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Manager Construction

Santa Ana, California, United States
August 16, 2018

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Samuel Lewis

***** ***** ***. ***

Montclair, CA 91763



Embracing the opportunity to manage the build of the next generation wireless/ telecommunication infrastructure where my experience and professional background will be considered a valuable asset and where I may find the opportunity for continued professional growth.


With years of experience in performing tasks and duties in the telecommunication industry. To have been assigned many aspects of projects from DAS development and deployment through defining design engineering and functional management. Overseeing multiple WRAN, O-DAS, FDDI, ERRC PROJECT, Cell Site Audits & Proposed design, LAN projects of fiber placements backbone, as-build redline also as Construction Manager I’ve act as liaison between the clients, PMO and the vendor ensuring a hands-on point to point milestones in anticipation of managing gating risk to implement decision point for mitigation and/or contingency.

Understanding the full lifecycle of wireless/construction projects it has benefited the matrixes environment, to think in complex and ever-changing situations in solving problems. Working with city permits and redesign within their protocols with various municipalities, scheduling pre-construction meetings, evaluate bids that are to be awarded to the contractor. Developing a strong line of communication with PMO & vendors to provide an accrete report of detail tracking schedule to ensure timely completion of projects. I’ve to focus on QM/QC effects on safety and the integrity of compliance issues and the resolution and tracking its progress with completion and anticipate the effect on the overall project schedule. Titles/Positions held: Construction Manager, Cell Site Auditor, CASPR, Google Earth & GIS- MicroStation G.O.95 OSP/Aerial JPA, UG, MDU, FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTCS Engineer, Area Aerial Supervisor, Safety Inspector, and Foreman. I've contracted for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner Cable and Southern California Edison Communication.


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook), Microsoft Office Project Professional 07 visual report templates of Excel, PowerPoint, groove, publisher etc. Hyperlink reports, flowcharts, data/train on Primavera P6-Sierra,Visio, MS Project Standards, CISCO, KPI software, AXIS software, E-Doc, BID Project Management


1978, Samuel Mores High School - Graduate; 1980-1984, Los Angeles Trade Technical College - Degree AC/DC Electronics; 2000-2003, Mt. San Antonio College - General Education

2012-Present, Boston College Online - PMP Certification


04/2017- 07/25/2018 - LION COMMUNICATION, GLENDORA CA Construction Operations Manager

Identify potential business as it pertains to cable placement and build open lines of business to vendors.

Build crews and train them as to it application of work placement standards, maintenance service reports.

04/2016 – 3/2017 VISIONS 3 SOLUTIONS, IRVINE CA OSP/ISP Construction Engineer Manager

Identify projects and the needs of the shareholder provide access information from department ROW and city municipality meet the needs of time derivable product. Identify and design path and equipment through CAD application overhead and underground. Google Earth DAS Designing ODN, OTN, Mini Node, racks, PS, UG Vault.

• Experience in Fiber to the Home or Cell Tower (FTTH) DAS construction, contracts, design, and implementation.

• Experienced with OSP engineering and construction complying with outside plant design standards and practices.

• Managed outside plant (OSP) aerial and underground facilities through planning and customer location termination

• Document, plan, modify and install OSP & ISP communications infrastructure

• Engineer FTTH commercial market Google Earth designs to link multiple large design areas, each serving approximately thousands of homes, municipal and community facilities, multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and, in the future, large businesses

• With the use of Oracle to build a budget, BOM, CWO and BID Project Tracking Standards I’m able to communicate with department’s completion of the task and maintaining the integrity of our schedule dates. I monitor vendor’s completion and quality of installation of design required for a project.

Set budget for approval maintain visual watch over material requisition, labor, time as it pertains to permits and the closeout package.

03/2016-05/ 2016 STONE RESOURCE GROUP- CROWN CASTLE Irvine-Sr. OSP Design Construction Manager

• Overseeing, directly and through matrixes team members, all activities and people that are associated with Visio programs and projects that are highly complex and strategic in nature, typically with enterprise-wide scope, high risk, and substantial financial impact.

• OSP and ISP planning, the right of way ”ROW” Permitting of mono pole and of power pad locations, JPA application for installation that required ID G.O.95 construction concerns, and protection management.

• Perform site surveys and design to upgrade communications subsystems for Point-to-Point wireless DAS and antenna alinement, test, and pictures area in place, copper cables, fiber cables, FTTP/FTTH/FTTX, and infrastructure

• Interacts with senior leadership and major stakeholders to establish strategic plans and objectives for programs and projects. Works with stakeholders in the identification development interpretation of requirements, project plans, and strategies.

• Managed the planning Design and DAS Construction of the access portions of network infrastructure as it pertains to ROW access points including transmission systems associated with access networks. Assure compliance with budget, unit cost, and quality objectives within the OSP Engineering and Construction organization.

• Engineering, budgeting, writing of SOW, and project management of ISP/OSP.

• Managed the construction and/or installation of OSP & ISP fiber optics from MDU to desktops.

• Resolving resource constraints and/or G.O. 95 conflicts that affect multiple projects within the program Power requirements and standards

• Mitigating risk activities that run across components, such as contingency planning

• Resolving issues with scope/cost/schedule/quality changes, with a shared governance structure

• Tailoring program management processes and interfaces across a global program to handle culture, language, time, and distance differences

06/2015-01/2016 COLLABERA CONSULTING – ERICSSON San Jose – Sr. Construction Engineer/ Manager

Creating building standards for the service provider and protocol for tracking, Google Earth Engineering Token Back Bone, to support wireless cell site/ small cell Construction with PG&E path application / Permitting city and state,

Interviewing with city design for building standards for small cell placements, identifying Hut location and site acquisitions, working with scheduling, My use of Excel spreadsheets was and base on pulling crews info as to production from the five areas that were building. That information was then broken down into Projection Deliverables details in the excel spreadsheet.

• Review construction drawings to ensure the best and most economical construction practices are utilized; review and/ or initiate redlines drawings that represent all changes in scope.

• Coordinated construction scheduling and communication and acted as a liaison to project management, subcontracting, progress and delays

Footages, materials, equipment, labor, whether any and all things pertinent to the weekly report outcome, and this date is then used to provide the info that is moved into my Access temple that is link with my outlook upon which my PMO can see where cost numbers are shown as projection with my market area.

• Manage OSP & ISP construction & equipment installation, prepare scope/RFQ for contractor bids, and manage vendor performance.

• Managed various methods of design and construction of OSP.

PMO and the Client are able to maintain the accurate informative outlook on their deliverables, where Access gives me a platform to state this information and allow the use of many temples of marketing projection. I could take info from this and apply it to a KPI software and build or design financial data forms or performance reports the KPI Network Spreadsheet can compile whatever type of information and shows it in a more understandable visible presentation.

10/2014 – 06/2015 CHC DESIGN CONSULTING – OSP Construction Manager

JPA and FIBER DESIGNING to Cell Site, CAD application of design pathway for OSP outside plant, making reports, scheduling work, NTP NOTICE-TO-PROCEED, software, and applications used Oracle E-Business CFSA entry, expenditures & status inquiry,

AT&T Global, MIC, CITRIX Environment –GIS network, ARSE-CAD.

• Effectively managing and designing OSP systems in the commercial market, including” Fiber To the Home” FTTH deployments.

Implementation, and creation of OSP construction practices, and method of procedures for this project Provided quality assurance for FTTH & Fiber To The cell site (FTTC) installations OSP/ISP for the (ERRC) Emergency Responder Radio Coverage through the DAS placement.

Building JPA Application as it pertains to the AT&T NEC Standards

Permitting parkway ROW for sidewalk replacement after replacing substructure

5/2014-10/2014 COX Communications – Construction Manager Basic Wireless DAS Deployment;

Construction Planner location in San Diego, direct and oversee the identification of new products, contract acquisition, project planning with AXIS software, identify permit requirement, put together BOM’s and Notice To Proceed “NTP” packages for vendors, perform QC, verify as-builds and provide weekly reports to management on the market.

Obtain new quotes for OSP/ISP Network Construction on building top and setting up equipment in the MPOE.

• Experience with Fiber, Copper, Fiber to the Home (FTTH), and Fiber to the Tower (FTTT) networks (ERRC) equipment integration in MPOE locations.

• Estimating, Bid Packages, and oversee Projects to include all ISP/OSP (inside and outside plant design and small cell installations)

8/2013-3/2014 AT&T OSP Engineering – Construction Engineer

Responsibilities included: ROW regulatory plant inspection for scenic highway, identification, ordering, and interpretation of ROW designs in areas built which were in violation of the PUC scenic highway regulations, the creation of weekly reports utilizing Microsoft applications and site visitations.

Implementation, and creation of OSP engineering, design and construction practices, and method of procedures for this project.

Insure that all OSP was relocated and maintain the G.O. 95 NEC Standards out and around the state highway ROW and bridges overpasses.

4/2013-6/2013 Tangent International Limited and Engineering Staffing- Construction Manager

Remote management of crews that are to upgrade the 2G-3G system to Ericsson's new wireless module's LTE. Site audit's, engineering and re-engineering, surveying route to get into site location.

Experience in Fiber to the Home or Cell Tower (FTTH) DAS / small cell construction, contracts, design, and implementation.

• Implementation, and creation of OSP engineering, DAS design and construction practices, and method of procedures for this project

11/2008-10/2012 ITC Telecom Engineering & Turnkey Solutions – OSP Construction Manager

On & off for the past four years. I came on as the (ERRC) Emergency Respond Radio Coverage Safety Manager and move in and out of OSP engineering JPA telecom design for wireless DAS site construction. Currently, I am a part of a team of Construction Managers that are in the Central Valley above Bakersfield, Building a Federal Fiber project to build multiple cities that started in Bakersfield up to Fresno, then east through the Sierra Mountains to Reno NV.

• Experience in Fiber to the Home or Cell Tower (FTTH) G.O.95 construction, contracts, design, and implementation.

• Implementation, and creation of OSP construction practices, and method of procedures for this project

• Supervised daily operations of fiber splicing teams responsible for the construction of FTTP/FTTH network.

• Verification of CFAS report summaries for production milestones in regard to small cell site design engineering

I currently manage multiple crews in cities that are placing fiber conduit and microfiber to state schools, fire, police, cities courts, and cities admin buildings. While managing crews I monitor local city and state Hwy permits. Inspection of work changes to “redline BOM”, Stating daily reports and weekly as I make use of project standards program to tack and maintain crews material at sites, this is to be applied to my weekly report and budget statement to the project. Most of my admin work is completed through EDOC, program software information, I work with and in Excel Microsoft, word and outlook and I’ve used PowerPoint but have no need for it here.

Working independently I’ve in the field and often had to interpret design drawing of the projects locations of info and equipment as it relates to the project PMO or vendors.

6/2009-9/2010 - BMS Communication Engineering -DAS Construction Manager – Simi Valley, CA

Duties included: Construction oversight for DAS sites builds and small cell placement, Site Scoping Site Walks, maintain Visio project tracker Site Handler, assisted in prepared cost/schedule and change orders for proposals or contracts, assisted in developing and implementing requirements for G.O. 95 and NEC standards, reporting, programs, and reports, performance monitoring and control functions for specific applications, manage cost estimating/forecasting activities including periodic project re-estimates and cost benchmark metrics close out, prepared and organized assigned contracts, pre-award and progress review meetings, subcontractors on all contractual matters with CITY POWER, reviewed plans and agendas with supervisor, conducted meetings, required actions and schedules, administered assigned (sub)contracts, maintained a continual review of progress while providing management information regarding projected financial and/or technical difficulties, liaison with crews and management, implemented policies and compliance standards, responsible for collecting, timesheets and ensuring accuracy. Performing, DAS site surveys for commercial and cell towers. Identify fiber and coax routes and requirements for both outside (OSP) and inside (ISP) plant construction, determining optimum route based on existing plant and other factors such as right-of-way, FTTCS, FTTP include identifying permitting requirements, putting together BOM’s and Notice-To-Proceed (NTP) packages for contractors, performing QC/OTDR on the work once completed interact with customers and building/landowners as necessary to set up surveys and coordinate scheduling.

11/2008-01/2009 -ITC SERVICE GROUP - OSP Engineer/ Qualified Electrical Worker –Sacramento, CA

Duties included: Manage development of procedures for various project control activities including budget preparation, forecasts, progress validation and related cost engineering, planning/scheduling, functions safety inspector over crews working in PG&E manholes that were pulling fiber for T-mobile wireless cell site, designed OSP path for backbone FTTCS between cell sites.

4/2007-6/2008 - UCI/AT&T Utility Consultants INC - Light Speed Inspector – Atlanta, GA

Duties included: QC inspections, switch equipment for a new AT&T, Verizon FTTP, surveys and drawings for a network infrastructure upgrade project, on-site surveys of a customer premise infrastructure on ISP, OSP system in Los Angeles County, worked closely with the contractors, of MDU, and MTU’s terminals, installation of light-speed fiber equipment, OCEF point of entry, support methods and procedures of the engineering team.

2/2002-5/2004 - General Fiber Communications - Area Aerial Supervisor – Santa Maria, CA

Duties included: describe and identify area plant problems to project manager and splicing manager, line out make-ready crews and QC crews before cabling hit the leads, address any problems with in-house construction department within the company, clear pole leads of any G.O. 95 infraction job, reading/interpreting engineering drawings, legal descriptions of As-builds and JPA documents, search titles, perform basic appraisals, negotiate and obtaining right-of-way permits., spacing, steps, grounds, extensions, power clearances, verify raiser in right quotient, organizational background skills of job time line and payments.

1/2001-5/2001 - Cable Com - Make-Ready/ Q.C. Inspector Coordinator – Ontario, CA

Duties included: PC applications, OSP record, As-build JPA guidelines within timelines/schedules and contract compliance, reading/interpreting engineering drawings, and legal descriptions of As-builds documents, search titles, performed basic appraisals, negotiated and obtained right-of-way permits, describe and identify plant problems to project manager and splicing manager, line out make-ready crews and QC crews before cabling hit the leads, address any problems with in-house construction department within the company.

9/2000-1/2001 - Griffin Construction - Make ready Foreman – Riverside, CA Duties included: G.O. 95 infraction job, extensions, splicing, reported problems encountered and coordinated salutations.

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