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Brooklyn, New York, United States
August 12, 2018

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Renzhentaxi Baerde

Brooklyn, New York


Education: Adelphi University Garden City, NY

BS, Computer Science, May 2018 GPA 3.9

Honors: Dean’s List

AP Scholar with distinction, 2015

Breaking Barriers “Hackathon” Winner, 2015

• Created a NYC public transportation trip planner to aid individuals with physical disabilities to use Google maps (taking accessibility into concern) Young Naturalist Award, 2013

Experience and Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School M anhattan, NY Projects: Data Science Scholar, J une-August 2018

• Selected as one of eight students (2% acceptance rate) to research topics in Data Science and Machine learning with leading scientists at Microsoft Research using R and Python

• Formulated real-world modelling and prediction tasks as optimization problems and compared methods in terms of practicality, efficacy and scalability

• Fit and evaluated such models with applications including spam filtering and recommendation systems

Phishing Rod B rooklyn, NY

Developer , Phishing Awareness Training web app, 2018

• Created a phishing awareness training web app powered by React, Spring Boot, Heroku and Sendgrid, in order to track whether users open a spoof email, whether they click on any links in the email, and then scoring them based on the data collected

• Designed the app to include a special editor that can make realistic spoof emails

• Enabled users with higher scores to receive emails less frequently Park Slope Senior Citizens Center B rooklyn, NY

Volunteer Technology Consultant, August-September 2014

• Helped seniors with technical problems such as troubleshooting laptops/cameras phones

• Taught seniors how to utilize technologies such as photo-editing Technical • F ront-end: React, JavaFX

Skills: • B uildTools: Webpack, Gradle, Maven

• Mobile: Nativescript (open source framework)

• Languages: Java, JavaScript (Typescript), Python3, C#, R, bash

• Database: Sqlite, H2, Postgres

• Back-end: Spring Boot, Hibernate

• Game: Unity

• Data Science: Tidyverse, ggplot, Leaflet

Languages: Fluent in Chinese

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