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Plant Manager

Bartonville, Texas, United States
August 13, 2018

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W. TODD PARDUE *** Ridgewood Circle, Bartonville, TX 76226



Leadership: Over 23 years of demonstrated success developing and leading teams in the lean manufacturing

environments of automotive and corrugated box manufacturing, reverse and forward logistics

supporting the cable and cell phone industries.

Management: Over 18 years experience managing/developing organizational business plans/budgets.

Lean Manufacturing: Total immersion in the Toyota Production System including Kaizen, 5S, visual management,

standardized work, andon, continuous improvement, just in time and one piece flow.

Business Development: 5+ years experience in new business development and expansion.


Branch Manager (Communications Test Design Inc., Flower Mound, TX 2017-present)

Currently lead and manage the launch of a new 350 employee branch supporting ATT with reverse logistics

operations. Responsible for P&L, KPI, and organizational structure development to support the receipt, testing, and

refurbishment of 15,000 cell phones daily.

Led and managed 450 employees who received, processed, repaired, and shipped 18,000 cable boxes and the

associated installation/construction materials daily in support of Spectrum Cable.

Led the hub through a Spectrum/Time Warner integration resulting in a 30% volume expansion with revenue

growth exceeding 30%. Launched a new materials pick/pack business and a new operating model for picking/

shipping cable boxes, modems, and associated equipment.

Developed an expanded organizational structure and reassigned existing leader responsibilities that doubled the

branch managerial staff to support the business growth and meet daily KPI and P&L targets.

Sr. Operations Manager (Communications Test Design Inc., Flower Mound, TX 2016-2017)

Realigned a 250 member organization to profitably execute forward and reverse logistics operations in support

of Time Warner Cable operations in Texas. Developed a team that surpassed one year without a missed fulfillment.

Coordinated the rearrangement of a 300k sq ft warehouse to accommodate expanding operations and to facilitate

the formation of an independent branch to support a major, impending Spectrum Cable integration.

Site Manager (International Paper, Savannah Container 2013-2016)

Led and managed a unionized corrugated box plant consisting of 74 hourly and 21 salary employees who produced

800msf/62m tons annually with sales of 60 million dollars annually primarily in support of the poultry industry.

Responsible for developing/leading an engaged team that worked safely, was environmentally responsible,

produced quality boxes efficiently with low waste, focused on satisfying customers, controlled costs through

operational effectiveness, and improved margins to grow earnings.

Production Manager (International Paper, Savannah Container 2008-2013)

Led a perennial 4th quartile, low performing corrugated box plant supporting the poultry industry through a

culture change resulting in a 32% efficiency improvement, 15% volume increase, on time delivery improvement

from 75% to 98%, and an EBIT improvement of over 5 million dollars which resulted in two “Most Improved Plant”

awards in three years.

Built and developed a team that worked safely with no recordable incidents for two years after having no less than

three incidents a year for many years prior.

Departmental Business Manager (General Motors Corporation, Shreveport, LA 2000-2008)

Directed the 1st shift Paint Department daily operations and managed the departmental business metrics –

safety, people, quality, productivity, cost.

Led a team of 10 production supervisors and engineers that increased the departmental efficiency 16% through job

element and work place reorganization in a three month period.

Departmental Shift Leader

Managed the 2nd shift Quality Department of a high volume automotive assembly plant, shipping over 450 vehicles

per shift. Direct reports included 10 supervisors/engineers and over 100 hourly employees.

Implemented Toyota Production System built-in quality principles during a brown field to green field transition and

the launch of 3 new automotive products.

Successfully negotiated grievances and labor issues with elected union officials during local contract negotiations.

Quality Control Engineer

Analyzed quality/engineering data to direct and coordinate paint department quality activities to ensure world class

product quality. Developed standardized exterior vehicle appearance standards resulting in a 5% FTQ increase.

Coordinated and managed a major sealer improvement project resulting in a sealer product change, an 8% decrease

in vehicle water leaks, and the establishment of a supplier technical support representative.

Production Supervisor

. Led three teams of 30 operators in the elimination of the appearance quality verification station as the plant

bottle neck by reducing defects by 25 pph in a six month period.

Led 2 small teams of 20 quality inspectors in the daily plant customer acceptance and review evaluation during the

2001 JD Power evaluation resulting in the plant winning the North American Small Truck Best in Segment award.

Production Facilitator (Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Crawfordsville, IN/Minden, LA 1996-2000)

Facilitated 36 employees in the day to day manufacturing operations of a continuous run, seven day a week, world

class, world record holding, high speed corrugated box facility that manufactures 136,000 tons of boxes annually.

Aggressively built small teams and coached personnel resulting in a 50% reduction in safety incidents, 32% reduction

in customer rejections, and a 2% increase in machine uptime in one year.

Process Improvement Analyst

Coordinated plant activities to identify, analyze, and remove barriers to continuous improvements in the safety,

quality, uptime, and waste control of the manufacturing process.

Reorganized work responsibilities and created new work procedures and standards for a five member team that

increased the team’s productivity 20% while reducing plant costs.


United States Military Academy, West Point, New York 1986-1990

Bachelor of Science in International Relations, general engineering curriculum.

Inland Container Management Training Program 1995-1996

Production control, Dupont safety management, Conway sales program, project management,

quality control.

General Motors University 2000- 2008

Statistical engineering journeyman (Red X), lean manufacturing training (Opel, Germany).

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