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Manager Project

Mobile, Alabama, United States
August 16, 2018

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Professional Summary:

** ***** ** ********** ** analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier application.

Expert in developing windows applications, web applications, windows services and web services in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net IDE using C#.Net 2.0, C#.Net 3.5,ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, PL/SQL.

Extensive knowledge of the software development life cycle (SDLC) from requirements gathering to programming, testing and maintenance.

Experience in Web Services, WCF debugging and deployement.

Expertise in debugging various type of codes

Strong knowledge in writing complex Database queries, Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers using MS SQL Server 2008

Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Design Methodologies for data security, reusability.

Involved in all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle and Production troubleshooting, Software testing, Requirement Analysis, Design Documents, SDLC including Client Support.

Successfully handled SLA based projects

Experience in development and production support.

Successfully handled deployment of web and desktop applications

Experience in ArcPlan(BI Tool)

Hands on Experience in Qlikview

Experience in Manufacturing Domain(Metals)


MMM from Pune University with 57%,

B.E, Computer Science, Dr. B. R. A. University, with 72%

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Hindi,Bengali

Technical Skills:

Web Technologies: XML, ASP.NET 4.0

Scripting: Ajax. CSS,AngularJs

Languages: C#, Lab View 8.6

Tools: SQL Management Studio, MS Visual Studio .NET 2008/2010/2012,Keep Tool Hora

Databases : SQL Server 2005/2008,2012,PL/SQL

BI Tool: Arcplan, SSRS, Qlikview

Source control:VSS,TFS,SVN

Professional Experience:

From March 2015 to Current working in Wipro Technologies on payroll of Wipro.

From July 2014 to till now worked in Wipro Technologies on payroll of CBSI India pvt Ltd.

From May 2013 to 11 July 2014 worked in System plus Technologies on payroll of System Plus Technologies.

From Aug 2012 to 17 May 2013 in System Plus Technologies as a Consultant on payroll of Eye Global Technologies

From Aug 2009 to July 2012 worked in EXFO India Pvt. Ltd. As a Software Developer

From Jan 2008 to Aug 2009 worked in Jambuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd. As a Software Developer

Project details:-

Project 1 : L2 Slitter

Company : Wipro Technologies, Calvert,USA

Client : Outokumpu

Role : Technical Lead

Environment : C#,Winforms,SQL SERVER 2016, Matrikon OPC

Operations : Operation Development and Support

Duration : March-2018 to Aug-2018

Level 2 Slitter Application being developed is to:

Process the messages sent from the Level 3 data sources (LRTS and PPS) and Level 1 data sources (OPC).

Execute the operations (load, slit/trim/recoil, finish, and create response messages) as required by the Level 3.

Create production/defects/downtime messages that are sent back to the Level 3 data sources.


Attending CAB meetings for Clarification of requirements from Business Users.

Responsible for every phase of SDLC.

Responsible for delivering every requirement on time

Coordinating onsite,offshore team

Capacity planning of team

Team optimization and monthly deliverables planning

Responsible for debug code for issues

Responsible for deployment

Project 2 : LRTS

Company : Wipro Technologies, Calvert,USA

Client : Outokumpu

Role : Technical Lead

Environment : C#,.WPF,SSRS,SSIS,SQL SERVER2016,arcplan,qlikview

Operations : Operation Development and Support

Duration : July 2014 -March 2017

LRTS-MAS application is used by MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The application covers initial production planning, scheduling, raw material tracking and process planning through to the production of hot band black stainless steel coils. The application provides the facilities to track and control the production process at every stage. The data is tracked and collected continuously from the production L2 systems. Parallel to the production process, the data is analyzed continuously by the specialist to maintain material quality in order to achieve the desired results. It helps in tracking rework and quarantine process as well. Also helps in raw material optimization. It provides the ability to review the pieces that have been quarantined by the system and also assists in the settlement (Single line sequence or monthly) process.


Attending CAB meetings for Clarification of requirements from Business Users.

Gather requirements from the business users.Conduct requirement workshops with concerned stakeholders and communicates business requirement to project team for the design and implementation of business solutions

Handling multiple teams of developers for LRTS,PRIME,ARCPLAN,Qlikview

Responsible for monthly deliverables for all three applications

Provide effort estimation, get approvals for those estimations, development of Enhancements, UAT and Deployment.

Debug of webservice,Sql procedures and .net code

Creation of deployment packages.

Handling applications from end to end

Create Tables and Views for new user creation.

Coordinating onsite, offshore teams

Project 3 : SGAchilles

Technology : C#, MVC,Sql Server 2008.WCF

Duration : Aug 2012 to July2014

Achilles is one of the world’s leading managers of supplier information. The range of web-based services: identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of buyers’ organizations worldwide. Achilles builds unique communities spanning a wide range of industry sectors, so that organization can manage their supply chains effectively, reduce risk and improve data quality and consistency.


To identify the requirement.

Written stored procedures and triggers.

To test, fix the bugs

Handling database.

Project 4 : ExfoConnect

Technology : C# .Net,Sql Server 2008,WPF,MultiThreading

Duration : October 11 to July 12

EXFO Connect Client (ECC) is an application that runs on EXFO platforms, which allows connection to the EXFO Connect Server (ECS) to transfer relevant data to/from the server.

When EXFO Connect Client is connected to EXFO Connect Server, the following information is exchanged:

- Upload the test data from a platform to ECS

- View the transaction status for the test result uploads

- View the platform to server connection status

- Download latest product packs or services packs to the platforms

- Download and auto install FTB-Care licenses to the platforms


To develop and maintain the applications by utilizing c#.

To test, fix the bugs

To modify applications according to the user’s requirements.

Project 5: FastReporter

Technology : C# .Net,XML. window forms, MultiThreading Crystal Report

Duration : April 11 to October 11

Consolidated management and reporting tool for connector endface inspection and all types of optical-layer testing: OTDR, ORL, loss, PMD and chromatic dispersion (CD)

Most intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

Live templating for OTDR testing

Powerful batch processing

Faster-than-ever bidirectional batch analysis


Actively participated in development and front end designing. Written database and testing.

Project 6 :SCPI

Technology : C# .Net,XML. window forms, MultiThreading

Duration : Sept 10 to March 11

Worked on implementation of ‘SCPI’ Commands for new features for US open sprint2 in FTB500. Implemented, FTB500 is used to monitor and test the fiber optics network. Scpi is a method to operate the instrument on the network without using the UI. SCPI commands to use in controlling programmable test and measurement devices. It can also be used with Test Application Environments such as Lab Windows/CVI, Lab VIEW, MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, or Agilent VEE. SCPI is hardware-independent. SCPI strings can be sent over any instrument interface. It works equally well over GPIB, RS-232, VXIbus or LAN networks.


To develop new commands

Design new commands

Unit testing

Project 7 : Maintenance Contract Manager

Technology : C# .Net, window forms XML.MultiThreading

Duration : Jan 10 to Sept 10

The Maintenance Contract Manager (MCM) is one of the software components composing the Software Contract Protection system. This component is installed on the platform and will offer all the required services needed to manage the Maintenance Contract.


Developed the system in 3 tiers

Implemented windows form for numerous modules using C#.

Prepared and executed unit test plans for every module.

Written stored procedures and triggers.

Project 8 :Bablefish

Technology : Labview 8.6.

Duration :July 09 to Dec 09

Project Description:

In this project the instrument driver is being created with the help of LabView8.6,a graphical language. It is created by plug and play architecture.

The drivers are created for IQS-1500,1700,3150,8150.


To create low level drivers

Helping create load

Project 9: C4-Update Manager

Technology : C# .Net,window forms,XML.Web Service, MultiThreading

Duration : Jan 09 to July 09

Project Description:

The Update Manager enables to install, upgrade, and remove applications developed platform and modules. Its maintain products dependency.It is Software utility to add, update or remove product and service packs for EXFO's FTB and IQS platforms.



Extensively used Partial Classes, Generics, Interfaces and Object-Oriented concepts for developing the application.

Project 9 : JBTWD

Technology : C# .Net, Winforms, SQL server 2000.

Duration : Jan 08 to Dec. 08


JBTWD is a project management tool. Both the managers as well as the developers and the other users can put JBTWD to a through use.

This is a Task management environment where the Manager/Administrator creates the new tasks and allots the task to different members of the group. The job of managers includes.

Managing Task Lists

Managing Users

Managing Applications

Managing Notification

Every newly created task is associated with a set of preferences based upon

The task moves. Each task is assigned to a user or to a group of users who work on that task.

The type of users which are part of task management is an administrator and a manager. The privilege list for the manager is different when compared to the administrator.


Creating Forms


Designed and developed the database and wrote stored procedures for SQL Server 2000

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