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Software Developer Assistant

New York, New York, United States
August 13, 2018

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Siyu Chen


Skidmore College, New York, USA Graduated May 2018

Bachelor of Science; Double Major: Computer Science/Business Management SKILLS AND LANGUAGES

Programming Java, SQL, C, R, Python (from Proficient to Familiar) IDE/Tools Weka, MongoDB, RStudio, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Languages Chinese (Native), English (Fluent), German (Intermediate), Japanese (Elementary) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Software Engineering Intern, Soteryx Corp, New York Summer 2017 Skill: Java, SQL, UI Development

Designed, coded and tested employee training application from scratch in a team of five.

Improved training efficiency significantly by replacing traditional trainers with user interfaces. IT Help Desk Assistant, Skidmore College Fall 2016 – Spring 2018 Skill: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Provided services including software installation, troubleshooting, printer maintenance, and account management to the client who has limited familiarity with the computer system. CODING PROJECTS

Algorithms for Max Knapsack and SAT, Skidmore College Spring 2018 Skill: Java

Implemented and tested with several algorithms on their average, min and max quality and running times.

Algorithms included dynamic programming ones, greedy 2-approximation, FPTAS, DPLL, GSAT and etc. Recursive Descent Parser, Skidmore College Fall 2017 Skill: C, Troubleshooting

A parser built based on given grammar to check the correctness of test cases of codes.

Constructed a syntax analyzer and a lexical analyzer using state diagrams.

Tested repeatedly to improve correct functionality to 100% and to be able to handle various types of errors. Predicting Soccer Match Results, Skidmore College Spring 2017 Skills: R, Weka

A Data Modeling and Machine Learning project which trains computer with existing dataset to make predictions.

Built 5 different data models using tree and rule-based classifiers.

Modified and eliminated 75% irrelevant features to improve correct prediction rate from 50% to 68%. LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE

Admission Ambassador, Skidmore College Spring 2016 – Spring 2018

Boosted public speaking skills by introducing college to prospective students and families. Secretary and Group Leader, Skidmore Christian Fellowship Spring 2016 Volunteer, New York InterVarsity Urban Project Spring Break 2015


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