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Seattle, Washington, United States
August 16, 2018

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Lorenzo Marchetto

**** **** *** **, *******, 98116




Network Integrator

Assembly Data System S.p.a.

Involvement as a consultant in many and different activity for the major Italian and Israeli Telephone Companies:

04/2016-04/2017 Data Voip Network Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Wind S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in the Certification group CPE for the Wind Customer (sme & large).

Involvement in tests the Wind services on the new version Sf or hw of IAD, IPBX e CPE (Cisco, Aethra, OneAccess, Huawei, Patton) on the different access DSL, SHDSL, ISDN, Ethernet, LTE.

Study, design and configure the network and writing the test lists to test the router’s limit: Load balancing with one or two CPE by BGP routing protocol, SIP and RTP protocol, Application of QOS policies for VoIP and data Network administration that tools for measuring the performance

Manage relationships with various wind’s suppliers in order to fix bugs found during the certification. Manage the marketing and the supplier escalations, and negotiate with them the time for the certification and for solve the issue.

Write official documentation for WIND and coding configuration scripts.

Involvement in troubleshooting activities for the network, replicate the problem in test plant and found a solution with the suppliers.

09/2016-03/2017 Data Network Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o TIM S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in a group for Consip LAN 5 project. In this project I had to design and implement the new network for the public offices (as public school or Province office) or upgrade their network.

Study the office's budget, the building structure, the request for the network, choose the best HW, and write official document for TIM. Coordinate the technicians squad, negotiate time of the activities with the various offices, and help the technicians to integrate the hw, generate and check the configuration scripts.

Manage the escalation from the customers and negotiate the time for solve any kind of issue during or after the activities

As HW we can choose: Allied Telesis switch, Alcatel switch 6450, Cisco Switch, HP switch, Huawei switch, Huawei Controller AC6005C, Huawei AP 51xx as internal ap or 81xx as external AP, Huawei Firewall USG63xx e 66xx.

03/2014 – 03/2016 CS Core Network Support Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in Troubleshooting and script production for CS Core Network activity for TIM and Wind:

Coding script for activity of Network Adaptation on HLR, MSc, MSCs, BladeCluster and MGw.

Coding script for activity OLO interconnection

Coding script for activity Integration and Rehoming RNC/BSC

Coding script for activity for integration/dismission MSCs, MGw

Coding script for activity Integration new BladeCluster/ MSC-s/ Mgw

Coding script for activity Creation and Modify RoutingCase and B-Number

Coding script for activity CDR editing

Troubleshooting on Core Network fault

05/2013 – 02/2014 Service Desk Technician

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a, Italy

Troubleshooting and management of the H3G ICT network:

CRM process and order

Billing analyst

Network provisioning

09/2012 – 04/2013 CS Core Network Engineers

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Wind S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in support activity as Core Network Engineering for Wind:

Support activity in Test Plant on Ericsson MGw, MSC/MSCs and HLR

Troubleshooting 2nd layer fault in MGw Network

Script editing for MGw, MSC/MSCs and HLR

Integration and Acceptation test on BladeCluster in Test Plant

07/2012 – 08/2012 RAN Integration Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in integration, Configuration and swap from ATM to IP for H3G:

Implementation new RBS in H3G Network

Swap RBS from ATM to IP technologies

Change of IP addressing of TN and CN and related integration

Optimization of the Xconn in TN and swap from ATM to IP

Troubleshooting on RAN fault

03/2012 – 06/2012 CS Core Network Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecommunication S.p.a. Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel

Involvement in several activities in MGw network for major Israeli Telephone Companies:

Implementation/upgrade new MGw in Pelephone Network

Coding script for integrate new MGw features

Management and resolution CSR for MGw problem for Orange

Coding script and Upgrade MGw in Orange network

09/2011 – 02/2012 Integrator Engineer

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a, Italy

Involvement in several activities in WDM, Microwave and Network Management systems for major Italian Telephone Companies:

Widening of channel in Opitel Backbone

Swap from Tansponder 2.5G in Datamuxponder 10G in Opitel Backbone

PVV of the R5.1.1 for Wind Mobile Network.

PVV of the Datamuxponder 40G for Wind Mobile Network

05/2010 – 08/2011 Radio & Transport Monitoring NOC

Assembly Data System S.p.a. c/o Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.a, Italy

Monitoring and Troubleshooting 24/7 of 1st and 2nd layer fault on H3G Access Network:

RBS Ericsson & Siemens

Microwave Ericsson & Siemens

ADM – AMW – DWDM Alcatel

SDH & WDM Marconi

RNC Ericsson

PDH Mini-Link E & TN


09/2002 – 07/2008


High School “Liceo Scientifico Statale Democrito ”, Rome, Italy

Mother tongue(s)


Other Language(s)

English, Spain

Communication skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities (and experience)

Empathic listener and persuasive speaker

Writing creative or factual

Excellent negotiation skills

Organizational / managerial skills

Combine patience, determination, and persistence to troubleshoot client issues

Dynamic, results-oriented problem solver

Easily understand and solve technical problems

Handling complaints from parents, clients, customers, or citizens

Skilled at evaluating options and generating solutions

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

Troubleshooting equipment or situations

Job-related skills

Good knowledge of network equipment, security tools (Wireshark), network and routing protocols (BGP, LACP, WAN, LAN, SIP, Ethernet, PPP, Wi-Fi, ATM, IP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, DNS, NAT, BGP, SS7, MTP, SCCP, WDM)

Good knowledge of Integrated Access Device (IAD) produced by Cisco, OneAccess, Aethra, Huawei, Dlink

Good knowledge of IP-PBX produced by Huawei, Cisco

Basic knowledge of Web Technologies (SQL, HTML, PHP, C programming,)

Excellent Knowledge of following applications: Go-Global, Citrix, SO-EM/NM, SOM and IPT-NMS, MOSHELL, WinFiol

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