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Game Designer/Developer

Locust Grove, Georgia, United States
50+/hr, but negotiable
August 13, 2018

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Steven J. Arroyo

Graduate Game Designer 678-***-**** LinkedIn Portfolio

Key Skills/Technical Experience & Personal Skills

Key Skills/Technical Experience

Personal Skills


●Knowledge of Unity’s Render Pipeline and UI

●Strong Knowledge of Game Development with C# Programming

●Knowledge/Understanding of C# OOP

●Perforce Source Control

●Proficient in MS Office 365 Applications

●Advanced Knowledge with Probability, Statistics, Combinatorics, and Discrete Mathematic

●Knowledge of Game Design Patterns

●Knowledge of Live Game Ops

●Understanding of Art and Design Principles

●Game Design Documents/Excel Data Sheets

●Maya Modelling

●Worked in Fast Paced Remote Team Environments with other Designers and Artists

●Game Development/Tester/Balancer

●Basic Knowledge with Unreal Engine 4 & Blueprinting (Training)

●Basic Knowledge of C++ (Training)

●Basic Knowledge with Blender (Training)

●Basic Understanding of KPIs

●Understanding of Agile Scrum Software Development and Principles

●Bilingual (English and Spanish)

●Linguistic Translations

●Comfortable working in any Team –Based Environment

●Basic Video Recording/Editing

●Excellent Verbal, Written, Creative, and Technical Communications

●Excellent Organizational Skills

●Excellent Analytical Skills

●Fast Learner/Willing to Learn


●Detail and Team Oriented


●Team Player



●Hard Working

●Problem Solver


●Creative Thinking


●Inspired/Motivated through Learning/Hands-On Work

●Building/Maintaining Professional Relationships

●Strong Work Ethic, Critical Thinking, and Ability to Anticipate Problems


●Customer Service

●Strong Desire to build any AAA games

●Sense of humour

●Expressive with Ideas

●Positive “I Can Do It and Anything” Attitude/Mindset


●Capstone Project Full Sail University January 2018 - May 2018

●Outer Space Protection Program Lead Game Designer/Producer

●Game Tester - Worked with a team of 6 in a 5-6 month span of planning, creating, developing, and playtesting the game using Unity3D and Perforce.

●Lead Level Designer/Balancing – Designed and developed the level of the game to the progression and learning curve.

●Programmed in C# ranging from the main character, enemies, turrets, animations, UI, and other related mechanics.

●Game Design Documentation has also been made before development began.

●This game has been released for free for Windows on

●Full Sail University Builds August 2015 – January 2018

●Breakout October 2017 Level/Game Designer/Programmer

●Game/Level Designer - Used Perforce and worked with my team to create our own version of the classic Breakout game. Worked off a Japanese theme.

●Game Programmer - Used C# development in mechanics, paddle movements, and other features.

●Junkies Vs. Veggies March 2017 Game Designer/Balancing/System

●Created an analog based game with a team of 3 other designers.

●Game Designer/Balancing - Created mechanics, stats, characters icons and balanced them out to create a fun yet funny looking card game.

●Game Design Documentation has also been made before development began.

●The Antidote That Can Save Us Forever July 2016 Level/Narrative Designer

●Used Perforce and worked with my team to create a game with levels that we created individually.

●Level Designer – Created an abandoned hospital with collectibles and interactive platforms, but later edited the level to give off a apocalyptic theme.

●Narrative Designer – I solely worked on the narrative of the game, which was implemented in each level.

●War on Ragnor April 2016 Lead Game Designer/Balancing/System

●Lead Game Designer - Worked alone on an analog based game with a medieval theme, but with orcs, elves, etc.

●Game Balancing - Created mechanics/abilities/characters and balancing has been done to create a small, but fun card game.

●Game Design Documentation has also been made before development began.


Full Sail University

Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design

(August 2015 – May 2018)


●I am part of the NSCS and ISLP (Honor Societies) due to having a GPA of 3.5 and higher while attending online at Full Sail University.

Employment History

Cashier & Cook, Tropical Delights, Locust Grove, GA

Family Owned Business

(June 2011 – May 2015)

Hobbies & Interests

●Started familiarizing myself with UE4 with itself Blueprinting and C++, Blender, and the ways of VR/AR after graduating.

●Started getting into Mobile App Development programs like Android Studio and Xcode.

●I love to keep in touch on what’s coming next in the mobile game industry and as well as the trends. I love mobile app games and their potential that they hold in the near future!

●I love learning new languages. So far, I’m learning French and Japanese.

●I love challenging myself by either working on something new for the first time or looking up hard designs to make, whether it’s on a 3D Game Engine or Editor such as Unity and Blender.

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