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Web Services Project

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 16, 2018

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• Knowledge of Cloud platform Amazon Web Services and its services such as VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, ASG, EBS, RDS, IAM, Cloud formation, Route 53, cloud watch, Cloud Front, Cloud trail.

• Knowledge of project Management Lifecycle.

• Knowledge of VoIP, IP Networks, Fiber Optic Communication System.

• Proficient in deploying applications on the Amazon Web Services in a highly scalable and fault tolerant mechanism in real world scenarios.

• Knowledge OF Docker, CI/CD Automation using Elastic Bean stalk and AWS OPSWORKS. CERTIFICATIONS

Amazon Web Services – Solutions Architect-Associate (October 2017- October 2019) License: RMVLWFGKDER4Q85N Amazon Web Services – DEVOPS-Associate (February 2018 – February 2020) License: 31RTMRG1CNEQ1ZKF TECHNICAL SKILLS

Specialties: Amazon Web Services, Telecommunication, Project Management. Programming skills: Python (Pandas, Numpy), Bash Scripting, HTML, CSS Database: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Tools: A.W.S, Docker, CI/CD Automation, AWS CLI, MS-Office, Cisco Packet Tracer. Ticket Tracking System: B.M.C Footprint-

Platform: Linux, UNIX, MS-Office.



Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering V.I.T UNIVERSITY (JULY 2012- MAY 2016)

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering. PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN

Ø Creating a Fault tolerant WordPress site on AWS cloud platform- AMAZON WEB SERVICES

In this project, we have designed a WordPress site and have deployed it on the AWS platform by combining various services such as route 53, Cloud front, Elastic Load balancer, EC2, S3 buckets and RDS.

The WordPress code has been placed in s3 and the media assets in s3 which are then pushed down to cloud front to serve the users. This website has been made fault tolerant i.e so that the users wont experience any downtime.

The main purpose of this project was to get a very good understanding of AWS services and how they work in real life scenarios.

Ø A Serverless Website which uses Polly to convert word files into mp3 files:

In this project, we have designed a serverless website which converts the word files the user puts into mp3 files, when the user puts in the word file an amazon API gateway triggers a lambda function which then uses a series of lambda functions to convert the file into audio using Polly and save the converted files into dynamo DB.

When users search the database another amazon API gateway triggers a lambda function which would give the user the desired file.

Ø Built a fully automated pipeline using AWS code pipeline:

Automated a basic php application using CI/CD, deployed using elastic beanstalk, setup MySQL database on RDS. Implemented a custom deployment action where EB extensions where used to run our unit tests as part of our pipeline, we also wrote lambda functions to upload objects to s3, third party tools such as ghost inspector were integrated into the pipeline and monitoring the pipeline using Cloud watch which notifies with an email showing the status.

The main purpose of this project was to get in depth AWS Code pipeline, where the pipeline was automated completely, customised and the pipeline was monitored.

Ø Deploying the Ruby on Rails Application on AWS :

The Ruby on rails application has been developed and the EC2 instances have been placed in a cluster where they get the configuration data they require from s3 to join the correct cluster, we then use ECR for private Docker registry. Here we have used three container instances to set this up. We have also used services like Elasticache, RDS and Cloudwatch.

The main purpose of this project was to get an in-depth knowledge of Docker and how container instances work when the clusters are formed.


Cloud Support Assistant: April 2017- May 2018

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal

Provided technical assistance for operations on cloud which basically involves trouble shooting resources, EC2 health checks and other AWS tools.

Created and Managed User Accounts, Log Management, Shared Folders, Reporting, Group Policy Restrictions, etc. using IAM.

Create snapshots to take backups of the volumes and images to store launch configurations of the EC2 instances.

Maintained the monitoring and alerting of the servers using cloud watch services and trusted advisor checks.

Good knowledge in AWS services like VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, ASG, EBS, RDS, IAM, Cloud formation, Route 53, cloud watch, Cloud Front, Cloud trail.

Systems Engineer: April 2017- May 2018

R.K.Enterprises, Hyderabad, India

Claim Status checks, monitoring of the jobs using tibco bpm, for the client application and try to solve the issue or escalate it the technical team and follow up with them if a job is found to be pending.

Interacting with the clients mostly through emails to support any technical issues and make sure they are resolved.

The client application is basically an insurance claim application so, the job was to monitor for any mismatches between the inbound and outbound claims and provide a detailed report. ACHIEVEMENTS

• Scholarship in bachelors at V.I.T University- Have achieved 1233 rank among 1.5 million people who have attended the university entrance exam thereby getting 50 % scholarship for all 4 years.

• Founded a ROTARCT club chapter in V.I.T which received ACM chapter award for best community service.

• Led a National Social Service Camp in the villages of Tamil Nadu to provide health care and education to the people.

• Awarded the best final year project in the field of fiber optic communication for a project on effect of various modulation techniques on 10G Passive Optical Networks, there by improving the efficiency by approximately 7%.

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