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Developer Software Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
August 13, 2018

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No.**/**, Pudupet St,

Alandur, Chennai – 600 016

Tamil Nadu, India


Professional Summary

I have 17+ years of total IT experience in software development. My main skill area is Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports.

Software Skills


Java, PERL, C++, C


Oracle 10g, SQL Server 6.5


Visual Basic 6.0, Developer 2000 ( Forms 10g & Reports 10g )

Office Automation Software

MS Office 2007

Operating Systems

Windows Vista, UNIX SVR4, Sun Solaris 5.10


CGI, IIS, System Analysis & Design, Internet, Intranet


HTML, JavaScript



Madras University, 2010

DCSE (Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering)

R.V.S. Polytechnic, Dindigul. 1990

Work Experience

Cherrytec Intelisolve (P) Ltd, Chennai

(Aug 2017 to Till Date )

Consultant – Oracle Apps Technical

Accel Frontline Limited, Chennai

(Aug 2016 to Jul 2017)

Sotware Specialist

HCL Infosystems, Noida

(July 2013 to July 2016)


3i Infotech Ltd, Chennai

(May 2012 to Oct 2012)


Ascenders Technologies (P) Ltd,


(September 2011 to November 2011)

Senior Software Engineer

Cherrytec Intellisolve (P) Ltd, Chennai

(May 2008 to May 2011 )

Senior Software Engineer

Information Dynamics India (P) Ltd, Chennai

(July 2005 to December 2007)


Nigasoft InfoTech (P) LTD, Chennai

(February 2005 to June 2005)

ERP Trainee


(October 1997 to September 2001)

Software Engineer


(September 1996 to October 1997)

Trainee Software Engineer

HITEK Computers, Chennai

(May 1995 to August 1996)


Projects at Cherrytec, Chennai

Title - Oracle EBS Implementation

Duration - Aug 2017 – Till date

Team Size - 10

Client - Kuwait Cement Company, Kuwait

Platform - Oracle Applications R12 SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader,

Forms10g, Reports 10g, Workflow, Discoverer reports, XML

Publisher, Oracle Data Integrator

Role Brief

I have involved in configuration of various instances and end to end testing of the entire oracle seeded functionalities as well as customizations.

Developing the ODI Scenarios to load data from Legacy to Staging Tables

Developed PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions for validating the Items, On-Hand Balances, Banks-Branches, Customers and Suppliers information from the legacy system and imported into Oracle Applications using the Open Interface/API programs and populated the base tables.

Developed Specific Documents like BR100, CV40, CV60, MD120 and TE20 etc.

Involved in Conversion Executions.

Projects at HCL Infosystems, Chennai

Title - TIMOS

Duration - July 2013 – Till date

Team Size - 1

Client - Technip India Private Limited, Chennai, India

Platform - Oracle 10g, Developer 2000 10g


This system is used to capture the man hours of Technip employees. Hours are entered by employees on various projects and activities. For off-shore employees, normal hours and OT hours are restricted to 8 each. Total hours per day should not exceed 16. But for on-site employees, this restriction is not there. Respective department heads approve the timesheet of their sub-ordinates. This system shows approver the actual hours an employee was inside the office. Also the actual hours indicated in red colour if hours booked exceeds actual hours. By this, approver is alerted and he rejects and sends back the timesheet to the concerned employee. When an employee is required to work in a project continuously, block booking also can be done by Project Control Department. Various reports are generated for man hours captured by Project wise, Department Wise etc. Several reports are generated for the use of Finance Department.

Projects at 3i Infotech, Chennai

Title - ORION

Team Size - 20

Platform - Oracle 10g, Developer 6i, 10g


An ERP product developed by 3i having a good client base in Middle East, and few in US, Europe and Thailand. This product covers almost all the modules what an ERP product should have. I am being part of Customization team which gets lot of calls either for new development or for enhancement. Development activities are carried out in Oracle 10g and Developer 6i. Forms and reports developed in Developer 6i are just compiled in Developer 10g for those clients who need it.

Projects at Cherrytec, Chennai

Title - COMS – Customer Order Management System

Duration - Sep 2010 – May 2011

Team Size - 3

Client - M.H. Alshaya Co. W.L.L., Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Platform - Oracle 10g, Developer 10g

Server OS - Sun Solaris 5.10


This is an enhancement done in the existing system. Alshaya is a chain of leading retail stores in Kuwait having their stores spanned in Gulf countries. They already have a system called COMS to capture the customer orders and deliver the items. Though the company deals with many brands, till now single brand items are being served by a retail shop. Now the company decided to serve more than one brand in a shop. Further, delivery/refund/return can be done only once for the whole order. Current system doesn't have provision to deliver or refund or return in partial. To achieve this changes, enhancements are done in back end packages, forms and reports.

Title - FC System

Duration - Sep 2009 – July 2010

Team Size - 2

Client - Technip India Private Limited, Chennai, India

Platform - Oracle 9i, Developer 2000


This is Finance Concurrent system. Whenever anything needs to be purchased concerned department people will raise a note specifying the Brand, Description, Quantity and Rate. Once the note is raised, it will pass on to the next higher level people. Once he approves the note this will get pass on to the immediate superior. This goes on till it reaches the Head of the Department. With his approval this note will come to an end as accepted. In other way, the note may be rejected by specifying a appropriate reason by any level of people. In that case, either the note may get rejected entirely, or it may be accepted with the required changes.

The system is developed with Oracle as backend and .Net as frontend. Designing the required table structures and developing procedures and functions were my main responsibilities. Derived all the queries which are used as data source in .Net application.

Title - SARAS ( Sales and Route Accounting System )

Duration - May 2008 – July 2009

Team Size - 3

Client - Almarai Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Platform - Oracle 8, Developer 2000 ( Forms 6i & Reports 6i )


Almarai Company is using a system called SARAS - Sales And Routing Application System, through this the company maintain their business activities. Daily sales happens through the depots spread in the country. The depots have separate database individually to carry out their business. Once in a while, when new products are introduced or when there is change in price of products a file will be sent to all depots from head office and that file will be uploaded and the system will start using the new products and prices. Recently Almarai company has acquired Western Bakery. As a result of this, Almarai decided to implement the SARAS in Western Bakery company also. The major difference required is the system should take different set of products for different depots and depots should access the centralized database.

Role Brief

IT heads identified around 200 forms and 200 reports to incorporate these changes. In 3 months duration, we 3 developers completed the task including module testing. After the integration test with the sample data of Western Bakery the modified system will be implemented in one of the depot of western bakery and it is in pre-implement phase now. Once the post-implementation phase is completed, the system will be implemented in all the depots of Western Bakery.

Oracle 10g DBA Topics exposure through Training

Overview of different Oracle Architecture - Starting up and Shutting down an Instance - Init file and password creation - Oracle Managed Files - Manual Database creation - Database file architecture - Physical database structure - Memory structure - Process architecture - Configuring Undo management - Managing Table and Index segments - Managing indexes - Cloning database using DBCA - Virtual Private database enhancements - Managing Users, Privileges and Roles - Automatic Storage Management - Backup and Recovery Issues - Instance and Media Recovery Structures - Types of Backups - RMAN - Overview of Logminer - Dataguard - Switching database to Flashback mode - SQL*Loader - Overview of Performance Tuning - SQL Tuning tools - Automatic Workload Repository - Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor - Segment advisor - Access advisor - Undo Advisor - OS level tuning

Projects at Information Dynamics, Chennai

Title - PRISM ( Parts Re-invoice Sales Management )

Duration - May 2007 – Dec 2007

Team Size - 3

Client - Nissan Middle East Free Zone, Dubai

Platform - Oracle 10g, Developer 2000 ( Forms 10g & Reports 10g )


Nissan Middle East Freezone plays the middleman role according to this new system. This system is to receive the orders for parts from the distributors of Nissan, from all around the world and send them to the Nissan Motor Limited, Japan. Once the orders are processed by NML, items are directly sent to distributors. With the latest price list available NMEF will prepare invoice by putting some margin in the price. Actually NML has to invoice these items. But, NMEF is preparing invoice on behalf of NML. That’s why the system is called Parts Re-Invoice Sales Management. Margin amount will be very less, but the volume of business will make it as a good profit for the company.

Orders placed by the distributors are loaded into the system automatically through the jobs. User at NMEF has to just check the data for any errors. If there are error they have to rectify, otherwise they will approve the orders. Finally, higher level user will generate the orders, means the order data is sent to NML. At times, orders will not be accepted by NML due to various reasons. The same will be intimated to distributors.

Role Brief

Initially we people from Information Dynamics worked as a team and shared the work given by IT Manager of NMEF. My responsibility was developing new forms and backend procedures. They are using a system called NORRIS for import and export of cars. I was supporting users for that system also.

Title - AFSYS (Agent Forwarding System)

Duration - July 2005 – Apr 2007

Team Size - 10

Client - Samsara Shipping Company Ltd.,

Platform - Oracle 8i, Developer 2000


This is the project for Container companies, which handles various modules right from Booking of Containers. Then it goes on like BL Preparation, Import manifest and Export Manifest. This includes Accounting modules also.

Role Brief

Initially worked in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) team which requires the knowledge in PL/SQL, Pro*C, Forms and a tool for EDI. After 8 months, I have been moved to another team, in which I am currently working now. This team has many clients. One of which is mentioned above. Here I work in Oracle Forms. At times I create backend triggers. As of now, maintenance for about 5 clients are going on. Still more clients are getting added.

Projects at BITECH, Chennai

Title - Election Commission Project

Duration - Apr 2001 – Sep 2001

Team Size - 2

Client - Election Commission of India, Tamil Nadu

Platform - Microsoft Access, Visual Basic 6.0


Through this project, we were assisting the Government officials in the works related to election. This involves preparation of software modules for I) getting the polling personal list after randomization, II) Inclusion, Modification & Deletion of voters list, III) Printing the voters list and IV) printing the electros photo identity card. Then, Government officials will approach us to prepare variety of reports. During the time, we will write the required programs through Visual Basic and prepare the report. Apart from this, we were maintaining the backup of data, software CDs and floppies.

Title - Container Terminal Management System

Duration - Nov 2000 – Jan 2001

Team Size - 30

Client - Klang Container Terminal, Malaysia

Platform - Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000


This is a conversion project. Existing system is developed in VMS Mumps. That is being converted to UNIX Oracle. BITECH is involved in this project for more than two years as the volume of the project is big. This system consists of 1300 forms altogether. Most of them are developed in Oracle Forms. Some of them are developed in Pro*C and few are developed in Visual Basic.

The aim of the system is to maintain Import, Export and Empty containers. Since this is a conversion project, some of the forms have been identified as important for parallel run by the project leader and project manager. We some of the people have been deputed to Malaysia from Chennai, to prepare the identified forms for parallel run. Apart from this work, we were involved in testing and bug fixing also.

Title - Letter of Guarantee System

Duration - Oct ’99 – Nov 2000

Team Size - 8

Client - National Bank of Fujairah, U.A.E

Platform - Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000


The purpose of the system is to maintain the guarantee details which are issued by any branch of this bank. When an applicant (can be a customer of this bank or a branch of this bank) approaches the bank to get guarantee letter for giving the assurance to a third party, the bank will issue the guarantee on behalf of the customer. The life of the guarantee starts here and goes till it’s cancellation or expiry. There are 8 major modules in this system. They are 1. Issue, 2. Reissue, 3.Amendment, 4.Balance Reduction, 5.Lodgement of Claims, 6.Disposal of Claims, 7.Cancellation and 8.Expiry. Apart from these major modules, this system comprises a module to print the guarantee and 12 inquiry modules.

Role Brief

I was involved in preparing inquiries. Due to client's demand the inquiries have been designed through Forms 4.5. Client has provided the standards to follow in coding and functionality. As part of the functionality standards, the users of the inquiries have been categorized into three. They are the users with

1. Global access, 2. Current branch access and 3. Rights to access the guarantees booked by themselves alone. For every inquiry rights have been set for all the users individually with help of a table. A user will be allowed to execute the inquiry provided he has got the rights for that particular inquiry. Among all the inquiries, some are callable and some have the provision to print the details.

Title - Local Bills Discounting

Duration - Jan ’98 – Sep ‘98

Team Size - 8

Client - National Bank of Fujairah, U.A.E.

Platform - Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000


Post dated cheques from customers are accepted and allowing them to take a part of the cheque amount for carry out their work. On the maturity date the cheque will be presented for the realization. In this situation the cheque may get settled or dishonored. Apart from these normal processes of the PDC, one customer may approach the bank and request to return the instrument. As a another case a customer may approach and request to extend the due date of the instrument. All these phases are handled by this system.

Role Brief

As a team member, I was involved in the DUE DATE EXTENSION transaction module. This module will accept the customer number/name and display the details of the post dated cheques presented by him. On request of the customer, due date of the cheques can be extended before the cheques are sent for the settlement. For the extended period, interest will be levied. Commission also will be levied if applicable. As per the standards provided by the client, all the transaction modules have been divided into 3 stages. They are 1. Entry, 2. Verification and 3. Approval. Once the transactions are verified and approved, various accounting entries will be passed.

Projects at HITEK Computers, Chennai

Title - Reservations and Passport Services System

Duration - Feb ’96 – Jul ‘96

Team Size - 4

Client - ASCON Travels

Platform - Foxpro


The company is involved in arranging flight tickets and doing passport services. For the reservation of flight ticket, all the required details are collected from the passport of concerned person. Ticket fare and commission will be collected from the customer. Then the ticket will be booked on the date demanded by customer. And it will be handed over to the customer. If the ticket can not be booked on the required date, ticket will be booked on another date after getting the consent from the customer. Otherwise the amount will be returned.

The company is involved in doing passport services also. When a person approaches the company for applying new passport, application form is filled with the customer details. Customer is charged for the passport fees and commission. Once the passport arrived, the details are maintained in the database. It is used for the reservation of flight ticket. Apart from getting new passports for customers, the company does all miscellaneous services pertaining to the passport like Change of Name, Change of Address, ECNR etc.

All the details are maintained in the database. Various reports are designed to produce required information for the company.

Role Brief

As a team member, I was involved in developing user interface screens. I prepared some of the reports. Reports can be viewed in the screen as well as print out can also be taken.

Title - Oil Transport System

Duration - Jun ’95 – Dec ‘95

Team Size - 4

Client - Sri Gomathi Ambigai Transports Ltd

Platform - Foxpro


This company is involved in transporting edible oil through the containers on their own transport. But this company doesn't manufacture oil. Many small industries are selling their oil products to this company. Once the oil is arrived, they are packed in the containers. Once the containers are ready, carriers are booked for the transportation to various parts of the country.

Right from the purchase of oil, all the transactions are computerized. Details about the number of containers moving out, size, weight and destination are maintained in the database. Based on this various reports are generated.

Role Brief

As a team member, I was involved in coding the programs. I have been given some additional responsibilities like testing and debugging of some programs also. Though the company didn’t follow any standard method to test, I took all the effort to test the programs to give the entire satisfaction for the client. I tested the programs with all types of inputs and ensured that the system gives appropriate error message to make the user to understand their mistake. I involved in designing some of the reports also. Great care has been taken to ensure that the report will be aligned properly. The whole system is finally integrated through the menu.

Areas of Exposure

Designing Web pages using HTML, ASP, VB Script and JavaScript

CGI Scripts using PERL

Personal Information

Date of Birth - 27-May-70

Sex - Male

Father’s Name - T.R.Sreenivasan

Marital Status - Married

Passport Number - K3859824

Issued at - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Valid Upto - 14-06-2022

Permanent Address - 45, Kumara Koil Street

Thiruvannamalai – 606 601

Tamilnadu, India


Self Motivated, Result Oriented and practical to the situation. Can work in team and also individually. Also have good communication skill. Can stretch if work warrants. With my spanned knowledge in different software platforms, I can suit myself to any development environment.

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