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Customer Service, Management, Supervisor.

Miami, Florida, United States
August 13, 2018

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MIAMI, FL.33143


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More than 19 years of experience in administration, instruction, security, leadership,customer service and over 16 years practical knowledge of the Transportation Security Administrations’ airport mission. Demonstrated proficiency in incident analysis, training,checkpoints, and terminals. I am well versed in breach, evacuation and safety procedures having experienced, taught and audited these areas. Because of my proven problem-solving

and leadership skills and my ability to conceptualize a plan and make the organizations missiona reality by attaining specified goals; I was offered the opportunity to become a member of the MIA Standardization Team in October, 2008. I have very strong administrative skills and prepare correspondence, maintain records, and coordinate events. I have excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills. I possess the ability to understand, inspire and lead the change process while simultaneously building trust.


North Miami Senior High – 1984

San Jose University 1985-1990


Supervisory Transportation Security Officer

Transportation Security Administration, Miami, FL (MIA)

Salary: $70,450.00 40 hours/week

Transportation Security Administration Supervisory Officer

September, 2002-2018

•Oversee the screening of passenger or checked baggage areas, ensuring my subordinates are adhering to all policies and procedures of TSA Standard Operating Procedures plus aviation and management directives. This includes technical proficiencies as well as displaying world class customer service. These standards must be met to ensure the traveling public is protected from the introduction of dangerous or deadly items

onboard an aircraft.

•Within the scope of my responsibilities, I am the deciding official on threat assessment of X-ray images, hazardous materials, law enforcement credential verification, prohibited items, notification of law enforcement and TSA management.

•Administration of PASS, the pay for performance evaluation assessment system and all HRM directives such as absent and leave directives, TSA uniform policy and employee conduct standards.

•Approval of leave while ensuring staffing levels are met that will provide efficient and effective screening of all persons and property.

•Clearing of machine alarms for explosives.

•Conduct in-and-out briefings concerning security sensitive information and operational-pertinent information with personnel.

•Assess screening vulnerabilities and decide on immediate corrective action and/or notification of TSA management. Experienced assisting with the development of new policies and procedures.

•Monitor area for safety issues, maintain and ensure screening equipment is operational and calibrated. Able to resolve most technical and mechanical issues while notifying management when a specialist is needed.

•Extensive knowledge of payroll procedures, worker compensation, EEO,model workplace and conflict management policies, directives, and initiatives.

•Coaching, mentoring, and development of subordinates to ensure future career progression is afforded and possible for all. Coaching of staff in customer service, technical proficiency, and all duties pertaining to passenger/baggage screening functions.

•Ability to balance and distribute workload and tasks among employees in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing the skill level of the officer and assigning accordingly.

•Take and/or recommend corrective/disciplinary action, staying within the TSA guidelines and my scope of responsibility.

Recommend cash awards, write commendations and memorandums.

•Able to multi-task and very detail oriented.

•Hold accountable myself and subordinates for daily decisions made. Serve as a role model for my officers and lead by example.

Detailed to TSA MIA Standardization Team

October, 2008 - 2011

•Compose and revise standardization audits.

•Monitor and report operational audits.

•Perform regular walk-through audits of all screening areas.

•Provide high-level training support to the screening force and leadership team at MIA.

•Interpret policies, instructions and issues affecting the operation and then implement actions according to standardization policies and procedures.

•Research, analyze and investigate daily metrics.

•Maintain awareness and knowledge of fundamental concepts of optimization.

•Stay informed of relevant information required by upper management in order to measure performance and metrics.

•Arrange for the maintenance of all necessary equipment and materials relating to the effective delivery and expectations of optimizing all screening areas.

•In charge of special projects assigned by upper management.

Lanier Professional Services

October, 1999 – September, 2002

•Traveling to various customer sites as assigned. Based in Miami, but travel will include South Florida area Sorting and distribution of mail and office supplies, including interoffice, USPS, FED Ex, UPS and overnight mail.

•Delivery of mail and printing projects throughout an organization.

•Coordinating and preparing projects for printing, including electronic file conversion, document scanning and enhancement, from start to delivery.

•Downloading jobs from email or print queue, sizing, reproducing, sorting and finishing as requested.

•Establishing and maintaining quality controls to ensure work accuracy.

•Responding to first level phone calls from end users of equipment to determine the problems, clear paper jams, run test copies and determine status of machines.

•Provide scheduled trips to all machines to conduct cleaning of the glass, toner replacement, stocking paper and general cleaning of work area.

•Run reports as requested.

•Keeping logs of downtime, repairs and meter charges of all copiers/printers in the building.

•Delivered outstanding customer service skills, interact daily in person and on the phone with our customers directly.

•Billing accounts receivable/accounts payable


•I have strong organizational and administrative skills which include a solid knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

•I am very highly self-motivated and routinely work with little or no supervision.

•I am able to motivate and influence the performance of my peers.

•I am dual-function certified and am familiar with all baggage, checkpoint and ramp areas at MIA.


•Certificate of Appreciation October 20, 2007

•Certificate of Appreciation April 24, 2008

•Outstanding Performance July 1, 2004

•Time Off Award (8 hours) September 30, 2004

•Certificate of Appreciation February 18, 2009

•Letter of Commendation July 7, 2009

•Certificate of Appreciation December 14, 2009

•Certificate of Recognition October 3, 2010

•Time Off Award (8 hours) September 22, 2010

•Certificate of Recognition January 19, 2011

•Letter of Acknowledment October 31, 2012

•As of March 22, 2010 I am the developer, coordinator, data specialist and P.O.C. for Miami International Airport's IED on person daily Program - completing, recording, tracking approximately 160 drills a week and over 4200 drills to date. I provide real-time feedback for officers that pass / fail checkpoint drills - utilizing factual observations to stress consistency and standardization in our screening processes.

•I was awarded Supervisor of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2010.

•I was awarded the FSD Coin of Excellence from the FSD at LAX in appreciation of my assistance during the LAX AIT roll-out.

•I was awarded the FSD Coin of Appreciation from the FSD at DEN in appreciation of my assistance during the DEN AIT roll-out.

•I was awarded the FSD Coin of Appreciation from the FSD at PHX in appreciation of my assistance during the PHX AIT roll-out.

•I was awarded the FSD Coin of Appreciation from the FSD at RIC in appreciation of my assistance during the RIC AIT roll-out.


Miami-Dade Aviation Dept.

Introduction to Supervision

Foundation of Leadership

First Level Leadership Program

Cooperative Problem Solving

Basic Explosive Recognition

Managers Employees Relations

Counter Terrorism Analyst Training

Bomb Threat Management Training

Business Grammar and Writing Skills

Baggage Certified

Checkpoint Certified


Advanced Image Technology (AIT) Certified I was deployed to several CAT X airports to oversee the deployment of the AITs.

Model Workplace/ ICME

Conflict Resolution

Mobile Boarding Pass Program (MBPP) I trained all required personnel at MIA on MBPP procedures.

Breach Procedures I trained all personnel at MIA on Code Sierra and Dolphin Drills.

IED Baseline – Checkpoint and Checked Baggage

OLC Leadership Courses, continual completion of leadership courses

Evolution Training

Coach Training

Practical Skills Evaluation (PSE) I conducted a daily workshop for TSOs/LTSOs/STSOs to come in and receive refresher training on practical skills per Standard Operating Procedures.


Microsoft Office:






MS Office Web

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