schedule chasing.

Quantity Control and productivity

Learned from this project:

1. Precast installation, precast piling.

2. Constrained area management.

3. Excavation & Shoring.

4. Safety procedures and implementations.

5. Material management.



2012 – 2016 – Assistant Construction manager

(Joined as Senior Engineer and promoted as Assistant Construction Manager in 2014) Company : Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T) (India) - EPCM Project : CWSS to Natham & CWSS to Vellore.


Planning, Coordination with site team and with all resources for the construction of structures such as

Pipe carrying Bridges, Culverts, Water retaining structures (Intake well, Collector Well, Aerator, Reactor clarifier, Filter house, Chemical building, Sludge recovery tank and drying beds, Pump Houses, sumps, overhead tanks, reservoirs, channels), multistory buildings, Roads and Drains.

Preparation of Bill of Quantities and quantity of Materials (consumables and construction materials) required for the project and procuring the materials in time.

Preparation of rate analysis for various item of works and completing the task with in the time and cost.

Implementing the quality and safety procedures.

Preparation and maintaining the relevant quality and safety site documents and preparation and certification of monthly invoices from the client as well as to the contractor.

Monitoring the progress and conducting review meeting with contractors and clients for the smooth functioning and completion of the project in time.

Identifying and obtaining required documents certification (Site Order) from the client for the additional extra works

Learned from this project:

1. Deep excavation in various types of ground and precaution measures. 2. Control Blasting, Dewatering system & Piling.

3. Shuttering Formworks, Scaffolding, Heavy Reinforcement management. 4. Productivity measures and Optimum utilization of materials, man power & Machineries. 5. Work towards target, anticipating and resolving issues. 6. Team development.

7. Safety and quality procedures.

8. Rate analysis, Client billing, quantity reconciliations

2009 – 2012 – Senior Technical Engineer

(Joined as site Engineer and deployed as a technical Engineer and promoted as senior Technical Engineer)

Company : Techtrans Construction India Pvt. Ltd.

Project : NH 48 – 80 Km 4 Lane Road.


Planning & Coordinating for the Construction of NH-67 Trichy – Karur Highway and Structures.

Preparation of project schedule.



Quantities as per BOQ.

Preparation of rate analysis for various item of works.

Preparation of Barbending schedule and quantities for structures and highway parts.

preparation of Monthly invoices for Client and subcontractors, preparation of price escalation.

Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly report for the management.

Monitoring daily activity and following with quality documents and maintaining the same, following the materials requirement for execution and making request earlier based on project schedule.

Preparation of structure drawings with suitable position. Learned from this project:

1. Scheduling.

2. Billing & price escalation.

3. Rate analysis.

4. Detailed Quantity preparation – Structure & Road 5. Progress monitoring.

6. Rate negotiation.

7. Productivity measures.


2006 – 2009 Anna University – JJ College of Enginnering and Technology BE Degree - Department of Civil engineering.

2003 - 2006 State Board – TN Government Polytechnic Diploma in Civil engineering.

2016 Singapore

Builging Construction Supervisor Safety.

Technical Skills





Calculations, Statements, procedures, Reports.

Scheduling (Primavera used – not familiar)

Drafting, rigging and transportation study.

Highway cross section detailing and quantity calculations. Personal Information



Languages Tamil (Mother Tongue).

English (Read, Write, Speak).

Hindi (Speak).

Other Born in Tamil Nadu, India.

Married, 1 child.

India driving license.

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