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Project Analyst

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
August 13, 2018

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Business Systems Analyst

*** ******** **., ************,

Que, J0X 2G0

613-***-**** (Bus.)

819-***-**** (Res.)

Security Clearance Level - Top Secret

EXPERIENCE (over 30 years)

Most recent Projects (2007 – Present) – Role: Business Systems Analyst

-Legacy software re-write (Classified) – Responsible for:

Delivery of process models, user stories, requirements documents and related documentation, all for a specific sub-component)

Gap analysis and plans for solutions to meet requirements

Sub-component approx. $.75M of > $5M Project

-'Gender X’ (Legislative change) – Responsible for:

Process models and other related documents for technical and business impacts

Interfacing between business users and developers via collaborative, workshops, walkthrough, and other elicitation sessions

Communicating, primarily, with change initiator (IRCC – Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada)

Project cost est. $3.0M

-Clearance related software (Classified) – Responsible for:

Database changes impact analysis

Conducting business needs reviews with all stakeholders from Executive Sponsors through to implementation SMEs and end users

All other relevant BA work relevant to meeting the efficiency improvements gained by the solution implementation done in conjunction with PSPC (Public Services and Procurement Canada)

Project cost est. $2.0M

-Sharepoint upgrade – Responsible for :

Business requirements documents for site contents

Site Administration

Focus Groups sessions

Roll-out coordination

All major Project Management aspects

- Research Requests - Responsible for:

Delivery of specialized (classified) reports, using advanced SQL queries against complex database

-Support Projects (concurrent with other Projects) – Responsible for:

Support (mini help desk) for legacy app when resources for that are unavailable;

Acting for Unit Supervisor when scheduled

-Text Extraction Evaluation – Responsible for:

Identifying COTS options

Evaluating SINTELIX NLP (Natural Language Processing) functionality for use in populating a database for use in advanced analytics (ongoing)

Full Background

1992-Present Dept of Public Safety (Solicitor General) Gov't of Canada

2012 - 2018 - Business Systems Analyst

Major Responsibilities

1.All major Project Management aspects for renewal of Branch content as part of Sharepoint 2010-2013 upgrade

2.Impact assessment on major application for legislative changes (Gender X)

3.Process modelling / Business analysis - for components of major system rewrite

4.Serving as backup for Unit Chief

5.Support activities for business applications

6.Research requests - statistics and information extraction for business clients (primarily writing SQL queries against SQLServer Database)

7.Evaluation of text extraction software (Sintelix) for business uses

2009 - 2012 – Senior Business Analyst

Major Responsibilities

1.Moved to new internal unit which required a strong business analyst (by way of in-house competition)

2.In tandem with contracted Business Analyst delivered the business case, and developed a three year plan for re-writing a major in-house written classified business system - $5M plan sent to Treasury Board for funding approval

Major Achievements:

Backup to unit Head - Acting in that role when required

MS Word replacing WordPerfect where used inside a major application

All aspects of replacing an information exchange product (interfacing with another Federal agency

Two in-house Innovation initiatives (Biolocks; and Fact Extractor!)

Delivery of research requests originating Service-wide -- for business purposes

Support and enhancements to internal applications and components (including Dynasearch, Innovation Team sponsored deliverables, Interview audio storing and retrieval, and GCMS interface)

Delivery of business/system analysis for modernization SSIS (major in-house system) including major process model completed in conjunction with a contracted specialist - used in/for Requirements (and other related documents)

Prime (business/systems analyst) for ACE (Automated Clearance Engine) for 'clearance rate improvement' project

1997-2009 Projects Manager and Senior Applications/Business Analyst

Major Responsibilities

1.Fulfilling the role of Senior System/Business Analyst (lead role and team member) and Projects Manager for the definition and analysis of business and user requirements and recommending and implementing improvements to, current business including feasibility studies to ensure both client productivity gains, and full exploitation of automated systems; with leadership/management role for implementation of systems / applications

2.Planning and organizing project activities and project resources, and administering the project plans

3.Implementing appropriate project management tools and techniques to ensure proper tasking, tracking, and coordination of project activities

4.Leading project teams through the development activities - ensuring effective tasking, scheduling, monitoring and coordinating of all project activities and resources spanning multiple branches of the organization

5.Senior Technical designer for technical solutions to the business requirements - role as a team member

6.Providing maintenance support to existing production systems through problem resolution and implementing functional enhancements

7.Performing human resource management activities such as performance appraisals, identifying staff/team training requirements, and career management

8.Ensuring the analysis and design of computer systems adhere to appropriate policies and directives of the Federal Government, The Service (CSIS), and other policy centers

Decision Making:

-Definition and assignment of work to subordinates

-Selection of best option for meeting the system objectives

-Selecting the development approach, project activities and resources

-Assessing situations and taking appropriate corrective action when project slippage or obstacles are encountered

-Prioritizing team members work assignments when conflicts arise between providing on-going maintenance support and the developement of new computer systems

2008-2009 Senior Applications/Systems Projects Leader


oSPL (Canada's No-Fly List) - completed Business Process Model and Architecture Flow Diagram, using Enterprise Architect, including proof-of-concept for integration with another (classified) database; coordinated the conducting of end-user acceptance testing; delivered solution to Production implementation team

Redesign and implementation of replacement processes(including automated component) for (classified) data exchange with CBSA

Design and implementation of a 20% time-saving process -- name checking against a (classified) data repository, and including an automated email notification of results (expediting the process by eliminating time-consuming manual results look up)

i2 Analyst's Notebook (ANB)

oCoordinated release of latest version (7.0.5) for specialized units of the Service

oConceptualized and implemented latest release of iBase4 (data repository for ANB) on a laptop, to facilitate operational data exchange/analysis with DND

oCoordinated software support and end-user understanding of SNA (Social Networking Analysis - a highly regarded software for advanced analytics, being used in-house, in conjunction with other government departments, to determine threat levels of individuals encountered in DND Theaters of Operation)

oInvestigated and made recommendation on the use of iXv as a replacement for iBridge for producing automated link charts from operational databases

2004-2008 Projects Team Leader

Accountable for and successfully enhanced application interfacing with external Agencies (changes were due to internal reorganization (Section name changes and reporting structures); this achievement also required coordination of a upgraded web-service and reference database -for checking for names of individuals in documents ingested.

Successfully implemented Applications Inventory (including having established the guidelines for Project Leaders to maintain the projects/applications they support so IT Management has an active overview or projects/applications being supported under their jurisdiction); achieved through: group and one=on=one sessions, formation of a Focus Group to address key questions/definitions, and use of Service Desk (an in-house customized off-the-shelf software; customized by a specialist to achieve the requirements I provided)

Achieved several breakthrough processing speed-ups for automated clearance batch runs against CNI (Corporate Name Index)

Served as Technical Rep for GCMS at CIC (now IRCC and done via CBSA) (Global Case Management System) (converted data interchange to XML; initial tests successful; project put on hold by CIC

Participant in numerous operational analysis initiatives aimed at business efficiencies, including:

orevitalized interface to (classified) database for automated Link Chart production

oiBase4 implementation for data exchange with DND

opost-Y2K support activities for ISEP(Intelligence Systems Evolutionary Program) / OPs Console (desktop of the future); included assistance given to team evaluating Analyst's Notebook integration with ESRI ARCGis (geospatial software); as well as other advanced analytics software under review

Team Leader for upgrade of SSAName3 (COTS software running behind the scenes in the CNI application) -- as Team lead, also fine tuned SSAName3 with the vendor, implementing adjustments identified by end users. SSAName3's customizable advanced phonetic/soundex name recognition capabilities, is the centerpiece of the success behind bulk names searches done internally

1999-2000 Projects Team Leader / Supervisor

Y2K - Responsible for a team of 3 programmers and 2 (contracted) consultants to move CNI (major - multi component - application/system from mainframe to LAN technology, as well as transition it, and another operational intelligence system through Y2K certification

1997-1999 Projects Team Leader / Supervisor

Implementation of customized components for wo major in-house developed Operational Intelligence applications/systems used country/Service-wide

Set database and application development standards and directions, as a participant on the Applications Development Technical Committee

Provided directions for automation of business practices of Intelligence Officers, as a member of the OAGIT (Operational Advisory Group on Information Technology)

1994-1997 - BC Region EDP Coordinator

Major Responsibilities

1.Identifying and providing EDP training and support requirements for Regional employees, included user feedback on pilot applications nearing completion/delivery; also includes CUSS (Computer User Support Sessions which introduced) as well as developing the curriculum for EDP related courses not provided by HQ

2.Coordinate hardware acquisition and implementation - between HQ(Ottawa) and BC Region technicians/ technologists. Includes maintaining inventory and device distribution lists.

3.Small applications development, to meet Regional requirements outside corporate software offerings (highlighted by two (classified) tracking systems

Major Achievements:

Gained thorough knowledge of business practices/functions employees (Intelligence Officers), to degree required to take on role as Systems Analyst / Project Analyst on return to HQ

Established informatics training room facilities in BC Region

Prioritized directions for for automation of business practices for employees, as a member of the Regional Information Management Committee

1992-1994 – Projects Team Leader / Supervisor

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1. Full system development life cycle responsibilities (analysis, design, development, implementation, and ongoing support for assigned applications

2.Implementation of Phase I of the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS)

3.Manage a team of 3 programmers/analysts and 2 consultants to achieve this high-profile deliverable. This included annual performance evaluations of team members, as well as establishing RFPs and contracts for consultants (conducted contract development, interviews, selection, and assigning of work)

4.Presentations and demos (formulated most and presented some) regarding the HRMIS deliverable, to management teams and consultants

1990-1992 – DBA (DataBase Administrator)

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.Support/administration of the mainframe-based DB2 database for several applications

2.Support role for InfoBuilders ADABAS (mainframe database)

3.Support role for IBM’s STAIRS (Storage And Information Retrieval System – mainframe based text storage database) (Developed an in-house application for storage and retrieval of specialized text – using existing main corporate application as a blueprint))

4.Developed the Data Model for Inventory system (reverse engineered from COTS, thereby enabling package customization. Used ProKit ERM (Entity Relationship Modelling) package, following the STRADIS application development life-cycle methodology

5.Presentations and demos to Project Leaders and other analysts

1988-1990 – Senior Systems Analyst / Programmer

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.Responsible for technical aspects of CIMS (Correspondence Issues Management System) Project, an in-house mainframe-based document sharing and tracking application. Primarily worked with end-users and an IBM Consultant to successfully achieve deliverable.

2.Also responsible for for – in conjunction with Project Team Leader – analysis, and all phases of system implementation

1988-1990 - Analyst / Programmer

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.Responsible for analysis and all phases of application development life-cycle leading to the successful implementation of ‘productivity aid’ systems (primarily PC-based); as well as tracking of PC and mainframe terminals, and hardware/software installations/inventories


3.Implementation and support RAMIS 4GL based applications for Multilingual Services, Fleet Management, and Terminal Tracking

1982-1987 – Senior Programmer

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.Responsible for developing specifications and implementing program code for a variety of in-house developed (primarily mainframe-based) applications

2.For an 18 month period during these years, became a member of a specialized programming Team, established to look at, evaluate, and implement major changes to automation – to more effectively provide end-users with useful tools. Based on the Team’s advice (and computer industry direction) the Team was instrumental in the first, within the Service, installation of the, at the time, ‘very powerful’ 286 devices! This revolved around implementations of IBM’s DisplayWrite4 (DW4), as well as other products such as very early releases of Lotus 1-2-3.

This mid 1980’s view of the power of PC’s (Personal Computers), provided an impetus for me to steer in that direction (away from mainframe applications).

1981-1982 – LUMMUS (Engineering) Canada Inc. (Toronto, Ont.)

Intermediate Programmer

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.Mainframe system specifications and implementation (COBOL)


3.Applications implemented/supported:

- Office Supplies Costs System

- Vacation Usage / Time Lost System

– Payroll – Employee Update Program/interface

1979-1981 – Nielsen Clearing House of Canada (Saint John, N.B.)

Junior Programmer

Major Responsibilities and Achievements

1.System Specifications

2.Program specifications

3.Development programming (COBOL)

4.Support programming (COBOL)

5.Documentation of scanning techniques (Team implemented one of North America’s first hardware/software installations for scanning coupons)

6.Applications implemented/supported:

– Cheque Reconciliation System

– Revised Report System

7.Other Info:

– Task Force member (for marketing report improvements)

– Programming changes to reflect increased coupon handling fees

– Involved with/in UNIVAC environment

– IMS, SMS online transaction programming

– Mainframe operating systems generations and configurations





Enterprise Architect / UML (Unified Modelling Language), BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation); RUP (Rational Unified Process)

MS MicroSoft Project, Visio, PowerPoint

SharePoint 2013 – Administration focus


SPSS, SAS (Statistical Analysis, Data Mining software)

I2 Analysts Notebook; Pattern Tracer, iText, iBridge, iBase4

DB2 – Database Administration functionality

ESRI ArcGIS (product interfaces to i2 software

Sintelix (NLP – Natural Language Processing for advanced analystics)

VB.NET (Framework) client/server; MS Foundation

AJAX, Visual Studio, IIS (web-services environment)

HP Service Desk

MS Access, and other MS Office suites of software

Erwin (database modeller); ISQL/w (and related products; SQL Programmer

PMI / PMP related training; as well as IIBA / CBAP related training


SQL Srerver5 up to 2007

.Net component products (Sheridan, Lead Tools, FarPoint, VideoSoft

Novell Netware LAN / WAN and Groupwise (email and desktops – as relates to telecommunications networks and communications techniques)

Corel WordPerfect Suites of products (WordPerfect, Corel Draw; Corel Presentations )

Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows

ACC Pac, Simply Accounting

Internet (Netscape 4.0, Microsoft IE – Internet Explorer


Expert Systems (Prolog)

IBM, AMDAHL, PRIME, and UNIVAD – mainframe OSs (Operating Systems)

COBOL, PL1, Fortran, WATFIV, APL, Assembler (programming)

RAMIS 4GL (PC and Mainframe based)

ProKit (Business and Data Modeller for STRADIS Methodology)


ADDRESS: 323 Lelievre Cr.,

Breckenridge, Que.,

J0X 2G0


613-***-**** (Office)

819-***-**** (Residence)

MARITAL STATUS: Married, 3 children

LANGUAGES: English, French (C/B/A – expired)

Education / Courses:

1997-present – Numerous in-house (Gov’t of Canada) courses

(both soft – people; and tech – computer) - PMP Certification Prep courses

- CBAP Certification Prep courses

- Management Principles (Gov’t of Canada)

- Supervisors Course ( & others – Gov’t of Canada)

1993-present - Completed 5/8 Management Certificate modules

1975-1979 - B.Sc. (Computer Science)

University New Brunswick,

Fredericton, N.B.

1972-1975 - Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School

Academic (Saint John, N.B.)

On a more personal level regarding my ‘extra-curricular’ activities; being an intrinsic competitor, I am an avid sports fan, and I rank myself as a good chess player. I also enjoy workouts, golf, the internet, stock market investing, music, and reading. I became an active member of a Toastmasters International Club in 1998. Among other things, my wife and I are also quite involved with a variety of social activities, including life with our teenage sons and daughter!

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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