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Active Directory Security

Land O' Lakes, Florida, United States
August 16, 2018

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QUINNTON CROSS ***** Citrus Falls Circlt apt 304 Tampa FL 33625

Mobile 305-***-****


Community College of Philadelphia – Associate Degree – Computer Information Systems

Temple University – Bachelors Degree Kinesiology



Network +

Security +


Active directory Domain Acct validation and provisioning for new user access. Password/User ID modification

Software Structural Knowledge HTML, CSS, SEO, SEM

Desktop Client Windows 10, 7. Office 2010 & 2013 aware MAC High Sierra

Operating System Migration Altiris, LanDesk

Mobile OS Mobile Iron, IOS, Android Platform, Windows Smartphone, Samsun Tablet OS

Mobile Security Azure Cloud computing & device configuration

Security Good For Mobile, Sophos, Symantec, Bit Locker, MAC Key Chain encryption

Email Exchange Outlook 2013/2010

Adobe Suite InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver

Remote Support Bombgar, Windows Remote Desktop, Dameware & Bombgar Go-To-Assist

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Visual Basic, and Visio

Computer forensics Zero Assumption data recovery

Antivirus Norton by Symantec & Zone alarm Pro

Cabling Installation of CAT 5 cable, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI & USB

Routers Proficient in setting up routers by Cisco, Netgear, & Adtran

Hard drives Replaced external & internal drives by Toshiba, Seagate Western Digital

Security Symantec Vontu, Hard & Soft tokens for authentication.

Professional Experience

Raymond James Financial

Data Encryption / Azure Provisioning 2/2018 – Present

Private brokers required data encryption so they could access secure network of Raymond James Financial (RJF)

Modified/Repaired (Advisor Access) which is Raymond James proprietary software which is a VPN/Brokerage tool that is

critical to access and edit company resources per department

Removed Sophos from PC”s so Bit locker & Windows 10 could be activated under (Enroll in work or school) settings

Modified Bit Locker via Group Policy Edit so the TPM platform could recognize encryption password.

Tasked with activating Bit Locker & enrolling devices within the Raymond James network for the Secure Connect project.

3200 workstations were added to the data encryption project. Once devices were added, Azure was able to add attributes.

Enabled Key chain access with MAC OS as well as clearing Key chain encryption for specific end users & launching Key-Chain first aid application

Enabled private workstations through group policy for automatic MDM enrollment via Connect to work or school in Win 10

Finalized device provisioning with Azure using Attribute mapping, Automatic user provisioning & Conditional Access


Active Directory Provisioning 6/2016 – 12/2017

Provisioned new employees & contractors by using ADOM so they could access the Verizon Domain

Defined access variables by defining attribute properties, Proxy address & memberships

Assigned network drive access for users and their Home Directory

Delegated Same time attribute access for contractors by enabling Mobile or office capability

Labeled Exchange Home Server based on region within company as well as user’s rank with security

Rudimentary activities involving ADOM

- Account Unlocks/ locks : Defined by end user’s login attempts as well as VPN device using old password

- Password Reset - used when automation was not available to user or to test lockouts from multiple devices.

- ID Disabled: Attribute based on user employment or contractor expiration. This also defined user’s last login on PC’s

- Account lock & Reset log listings: This was used for security to verify activity or trace alternate device accessing domain


Mobile Support & Provisioning 6/2015 - Present

Tier 2

Guided as well as provisioned users using Mobile Iron Control Panel. Email + was the primary app downloaded via mobile iron so users can provision IPhone, Androids & Tablets.

Added user’s to the Mobility Admin suite so users could download and login to Mobile iron.

Deleted Accts for expired contractors & added permissions that filtered access for specific apps within Mobile iron.

Aided user is Device configuration which involved Device Manager Manipulation involving mobile iron and Profile manager when using IOS. This was needed when a profile could not communicate with the server or a corruption was encountered.

Account Creation using Mobility @ Work panel - Suite defined the device, Phone number, email address and specifics devices allowed to communicate with Mobile Iron application. This application is the primary tool to verify provisioning and access to Mobile Iron.


Tier 2 Executive Support

Wireless Workforce

International Business Partners 4//2014 - Present

Temple Terrace, FL

Due to the increase of Mobile Phones and Tablets, was necessary to launch new platform MobileIron to securely connect users to corporate email as well as private LAN. Android & IOS compatible, On boarded Executive team first for Pilot.

Trained and facilitated the outsourcing of Tier 1 to India. This involved dealing with escalations from corporate business partners.

Liaison for Tier 1 in dealing with critical tickets. The use of remote viewing to assist customers in standard installations such as Microsoft Office suite, Jabber IM & Cell phone OS configuration for corporate WIFI.

Migrated team to Outlook Exchange 2013, Retired 2007 & 2010 for mobile compatibility.

Microsoft Outlook Exchange support - Creation of mailboxes & user accounts for Verizon Domain. Adept in configuring corrupt profile using RegEdit as well as standard Outlook commands such as resetvpane, resetfolders & outlook /safe


Security/Data Loss Prevention 1//2014 - 2016

Temple Terrace, FL

Ancillary role focused on social engineering within the company. Using Vontu We focus on confidential data

as well as internal email by filtering proprietary data while it travels from the networks intranet.

Authenticate Security tokens for external users who travel and require access to company resources.

Correspond and liaise with interdepartmental users when software, emails or hardware is flagged when traversing the

Intranet via Vontu.

Verizon 6/2013 - Present

Internal Technical Support

Temple Terrace, FL

High Priority on first call resolution and proper notation of incoming tickets for vetting system.

Extremely adept in Office 2010 professional suite, extensive focus on Outlook exchange and configuration for new profiles involving domain associations.

Performed VERIZON CHAT ROOM for ease of experience in resolving users technical issues via online Chat.

Token security aware in RSA security token console operation & Security ops: Aware of console edits and password clearings for authentication. Versed in creating new Pins & resetting existing login profile.

Versed in remote VPN assistance involving but not limited to: cached settings for password resets, Hub updates for initial connectivity. Modem/Router connectivity and troubleshooting. Proficient in windows wireless manipulation for new connection or recreation of existing connection to determine proper packet reception.

Fluent in Active Directory settings for new password requirements (windows security mask for pw). Keen knowledge on account unlocks protocols and disabled user conventions for enabling status on domain controller.

Aware of browser configurations for Internet Explorer & Firefox. Responsible for explaining to end users the need for adequate browser configuration when installing or running applications on the company’s intranet.

Windows 7 adept: for file assistance, dual monitor configuration, Bios editing, Media Disconnected trouble shoot method VIA command prompt.

Fluent in updates for Virus definitions involving Symantec. Relay to end users the importance of keeping definitions up to date so support can remote without the possibility of spreading virus corruption via private network.

Daily configuration of server settings for office communication (instant messenger system) Verify if users or contractors have proper access or need to be updated in system for business continuity.

Familiar in Mobile network for email & security. GOOD ENTERPRISE for mail security. Well versed in Mobile platforms involving IPHONE, SAMSUNG, BLACKBERRY & MOTOROLLA devices. Daily unlocks/wipes are done for existing users. Installation and configuration of exchange systems for internal email clients. Walk users through Hard & Soft token installs and activation for software registrations.

OSI Restaurant Partners - 6/2012 – 6/2013

Tampa, FL

Level 2 Service Desk Analyst

Call center based, 70+ calls per shift for Outback, Roy’s, Bonefish, & Carrabas concepts under Bloomin’s Brand umbrella.

Create service tickets for each concept regarding type of issue & department routing for escalation purposes. Follow-up calls are required for second party procurement teams that respond to on-site service request.

Remote access to POS & ALOHA systems to trouble shoot restaurant menus as well as troubleshooting the OS for the server stations.

Configured IP addresses within POS & back of house network. Change configuration for tech’s on premises remotely.

Create users in Active Directory. Since the system is legacy based, the creation of pay rates & ID’s through command prompt was required. Answered calls to troubleshoot MS Outlook configuration (new profiles, addition of subfolders, recall features, archive settings).

Performed Windows 7 migration for new user on the OUTBACK domain. This involved mobile users as well as home office. Removed software that had conflicts with OS after imaging.

Coalesced Smart phone initiative for Executive Network. This entailed preparing users mobile

phones which used iOS & Droid platforms. Email & security keys were added to phones in case

emergency wipes were needed in the event of a lost phone.

Update & reset user’s passwords for wireless networks & general domain. AD account unlock

performed in the event of multiple incorrect password attempts.

Installed Software compatibility updates for Windows 7 VIA patches & certificate renewal.

Adept in printer configuration setting in MS services console. Print spooler settings & default change for multiple printers. Keen in network printer edits by IP address in the event new hardware or user profile are added to network.

Computer Generated Solutions 3/2012 - 6/2012

Tampa, FL

Help Desk /Tier 1 Support

Connect to users’ workstation VIA remote desktop connection. Install network printers using correct I.P addresses. Configured Cisco authentication software so wireless users can connect to the Virtual Private Network while out of office. Prepare token recovery for mobile force laptops when users have locked themselves out of encrypted units. Direct users on how to navigate through a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure so they can access company resources. Keenly aware of Active Directory protocols such has password resets, account lockouts & enabling/disabling accounts.

Migrated Desktops & Laptops to windows 7. Imaged Accounting, Marketing & Payroll department’s contingent upon unit’s software needs.

Configured IP addresses for new terminals & deleted dual addresses. This was done when new workstation were transferred to new locations in the home office. The use of command prompts such as ipconfig, ping –t, rename, echo, map, nslookup & chkdsk was required for legacy OS. Using proprietary software.

Perform file transfers remotely for users receiving new hardware VIA backdoor I.P. look up. Fundamentally sound in accessing server farms to determine if users are locked out of sessions or entering improper credentials.

Configure web sessions so end user can access particular portals through either adding to trusted sites or modifying security levels. Familiar with VOIP phones & configuration of password reset protocols. Knowledge of recording MAC addresses to resolve hardware issues With VOIP.

Fluent in ticket escalations and documentation of issues. When particular calls need escalation, the ability to warm transfer & report critical information to proper escalation teams has been employed.

Used email based escalation to multiple tiers when call centers have been down or servers were inundated with traffic. Configured proxy settings for end users trying to connect to internet outside of company’s intranet.

Transferred incoming calls/WT to appropriate escalation departments when access required multiple verifications from security liaisons.

Firm Solutions 11/2011-3/2012

Tampa, FL

Platforms & Storage Support Specialist

Created new accounts for Email and Smart phone users. iPhone support in the form of Exchange email sync & device wipe for security protocols. Account password resets and manual reentry of account information for users who have activated new devices.

Connected to customers computers remotely VIA Bombgar client. Installed software & configured MS Outlook email. Edited archive email using proper plug-ins. Manipulated domain login/password for Outlook 2010.

Offered web support for intranet login. Password & login ID creation. Verified module testing per user. Gave feedback to customers concerning how to test, track and configure applications for testing purposes.

Monitored on site inbox for end users who created tickets pertaining to hardware/software issues who were off site and required assistance within 30 minutes of ticket creation.

Migrated user to Windows 7 from XP. Walked employees through new updates and patches critical to various departments processing.

Employed use of MS Word to merge documents containing scanned images and signatures for legal authentication purposes.

Stream Global Communications 4/2010 – 11/2011

Tampa, FL

Tier One – Computer Help Desk Support

Prior to providing hardware and software support on Dell products, verified warranty coverage by accessing Dell Computers’ database and in the absence of warranty, processed payment for technical and help desk support from caller prior to rendering services.

Provided technical assistance to warrantied Dell Computer customers in hardware support such as blue screen recovery, hard drive failures, processor failures, memory allocation and hard drive ghosting. Upgraded same customers to newer versions of MS products such as the Windows operating system, MS Office and various third party anti-virus and disc drive maintenance programs.

Initiated customer follow-up to ensure adequate customer satisfaction was received and noted the areas the customers deemed most important.

Requests were completed for companies within timely manner to ensure quotas were met. Daily reports were created to keep management abreast of completions via Excel worksheets.

Sweat Fitness

Philadelphia, PA 1/2008 – 4/2010

IT Procurement & Deployment

To ensure proper record keeping of new customers, daily updates and modifications were done to database to prevent double billing.

Installed new PC’s for FOH operations. Wired routers & switch for back up operations VIA dial-up modem for fail safe measures.

Mapped drives for home office which carried necessary updates for PCI compliance & security redundancy for HUB locations.

Installed desktop cameras to capture images of new customers to associate with key cards issued. To prevent cancellations, I modified memberships to suit client’s needs by creating web page that competitively priced our services in relation to their budget.

Visual Basic was used to add choices to memberships by adding drop boxes & radio buttons.

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