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Engineer Management

Potomac, Maryland, United States
August 16, 2018

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Mehdi Zekri

***** *** **** *****

Potomac, MD ***54

Phone: 202-***-****


Citizenship Status: US Citizen

Work Experience

Montage Inc. Sep 2014- Present

Senior Project Manager Chevy Chase, MD

Analyze bid package drawings, specifications, RFPs, and other documentation to prepare time, cost, and labor estimate for new project bids

Review, understand, and execute project plans for errors, potential cost saving measures, and potential construction logistic issues

Work and communicate with federal and local government agencies as well as NCPC, SHPO, FAC, EPA, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and other appropriate building and environmental agencies having jurisdiction to ensure conservation and compliance with all code and regulation requirements are met

Develop and prepare bid project estimates with use of unite price applications when applicable

Develop and prepare project schedules

Review and monitor the Critical Path method (CPM) schedule for project progress status

Provide support in preparation and submission of project submittals required per contract documents

Manage coordination of work between trades and contractors and fiscal resource management of the organization

Identify, prepare RFIs and RFPs, and negotiate unforeseen condition with clients, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and venders when applicable

Provide support in managing Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Lump sum, Job Order Contracts (J.O.C), and S.A.B.E.R. contracts

Develop and pursue new project leads including presentation of proposals to the clients

Provide support in preparation of monthly payment requests using standard AIA documentation or other type forms depending on the client’s preference

Oversee the cost estimating of future projects

Review all closeout documents prior to release to the client

Increasing the average profit margins by an average of 5% per year

Supervisor Name and contact Info: Sina Moayadi 202-***-****

U.S. DOC (Dept. Of Commerce) / NOAA / NESDIS Jan 2009 - Sep 2014

General Engineer / Facility Engineer Silver Spring, MD

Responsible to effectively and efficiently manage the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility 24x7 electrical, HVAC, and ancillary systems power and cooling, and all building supporting systems and equipment, were operational at all times

Provided expert advice and knowledge to NESDIS management on the operation of 24x7 electrical, HVAC, BMC (building Management Control), and ancillary systems

Ensured that the preventative maintenance of the 24x7 HVAC, electrical, and ancillary systems was performed per the CFM's (Contractor Facility Manager) contract, manufacturer’s specifications, or industry standards

Directed activities and tasks required to perform engineering and risk analysis of the NSOF central plant and supporting infrastructure, to identify system weaknesses

Developed and implemented solutions to ensure the building systems operated reliably and were capable of providing 24x7 uninterrupted services

Coordinated with program POC's on all activities affecting the 24x7 infrastructure systems

Developed operating policies and procedures for operation of the 24x7 infrastructure

Provided expert technical direction and guidance related to NSOF facilities activities and provided the support required to operate the NSOF in an effective and efficient manner to maximize the use of the facility and to provide the optimal level of support to the employees and programs housed in the building

Developed and implemented configuration management systems to maintain the NSOF drawings, system manuals, documentation, and specifications

Provided technical expertise to ensure required building infrastructure was available to support network and communications functions

Effectively managed the NSOF budget account, planned and oversaw acquisitions, including the use of a Government purchase card, and ensured that NSOF property was correctly identified and recorded in the NOAA Property System

Assisted the NESDIS Facility Team Lead planning and executing the NSOF budget

Worked with NOAA Contracting Officer and NOAA Acquisitions to develop strategies for the acquisition of required supplies and services, and developed acquisition packages for submission through C-request

Worked with the NESDIS Facility Team Lead to ensure that contractors performed within the SOW (Scope of Work), scope of the contract, and in conformance with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations)

Prepared, submitted, and tracked RWA's and SWA's

Made sure that appropriate documentation of contractor activities were maintained and contracted work was completed per the contract scope of work

Coordinated and worked with space planners and clients on space/facility planning and design

Supervisor Name and contact Info: Daniel C. Barton 301-***-****

U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs Jul 2007 – Jan 2009

Associate Chief, Facilities Management Services Washington, DC

Responsible for managing construction projects, operation and maintenance, facilities management in support of critical Information Technology facility with specialized building infrastructure (the Healthcare Center/Hospital), security, safety, and environmental functions of the medical/healthcare center

Supervised the development of non-recurring maintenance and station level projects and assigned priorities for recommendation to Service Chief

Oversaw the planning and execution of the major and minor application packages and provided project status reports to VA capital asset managers

Served as the primary advisor to the Service Chief in all matters including: progress and effectiveness of established policies and procedures for operations and maintenance, project management, interior design, safety, and environmental issues

Assisted in executing the operations and maintenance budget

Assisted in Facilities Management budget call data preparation and fiscal planning to include timely certification of invoices, funding requests for approved change orders, control point monitoring and reporting, and administrative functions

Additional duties included serving as Safety and Fire Prevention Officer and participation emergency response plans and evacuation procedures

As of March 2008, temporarily promoted to Chief, Environmental and Safety Service (GS-801-14) with full authority to supervise and manage the Safety and Environment of Care programs of the Medical Center

Responsible for ensuring the safety of the patience and staff and compliance with all VA, Federal, OSHA, JCAHO and other applicable regulations as the designated Safety Officer

Oversaw and evaluated all safety activities for timely completion of environment of care and Life Safety deficiency findings

Supervisor Name and contact Info: Farid Mehr: 703-***-****

U.S. Army Medical Command Aug 2003 – Jul 2007

Chief Operations & Engineering Resource Management (ERM) Div. Washington, D.C.

Served as the Chief, OPS & ERM Division and as technical advisor to the Director and Deputy Director of DPW&T on all aspects of the Utilities, Building, and Grounds, and resource management phases of Engineer’s responsibility

Responsible for the overall planning, programming, developing, coordinating, construction, and directing preventive maintenance and repair of medical (including healthcare/biomedical research) facilities through subordinate branches of:

o1-Utilities maintenance comprised of the HVAC Section, Heating and Pipe fitter and Electrical/Electronic Section

o2-Building and Grounds comprised of the Structural Maintenance Section, Grounds and Pavement Section, Organizational Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Section/ Service

o3-Work Coordination Branch which deals with receiving, scheduling, responding and follow up to service calls

Responsible for development of the Annual Work Plan, budget formulation and execution, and organizational efficiency of the Directorate

Oversaw and worked with architects, planners, and clients on plans and specification for construction/renovations projects from conception to completion

Oversaw and managed the development and improvement of the healthcare/hospital Facilities Operations programs to ensure compliance with all applicable safety and regulatory requirements

Maintained close and direct contact with the medical command group, directorate/ service/department chiefs, and other key personnel including tenant commanders provide information on all aspects of the facilities engineering operations

Planned and coordinated Electrical system infrastructure upgrades

Coordinated real property facility activities and provided guidance and direction in carrying out essential operations to assure progressive improvement and economic efficiency in all operations

Participated in developing and implementing policies, guidelines, procedures, and technical standards in accordance to US Army Technical regulations

Managed and oversaw the reporting systems and computerized tracking systems and databases used in the Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) healthcare facilities management program

Represented the Director, DPW&T, in conducting and attending the meetings within WRAMC and with other federal, State, and County officials to resolve various technical and community related issues concerning WRAMC

Represented DPW&T interests by providing professional engineering advice on current and potential problems/programs and made decisions/recommendations on behalf of the Director

Remained abreast of all current issues pertaining to healthcare, research and development, and various training/teaching missions projected for the installation, studied their impact on facilities, and determined the necessary engineering logistical support required

Anticipated major needs and problems and provided timely guidance to all divisions of DPW&T

Participated in conferences/briefings on planning future operations, funding, and personnel requirements

Supervisor Name and contact Info: Mike D'Amico 202-***-****

U.S. Army Medical Command/T.A Consulting, Inc. Jul 2002 – Aug 2003 Chief, Master Planning Branch, Health Facility Planning Office (HFPA) Washington, D.C.

Conducted interviews with staff members at the main hospital and various sites, to determine desired and necessary requirements as they relate to the mission’s future plans

Coordinated with other planning authorities having jurisdiction to develop courses of action to integrate the changing requirements or priorities into the Master Plan

Coordinated planning efforts with hospital, North Atlantic Regional Medical Command (NARMC), HFPA, and MEDCOM

Scheduled programs and evaluated activities and impacts to Master Planning programs and initiatives

Proposed modifications of the Master Plan to the Organizational Leadership

Updated Army Medical Center management on status of Real Property Master Plan, cultural and natural resource management programs, and construction programs

Modified the Master Plan as directed by the leadership.

Recommended course of priorities and prepared justifications

Supervisor Name and contact Info: Tom Wolf 757-***-****

Montage Inc. Jul 2001 – Jul 2002

Senior Project Engineer / Project Manager Washington, D.C.

Managed Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Lump sum, Job Order Contracts (J.O.C), and S.A.B.E.R. contracts

Worked with federal and local government agencies as well as NCPC, SHPO, FAC, EPA, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and other appropriate building and environmental agencies having jurisdiction ensuring conservation and compliance with all code and regulation requirements

Negotiated subcontracts and prepared AIA or similar type contracts for award

Managed coordination of work between trades and contractors, and fiscal resource management of the organization

Reviewed and monitored the Critical Path method (CPM) schedule for project progress status

Created job budgets and detailed funding schedules

Monitored and coordinated construction funding, schedule programs, and evaluated the performance of projects from concept to completion

Increased company performance evaluation rating

Increased the average profit margins by an average of 7% per year

Developed and pursued new sales leads including presentation of proposals to the client

Developed job tracking project reports for company use

Identified, prepared, and negotiated change orders with clients and architects

Prepared monthly payment requests using standard AIA documentation or other type forms depending on the client’s preference

Managed personnel and procured material

Provided schedules and technical performance indicators

Oversaw the cost estimating of future projects

Reviewed all closeout documents prior to release to the client

Sina Moayadi 202-***-****

Mass Inc. May 1994 – Jul 2001

Chief Project Manager / Vice president Rockville, MD

Successfully managed various types of government, commercial, and residential, design, renovation, modification, rehabilitation, and new construction projects concurrently, from concept to completion and final acceptance by the client

Managed coordination of work between trades and contractors, and fiscal resource management of the organization

Worked with Housing and Commercial Property Management firms in development and enhancement of properties in and around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area

Coordinated and worked with the authorities having jurisdiction in all phases of the programming, design, and construction to ensure code and regulation compliance

Produced CPM project schedules, and tracked progress

Oversaw quality control, safety, and environmental management

Managed and monitored the estimating department tasks on future projects and modification proposals on existing projects, from plan review to labor and material takeoffs through finalizing the proposal package for presentation

Provided general engineering services and technical advice to all Divisions within the company

Estimating with use of means and unit price book application

Performed marketing and contract administration

Developed and pursued new sales leads including presentation of proposals

Negotiated subcontracts and awards

Tracked all job cost using the latest computer software

Created job budgets and detail scheduling

Prepared monthly payment requests using standard AIA documentation or other type forms depending on the client’s preference.

Oversaw the material and labor ordering process

Reviewed all closeout documents for submission to the clients


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, Mass US

Bachelor Of Science Degree

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Structural

Skills and Software

Project, construction and facilities management

Preventative maintenance

Healthcare/hospital/medical center and other mission critical facility management

Federal government design and construction projects management experience, including major electrical and mechanical infrastructure upgrade and new construction

Developing construction and critical path method schedule

Review and study of applicable design codes and specification requirements (NEC, NFPA, EPA, OSHA)

Environmental and safety regulations

Cost estimating

Construction and maintenance scheduling

Develop short and long-term budget estimating


Business communication, team work and mentorship

Personnel management

Client relations

MS Office Suite: Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook

MS Project

AutoCAD light


•Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR); 2014

•Environmental Management course; 2014

•Emergency Management Seminar; 2013

•Environmental / Safety & Occupational Health; 2013

•Space Equipment Planning system (SEPS); 2013

•Advance Microsoft (MS) Project; 2012

•Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulatory compliance and standards; 2012

•National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards; 2012

•Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR); 2011

• Building Code Compliance Specifications; 2011

• Advance Construction Management; 2011

•Communications Systems Seminar; 2010

•Healthcare Facilities Seminar on NFPA Life Safety Code 2000 edition; 2010

•Healthcare Facilities Seminar on NFPA 99; 2009

•Microsoft (MS) Access; 2008

•MS Project; 2007

•Scope of work for Job Order Contracting; 2007

•Seminar for Construction Management; 2006

•Environmental Management course: 2006

•Government Contract administration workshop; 2005

•Basic Employee Relations; 2005

•Introduction to CPM scheduling; 2004

•Red Cross First Aid & CPR; 2004

•Construction Safety and Health; 2003

Licenses/Professional Affiliations/Memberships

• Virginia Contractors License Class A

•Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Certified

•Current Member, Society of American Military Engineers

•Current Member, American Society of Civil Engineers

Awards and Honors

U.S. Dept. Of Army Medical Command most dedicated employee award

U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs honorary achievement award

U.S. Dept. Of Commerce Tenure achievement award

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