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WebSphere/ WebLogic Administrator

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
August 14, 2018

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Jerry Dushane

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Kansas City, MO *4118



I have experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting JAVA applications in WebSphere, WebLogic and JBOSS environments in Linux and Windows. I installed certificates as needed. I have supported Dev, INTG, UAT and Prod environments. I work well with other departments as needed.

Technical Skills:

Computer: Proficient in Web Development (HTML), ASP, ASP.NET 4, JavaScript, VBScript, JAVA, VB.NET, C#, PHP, IBM WebSphere, WAS, SQL, MS Access, XML, COBOL, UNIX shell script, PASCAL, CSS, JENKINS, Subversion, NEXUS, Apache, JBOSS, TOMCAT, J2EE, IHS, IIS, WebLogic, SOA, WebSphere

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, WIN 2008, WIN 2008R2 WIN 2012, UNIX SOLARIS, IBM MVS, Linux, LAN, TCP/IP, AIX, VMWare


•Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

•B.S. in Management, Emphasis in MIS

Technical Training

•Visual Studio 2005 Boot camp through 1 week

•PI Programmer Training for First Data


•ITIL v3 certified, 2015

Professional Experience

Westar Energy, Topeka, KS July 2017 – Present

Application Administrator

•Expert troubleshooting application issues for the customers 24 hours a day.

•Working with MDM application. Troubleshooting errors and issues the customers are having.

•Installed a Service Pack into the MDM application and helped troubleshoot issues after the install was complete.

•Updated documentation related to the SP install, to make sure it works without issues.

•Creating and updating Siemens issues for the MDM application.

IBM, Columbia, MO April 2017 – July 2017

Application Administrator

•Expert troubleshooting application issues for the customers 24 hours a day.

•Working in Informatica. Troubleshooting and installing hotfixes. Stopping and starting processes.

•Working with SolarWinds Orion. Stopping and starting services. Troubleshooting issues.

•Working with Automic. Making sure jobs run correctly and adding now jobs.

Payless Shoes Corp, Topeka, KS Jan 2016 – April 2017

Application Administrator III

•Expert troubleshooting webpage issues for the customers 24 hours a day.

•Tickets came through Service Now. I searched, modified and closed the tickets.

•Updated applications using WebLogic.

•Installed a new SP for an application.

•Worked on installing WAS, WPS and setting up a cluster environment, database setup, JMS and setup with Web Servers

•Ran scripts on Linux servers.

•Responsible for building the Dev, Test, QA, and Prod environments by installing the WAS and creating the profiles, nodes, federation of nodes, Application Servers, Clusters, Virtual hosts, data sources, MQ connections, Plug-in Configuration and Service Integration Bus Config..etc.

•Deployed and configured applications to Window Servers. IIS 7.5.

•Installed and configured IBM WebSphere 8.5 on Redhat Linux.

•Installed and configured IBM Master Data Management(MDM) Collaboration Server to run on WebSphere and Linux

NITC – ITS, Kansas City, MO May 2014 – Oct 2015

Middleware Systems Administrator

•Deployed EAR files, through the WebSphere 6.1 console or through automated batch job. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) ran on the Windows servers.

•Expert troubleshooting webpage issues for the customers 24 hours a day.

•Tickets came through BMC Remedy. I searched, modified and closed the tickets.

•Trouble shot IIS errors, Windows errors, Java errors, J2EE errors, certificate errors, database connection errors, MQ errors.

•Involved in Configuration of WebSphere Application Server resources like JDBC Data Sources, JDBC Providers and Connection Pooling to connect to the database.

•Involved in Installing and configuring IBM HTTP Server (HIS).

•Installed certificates as needed.

•Installed WebSphere Plugin.

•Attended Control-M training and WebSphere Portal 8.5 training.

•Updated a script and executed it, to move files to multiple servers.

•Deployed and configured COTS Dot Net applications to Window Servers. IIS 7.5. Setup the DNS and installed the certificate for the application. Worked from the vendor documentation and with the vendor directly.

USDA – FSA, Kansas City, MO July 2008 – Jan 2014

Configuration Management Specialist

•Deployed EAR files, through the WebSphere 6.1 console or through a batch job, for the programmers. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) ran on the Windows servers. The 30 servers all went through VMWare.

•Deployed Windows Dot Net applications to Window Servers. IIS6 and IIS7 were the versions used. This involves stopping and starting services, or copying files to different servers.

•Worked with teams to get the database ID’s and submitted the paperwork to management to send through Security. Get the ID’s and passwords back from the DBAs. Then apply this information to the data source settings.

•Ran SQL queries as requested from the developers. Changed the Database passwords as needed.

•Worked directly with the testers and developers, to set up the environment for a new application to Stress test. DB refreshes were requested through SharePoint then JIRA.

•Monitored the tests as they ran. Watched Taskmgr and through the WebSphere Admin console.

•Expert analytical skills troubleshooting the issues in the environment. Worked with administrators as needed.

•Had to balance and rebalance the applications on the JVMs as the capacity in the environment was limited.

•Started Eclipse and went into Subversion, moved the directory to the Stress Lab area, Checked out the files, modified them for the Stress Lab and then Checked the files back into Subversion. Subversion held the properties files and NEXUS held EAR files.

•Used Jenkins to build the ear file, uninstall the ear file and to stop and start the App Servers. Checked the build logs for startup errors. Jenkins was used with JBOSS in the Stress Lab. JBOSS ran on Redhat Linux servers.

•Attended Control-M training.

•Was the Administrator for Precise I3 in our environment. Worked with the Precise group to get I3 installed and configured. Made sure all the I3 collectors were running and collecting data every day. Added new collectors as JVMs and servers were added. Installed patches and updates to I3 as necessary.

First Data Resources, Omaha, NE Feb 2002 – Jul 2008

Prod Support Analyst

•Deployed WebSphere EAR files to 3 different environments. WebSphere 5.0 and 6.0 was installed on AIX and IHS/Apache was used for the front end servers. Used KSH scripts to move the IHS plug-in and restart IHS service. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) ran on the AIX and Windows servers. SSH'd into the server and scp'd the plugin to the IHS servers.

•Deploy Windows applications to Window Servers. Deploy UNIX applications to UNIX servers. This involves running scripts, stopping and starting services, or copying files to a different server. The scripts were created by the out team.

•Worked with teams to get deployment procedures for the new applications and conveying the information back to the team and writing the procedures up.

•Tested the new version of WebSphere 6.0 for our team and writing up the procedures for our team. Trained our team with these new procedures.

•Used PVCS to promote files and to write them out to staging libraries.

•Maintained the TMDSM web page and making the necessary modifications to this page. It is written in VBScript with an MSAcess database. 6 months working on various modifications for the web page.

•Developed VB.NET Win Form applications to interface with the MS OFFICE products. I have developed an application that will send a daily email with a click of a button. Spent 2 weeks working on this.

Tom Kelley’s Pro Shop, Omaha, NE Jan 2005 – May 2008

Web Developer

•Lead developer for the business Web Page. Hosted by I also content manage the Web Page for the company. The application was developed in VB for ASP.NET 1.1. 1 year working on this. VB..

•Lead developer for the Greater Omaha Area Bowling Association. It is hosted by The enhancements include adding an administration pages to control users. The application is developed in C# for ASP.NET 2.0 with a SQL2000 backend. Spent 6months working on this.

• I also set up the network in the shop and fix network / computer problems as they arose.

First Data Resources, Omaha, NE Mar 1997 – Feb 2002

Software Migration Analyst

•I worked on projects for our team. This involves programming new projects or modifying the existing programs. Programming in SAS and JCL. I developed an automated process to take place of a manual one, eliminating over an hour of manual labor and lots of errors.

•Help develop automated processes to assist with the software migration process. The macros were written in VBScript. This was to run the daily and monthly reports for the team. All jobs have to be maintained and updated as processes changed.

•Project managed the Major Implementations for our team. This involved keeping track of all the records and attending all the plan review meetings. All major implementation questions were routed to me to analyze and answer

First Data Resources, Omaha, NE Aug 1996 – Mar 1997

Programmer I

•Responsible for writing COBOL programs and JCL that would pull the necessary data for the testing of the changes that were made to the program. I would unit test with my changes and then would system test for the project, using all the other programs that were being changed or modified.

•Responded to written and telephone requests for issues and problems. Responsible for researching the issues and responding back to the requestors of the issue to determine what was the best corrective action to get the issue fixed.

United States Navy, United States Jan 1986 – Feb 1990

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