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Pharmacy Technician Sales

Addison, Illinois, United States
August 13, 2018

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Rich J. Thomas

*** **** ******, ***** ****, Illinois, 60181

Cell 847-***-****- Home: 1-630-***-****


Goal: To obtain employment from a respected company and establish a symbiotic professional relationship between myself the employee and the employer. I have an extensive background in practice administration, and purchasing, with excellent negotiating, problem solving, and multi-tasking skills. I specialize in reducing costs and lowering overall inventory, which maximizes a companies’ cash flow. Communication is a must in Administration and purchasing and it is a skill I am proud of. Through my vast experience and various skills, I have been successful in outperforming those with various educational degrees. I have many contacts and resources that I have gained over the years while fulfilling these roles.

Salary expectations: Equal market value for someone of my experience and abilities.

Current Employer: Omnicell -224-***-**** – Headquarters Mountain View California.

Full time duties: Implementation Manager: Required travel 75%. Assigned a project, that can last from one day to six months. Organize, prioritize projects from beginning to end. See that employee resources are allocated correctly for both Omnicell and the customer. Trouble shoot all hardware and software issues. Lead and organize customer training and implementation of product.

Dates employed: November 28, 2016 – Present.

Salary: $76,500 + Potential bonus.

US Oncology- Illinois Cancer Specialists – Fox Valley. 1710 N. Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123. 847-***-****.

Full Time Duties: Practice manager/Administrator: Managing all day to day operations for the medical oncology practice, including but not limited to – Staffing, scheduling, budgets, salary, payroll, medical reimbursement.

Managing the insurance and patient A/R, striving to lower overall A/R to under 10% or less. Maintaining the proper level of staff across 5 offices (Elgin, McHenry, Woodstock, Huntley and Hoffman Estates). Hiring and moving staff in accordance with workflow. I have been successful in increasing collections of co-payments across my 5 sites 12%. I have increased collections for patient balances 8% and have helped to increase patient assistance 155% over the last year.

Dates employed: 3/30/2015 – November 2016

Salary: $74,500/year

Progressive Care S.C. 7447 Talcott Ave. Chicago, Il.60056.

Phone: 773-***-****.

Full Time Duties: Practice manager/Administrator: Managing all day to day operations for the medical oncology practice, including but not limited to – Staffing, scheduling, budgets, salary, payroll, medical reimbursement, contracts, I.T. maintenance and implementation, EMR implementation, training. Attending meetings both locally and nationally for our GPO, COA and other organizations.

Writing, updating and maintaining an employee manual, keeping all employee personnel files up to date, accurate and within all Illinois labor guidelines. Employment recruiting, hiring and termination when necessary. Employee reviews, employee benefits, and most human resource responsibilities.

Pharmacy Technician Duties i.e. answering telephones, mixing chemotherapy IV, order entry. Purchasing Directing Duties i.e. ordering pharmacy/nursing/office/food supplies, budgeting, inventory control. Meeting and exceeding yearly standards for cost savings on all purchases. Meeting with sales representatives, negotiating pricing, contracts and terms for pharmaceutical, medical, food and office supplies. Tracking costs, savings and forecasting trends and flows in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Tracking and following up with rebate dollars owed. Establishing and fostering relationships with sales representatives. Working with a $9-10 million dollar budget for all supplies. Managing other employees in daily/weekly duties, scheduling and other managerial duties. Daily use of Microsoft windows, word, excel, and access. Daily use and maintenance of Lynx machine made by Pyxis corp. Took class in Arizona for specialized training on Lynx machine. As of 2011 implemented and trained on ION Nucleus system.

Dexa scan technician Performing dexa scan aka bone density scan as needed for patients. Perform exam and analyze results and share them with the physician.

Co-Administrator duties: Meeting with regional and national sales managers and Vice Presidents in regards to drug pricing, terms, and the over all market of Cancer care and Medicare/insurance reimbursement issues. Keeping current and informed on issues of ASCO, Medicare, and the trends of where cancer care is going in the future. Traveling to national GPR meetings and conferences to formulate strategies and gain knowledge on how to succeed in a private practice format in today’s oncology market.

Maintaining the balance of expenditures with cash flow and working with accounting, banks and vendors to maintain that balance and maintain a successful practice model.

Advising the physician partners in staffing needs and concerns, hiring new staff, handling and coaching concerns with current staff.

Writing policies and procedures for the practice.

Having an active role in dealing with Washington D.C. in regards to Cancer care, reimbursement and the future of health care in the practice setting.

Since taking up these duties in November 2010 I have instituted the installation of the Nucleus system, e-scribing using oncx-erx. EMR system will be implemented by September 2011, oral prescriptions to be implemented before the end of 2011.

Dates employed: 9-11-2000 – 3/27/2015

Starting/ending salary: $16.50/hr - $73,000/year plus bonuses.

Former Employers: Lutheran General Hospital 1775 West Dempster St.

Park ridge, IL. 60018. Phone: 847-***-****.

Full Time Duties: Purchasing Agent- working with a pharmacy/supply budget of $40-50 million it was my role to cut overall costs, inventory control, meeting with sales representatives daily. Daily ordering from multiple vendors. Creating and keeping business relationships with vendors and sales forces. Following up with back orders, recalls, etc. My main goal was to stay within the $50 million allotted per year for the pharmacy budget without going over. Goal was achieved; budget each fiscal year was below $50 million.

As tech Level 1,2,3 Pharmacy Technician Duties i.e. Mixing IV

and chemotherapy solutions, medical rounds, calculating creatnine clearance,

Answering telephones, order entry, filling daily orders, maintenance and use

of Baxter ATC 212 machine and Pyxis machines in Pharmacy and on nursing units. Introduced to Mckession Robot. Trained for sterile IV preparation and

Use of Baxter automix and micromix machines. As a level 3 technician, schedule coordinator, supervisory role of other technician, lead person in all team projects, Inventory control.

Dates employed: 12-19-1991 – 9-8-2000

Starting/ending salary: $7.25/hr - $14.75/hr

Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center. 3800 North Central Chicago,

Il. 60634. Phone: 773-***-****. Ext: Inpatient Pharmacy.

Part time duties: Level 1,2 Pharmacy Technician Duties i.e. Mixing IV

Solutions, medical rounds, answering telephones, order entry, filling daily

orders, maintenance and use of Access machine in ER. Use of Baxter

Automix machine for TPN mixing.

Dates Employed: June 1997 – April 1999

Starting/ending salary: $10.00/hr - $11.25/hr.

Education: Lane Technical High School. 2501 West Addison St. Chicago, Il. 60634. Attended September 1987 – June 1991. Graduated in June 1991.

Education Cont.: Memphis State University.

Triton Junior College.

Certificates/Awards: Nationally certified Pharmacy Technician since

November 1996. CPR certified since 1997.

References: Erwin Veranga, Computer Specialist, Aspin Corp. Phone: (773)


Rodderick Veranga, Insurance Adjustor, Liberty Mutual. Phone: (773) 267-


Jim Gannon,Level 3 Supervisor Lutheran General Hospital. Phone:(773)


Danyel Bruno, Sales Consultant. Phone:773-***-****.

Other references available upon request.

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