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Machine Operator Quality

Hayward, California, United States
August 13, 2018

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Summary of qualifications:

X-Ray Microscopy, Power Generation Control, SMT, Electro-Mechanical, Semiconductor & Medical Device Assembly.

PLC Equipment; Vitronics, Juki, Cyberoptics SE500, Orbotic, Wave Solder, 7-12 Zone Oven, Screen Printer, Pick &Place, AOI, X-ray.

Ability to diagnose, troubleshoot, modify and repair.

Ability to search proper or better tooling, fabricate and re-design fixture tooling.

Ability to read and write procedures and schematics.

Ability to use Temperature Gauge, IR Camera, Hand tools, Power tools, Torque wrenches, Crimper, Microscopes, Oscilloscopes, Calipers, Pin gauges and Precision tools.

Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form exists.

Think with and demonstrate sound analytical reasoning and problem solving.

Familiar with MRP, BOM, MPIs & ECRs.

Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvement.

Familiar with OSHA, FDA, IPC Regulations and ISO standards.

Familiar with, ERP & SAP, Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Excel.

Practices GMP, 5 S(Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) =Safety and PPE.

Work with fundamental mathematical concepts. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions to practical situations.

Great Costumer Service attitude.

Good skills in writing, speaking and listening to communicate moderately complex topics clearly and concisely.

Dedicated team player as well as a leader, hard worker and punctual employee

Ability to operate forklift, standup lift and various similar transport machinery.

Occasionally deal with difficult individuals or situations with calmness and professionalism.

Work with sensitive corporate information with high degree of discretion and professionalism.

Work Achievements:

5 year Award and 3 years perfect attendance award at Boston Scientific

Certified Forklift driver/ operator

Work Experience:

Carl Zeiss Microscopy 04/2017 - Present

Incoming Inspection Tech (Science)

Responsible of Inspecting and testing various major key components for XRM System.

Inspect and Test Incoming components such as; Dage X-ray Source & Power Supply, Tripp Lite UPS, PDU (Power Distribution Unit,) Hamamatsu X-ray Source, Andor Camera, and Varex / Perkin Elmer Flat Panel/Detector.

Perform Integration, Configure and Calibrate components.

Test and Validate NPI products from Software to Hardware as well as, Assembly Processes.

Perform Diagnostic, troubleshoot, debug and repair.

Prep High Voltage Cabel, check resistance and Install.

Perform variety of testing and calibration as well as, data analysis using advanced sophisticated XRM software.

Perform Point to Point to ensure proper routing and functionality.

Perform Tomography and analyze images.

Perform Safety measurement such as, X-ray Radiation Leak Check and Hazardous Material Handling and disposal.

Perform System Preventative Maintenance such as, Computer Software to Hardware, as well as Optics, Electrical and Mechanical.

Redline Procedures and Schematics as well as, generating new ones.

Implement and Apply Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing.

Participate daily and weekly meetings to provide data, issues and improvement.

Festo Corp. Livermore, CA 11/2016 – 02/2017

Electro-Mechanical Tech (Semiconductor)

Responsible for assembling Industrial Control Panel, Cabinet and Quality Assurance in order to meet Company and Customer requirements.

Inspect, Prep, Pre-set components to factory setting and install such as; GFCI, Power Supply, Solid State Relay (SSR,) Circuit Breaker, Temperature Gauge & Control Panel.

Assemble and install the above-mentioned components/parts as well as, mounts, wiring, terminal block, pre assemble sub-panels, din rail, harness and terminal blocks according to Schematics and Procedures.

Uses hand tools and measuring equipment such as; Caliper, Multi-meter, Drill, Taps, Files, and Micrometer.

Perform Diagnostic, troubleshoot, and repair.

Perform Point-to-Point Test to ensure proper routing/connection and functionality.

Participates and practices all 5 S activities.

Operate standard machine shop equipment such as; Drill Press, Lathes, Milling Machines, Shear, Brake, and Grinder to assist assembly operation.

Perform Final Test & Visual Inspection to ensure proper product performance as well as quality in order to meet Company and Costumer Standards.

Finalize Documentation, Prep, Print & Apply necessary shipping labels, pack and ship product.

AQS Inc. Fremont, CA 10/2013 – 02/2016

Process Engineer (Electronics)

Responsible for manufacturing activities such as Process, Quality and Equipment Maintenance.

Manage projects, which include new and existing production equipment, process improvements as well as cost reductions. While supporting new product introductions.

Provide data and guidance to other engineers.

Provide technical mentorship to other engineers and Technicians.

Support process as well as process validation.

Improve product quality, labor efficiency and throughput by using Lean Manufacturing concepts.

Coordinate the design, procurement, build and debug of tooling, machinery as well as test equipment.

Develop and implement tooling, process, and product documentation for process instructions required for the PCBA manufacturing.

Works closely with R&D on PCB/PCBA DFM improvement.

Create Recipe Program settings for all PLC automated equipment. Which includes; solder paste inspection, oven profile, wave-soldering profile, BGA rework, AOI and X-ray machines.

Verify and validate SMT stencil specifications and design, wave solder fixture and press fit fixture.

Participate & Implements Corrective Action and Preventative Action process.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot, debug and repair as well as preventative maintenance.

Support all company initiatives as identified by management and support of Quality Management, Environmental Management System (EMS), and other regulatory requirements.

Complies with IPC, OSHA, FDA, and ISO 9001 standards.

Oxigraf Inc. Mountain View, CA 03/2011- 02/2012

Oxygen Analyzer Equipment Technician (Science)

Responsible of building product such as; O2N2 Aerospace, O2 Medical, O2 Capnography, O2im/il Hazardous Analyzers and OEM Oxygen Sensor

Assemble and prep all sub-assemblies according to procedure and schematics

Assemble components such as tubing, weld fitting, manual & electronic control valve, Pneumatic-Hydraulic, PCB and control panel.

Solder, install, inspect and test all wirings and components according to procedure and drawing schematics

Assemble gas fitting and perform leak checks and end of line testing of subassemblies and finish products.

Test, calibrate, verify, and makes setups & changes according specifications in order to meet costumer’s satisfaction.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot, and repair.

Perform Point to Point check and Hi-Pot test to ensure proper routing and functionality.

Perform Leak check, Final test & Visual Inspection to ensure Proper Product Functionality, Good Quality to meet Company and Costumer Standards.

Work and meet with Engineer and management for weekly reports on any issues, results and improvements.

Operate Forklift in order to move/transport product.

Setaram Inc. Newark, CA 04/2010 - 02/2011

Electro-Mechanical Technician (Science)

Responsible for building Calorimeter, Thermal Analysis, Gas Absorption-Desorption, and High Pressure Mass Spectroscopy Instrument.

Handle delicate materials with extreme caution such as; Anodized Aluminum Frame/Housing, Interface Control panel and Sub-assemblies.

Prep and Assemble Sub-assemblies according to procedure and schematic.

Install Pneumatic, Weldment fittings, Actuator, Control Valves, Pneumatics, and sub-assemblies.

Perform soldering, crimping, route & secure wires/cables according to Schematic.

Perform Point to Point Test to ensure proper routing and functionality.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair.

Perform Leak test, Final test, & Visual Check to ensure product functionality and Good Quality to meet company and customer standards.

Prep, Print & apply necessary labels, package and ship product.

Operate Forklift to transport/move product and other heavy loads.

Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale Ca 12/2009 - 04/2010

MRMA Technician

Responsible of MRMA (Manufacturing Refurbish Modification Area) Modify and update all old equipment up to new revision to new generation surgical robotics.

Determines and/or follows methods and sequence of operations in performing wiring, motor encoder installation, hand soldering, cable harnessing and PCB assembly.

Makes setups and adjustments holding tolerances to equipment specifications.

Interprets schematics, drawings and related documentation.

Test and calibrate to ensure good product quality.

Perform point to point and Hi-Pot test to ensure proper routing/connection and functionality.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot, and repair.

Exercise good judgments in carrying duties and responsibilities.

Audit work orders to ensure they are meeting quality standards.

Assist Production associates in improvement processes.

Work with Production Managers, Supervisors, and Team Lead on daily issues and problems.

Document all areas of non-compliance and insure corrective action to eliminate any issues.

Utilize computer to enter and track result data.

Respond to customer calls, emails, faxes regarding order inquiry as to ship dates, problems, order changes, repairs and RMA's.

Parts order through Mcmaster Carr, Swagelok and various parts related vendor.

Operate Foklift to transport product and other heavy loads.

Prepare and pack product for shipment.

Jiffy Lube, Santa Clara, CA 03/2008 – 02/2009

Service Technician

Responsible for automotive services including store related task and customer service.

Attention to detail to produce quality service, workmanship and to exceed costumer expectations.

Acknowledge and Greet Costumer within 10 seconds. Execute “5 Foot Rule and No Handles Policy.”

Make Oil type Recommendations, Tire Rotation, Serpentine Belt, Radiator Flush, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Wiper Blades, and A/C Recharge.

Perform the above mentioned safely and timely manner.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair.

Ensures proper and accurate information transfer from customers concern, cause and conclusion on the final invoice per Bureau of Automotive repair requirements.

Practices Healthy & Safety compliance with Federal, State, Local and Company Standards & Regulations.

Practices personal protective equipment and follow evacuation plan as well as additional safety countermeasures. With, knowledge of MSDS to ensure costumer safety.

Maintains a neat and clean appearance at all times, keeps a clean work area and practices “Clean As You Go.”

Practices Clear and Timely communication of all pertinent information via verbal and written form with management, colleagues and costumers to ensure comprehension. As well as, following company policies and procedures.

Protects company assets through use of Visual and Sound judgment decision making.

Boston Scientific Corporation (CPC), San Jose, CA 11/2000 – 12/2008

R&D Technician (Medical Device)

Responsible for any R&D project as well as production support.

Work at a Controlled Environment room

Assembled cardio physiology product such as catheter

Perform Soldering, Braiding, Bonding, Automated welding, Fusing, UV curing, Tools and Equipment setups such as; Power tools, Crimpers, Wire stripers, Pull tester, Oven, Bonding machine, UV machine, and many more.

Provides technical support and preventive maintenance relating to equipment utilized in the Manufacturing and R&D areas by repairing, maintaining, or modifying equipment utilizing technical expertise, manuals, schematics, precision tools, and test equipment.

Perform point to point and Hi-Pot test to ensure proper routing/connection and functionality.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair.

Fabricate or redesign fixtures

Responsible to capture any test data for customer and engineering projects.

Enters data into a proprietary application that is used to generate Procedure and BOM

Keeps track of received data and source documents as work is completed

Prepares and sorts source documents, identifies and interprets data to be entered

Files or routes source documents after entry

Corrects and calibrates Tools and Equipment according to specifications.

Used and familiar with different chemicals such as; Loctite, Acetone, IPA, Solvent, Acid, Air gas, etc.

Certified on all CS/RV process as well as CHILLI RPM product line.

Extensive understanding with; ISO, FDA, GMP Quality System, regulations and requirements.

Read and understand MPIs, BOMs and Routers Used on our assembly process.

Effectively communicate with our support groups and management.

Participate Kaizen meeting and provide feedback.

Assisted Supervisor in training or cross training other employees.

Operate automated equipment and able to identify and solve problems when machine or equipment is not functioning properly.

Resolved problems with minimum to no assistance.

Parts order through McMaster Carr, Grainger, and various vendors.

Implements and practices PPE, GMP & 5’s + safety. (Sort, Set in order, Sweep, Standardized, & Sustain.)

Operate Forklift to transport product and other heavy loads.

Rock Shox Inc., San Jose, CA 09/1998-11/2000

Manufacturing Technician

Responsible for building suspension products for recreational sport bicycles.

Assembled product using hand tool, power tools, torque wrench and caliper.

Test and calibrate to ensure product quality.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair.

Perform daily cycle count.

Implement good manufacturing practices.

Prep and pack product for shipment.

Maxim Integrated Corp., Sunnyvale, CA 06/1996-09/1998

Machine Operator Technician

Responsible for equipment operation and maintenance.

Feed equipment and produce quality product.

Perform daily cycle count.

Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair.

Keep accurate record of data to help develop troubleshooting techniques.

Assist Supervisor in training or cross training potential operator.


Medical Science 2011-2012

Evergreen Valley College-Under Graduate


Available upon request

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