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Data Developer

Smyrna, Georgia, United States
August 14, 2018

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Database and Data Warehouse Analyst/Developer and Systems Engineer

Over twenty years in software life cycle management encompassing systems analysis, prototyping, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, re-engineering, and documentation for complex databases.

Over ten years in Data Warehouse design and development.

Very proficient in generating complex queries in SQL and PL/SQL procedures and packages, complex reports and data imports and extractions as well as performance tuning and troubleshooting data problems.

Skilled in database application development and data interface design and deployment.


Databases: ORACLE v6-12c, DB2, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, SQL Base

Languages/Shells: PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, UNIX/Linux shell (csh, ksh, sh, bash), Ruby, XML, JAVA, HTML, Pro*C, C, .net C#

Development Tools: SQL Developer, TOAD/SQL Navigation, external tables, SQL*Loader, SAP BusinessObjects, SAS, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, OWB, Informatica, Service Broker

Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, Windows, VAX (VMS)


2017-Present MMRH Transition/Wired 4 Health, Remote, FL

Integration Conversion Engineer

Data conversion integration & migration from health care clients to SentryDS Oracle system.

Analyzed, mapped and loaded different health care data from multiple sources and formats.

Created, reviewed and verified data mapping with ETL procedures and resolved incompatibility issues.

Tested and moved processes and data into production system. Reported verification of successful completion.

Created and maintained PL/SQL processes as well as data logical and physical models.

2016-2017 TransCore, Orlando, FL

ETL Data Migration Developer

Oracle Data migration from current SunPass and SunToll systems to new system.

Develop PL/SQL scripts and procedures for data migration efforts.

Designed and created verification and error logical and physical data models as well as staging and target tables.

Designed and developed processes and procedures for data verification and error management.

Reviewed and analyzed data mapping with ETL procedures and resolved incompatibility issues.

2014-2016 Raley’s, Sacramento, CA

Senior Systems Engineer – Data Warehouse Developer

Maintain and support Oracle Data Warehouse during migration to SAP.

Designed and developed processes and procedures for loading and extracting data between multiple databases and the data warehouse database.

Designed and created logical and physical data models in ErWin on new in-house and 3rd party projects.

Maintains data model dictionaries and integration of systems through database design. Take a lead role in the specification and application design phases of the development life cycle.

Contributes to project planning discussions, provide status updates for development progress and be a critical resource for issue resolution.

Participates in discussion with customers and peers to collect and analyze data requirements.

Lead root-cause analyses and communicate options for resolution and provide recommendations to problems.

Performs in data quality analysis / data profiling, to produce a data quality assessment (and baseline).

Review requirements and evaluate risks/benefits for a moderate to large impact project.

2013-2014 LA Care Health Plans, Los Angeles, CA

PL/SQL Developer

Analysis and development of processes and procedures for multiple Medical databases.

Designed and developed processes and procedures for loading and extracting data between multiple databases including data warehouse.

Assisted in analysis, re-design and development of Disease Management Application.

Created gap analysis documents converting ICD-9 medical codes to ICD-10 codes across all processes and procedures.

Analyzed and troubleshoot any data issues used for data processing and performance problems.

2010-2012 Avmed Health Plans, Miami, Florida

ETL and PL/SQL Developer

ETL data interface development with multiple external medical vendors and Amisys database.

Designed and developed PL/SQL processes for ETL loading of lab data from multiple medical vendors to database.

Loaded and retrieved heath care encounter data for the State of Florida keeping databases equivalent using PL/SQL packages and procedures.

Designed and developed PL/SQL processes for ETL loads into fact and dimension tables in data warehouse.

Analyzed and troubleshoot any data issues and performance problems.

2009-2010 NextEra Energy with Florida Power and Light, Juno Beach, Florida

ETL and PL/SQL Developer

Data interface development between multiple databases.

Designed and developed data interface between Energy Trading Deals Oracle database to Energy Credit Application SQL Server database using Oracle PL/SQL packages, procedure, Informatica and ErWin.

Analyzed, mapped and developed ETL PL/SQL procedures/packages for meter reads volume data received by various methods and formats from several sources into the financial Oracle database for Full Requirement Contract Invoices.

Worked any problems or issues with integration from development and test into production

2008-2009 First Data, Coral Springs, Florida

PL/SQL Developer/Data Architect

PL/SQL development reporting for Wal-Mart separation into multiple companies

Designed and developed PL/SQL processing for reporting as well as performance tuned SQL statements.

Analyzed and mapped data for reporting and corrected any problems or issues with integration into production.

2008 Cellnet+Hunt, Alpharetta, Georgia

Integration Analyst

Integrated Data Interfaces between Customer System and Automated Meter Data Application

Created gap analysis between the automated meter application and database interfaces and the customer systems

Integrated the data in multiple meter applications with the customer system and verify data integrity using PL/SQL.

Troubleshoot, analyzed and corrected any problems or issues with data integration on an UNIX system.

2007 Cox Communications, Alpharetta, Georgia

Senior Software Engineer

Maintained, Developed and Enhanced ServiceBroker Telephone Provisioning Applications

Designed and developed PL/SQL procedures and UNIX shell scripts to retrieved data for reporting processes.

Troubleshoot problems and corrected errors to many parts of the application as discovered through multiple sources.

Managed, designed and developed the Call History database enhancement as well as other enhancements for the ServiceBroker Workflow Telephone Provisioning.

2006 Georgia Department of Revenue, Atlanta, Georgia

PL/SQL Analyst/Developer

Developed Complex SQL and PL/SQL procedures for Compliance Applications

Designed and developed PL/SQL procedures and SQL views for the .NET #C Compliance Fi.Fa. Application.

Developed PL/SQL scripts to retrieve data from Open DOR repository database to the Compliance System/database.

Analyzed, designed and implemented the PL/SQL process for the delinquent Taxpayer Web List.

2006 Cingular, Alpharetta, Georgia

PL/SQL Analyst/Developer

Developed PL/SQL for Large Subscriber Account Replication Database

Designed, developed and performance tuned stored PL/SQL procedures to update multiple Oracle databases with data delivered from various sources via flat files, other databases, etc. using multiple ETL processes.

Helped develop architecture and implementation of data replication schemes and reconciliation processes with authoritative data sources. Generated reports for various groups

Developed UNIX and Oracle scripts to retrieve process data from multiple servers to a Dashboard Monitoring system.

2006 Healthways, Inc, Nashville, Tennessee

PL/SQL Analyst/Developer

Developed PL/SQL Data applications

Designed and implemented PL/SQL procedures creating an application infrastructure using a template and instance methodology as well as dynamic SQL. This data driven application manipulates incoming customer data with multiple data feed types and maintains an audit allowing for data validation including customized failure levels for individual customer modules. Used Informatica for the ETL data loads.

Researched, analyzed, designed and implemented the PL/SQL reporting process using an OLAP an approach to quickly provide answers for analytical queries.

2005- 2006 Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG), Somers, New York

SQL Analyst

Analysis and Redesign of SQL transfer from the Data Warehouse to reporting system

Analysis and redesign of DB2 SQL procedures generating aggregate data from the Data Warehouse for integration into reporting applications.

Redesigned and streamlined the UNIX shell script’s scheduled programs for batch processing of the SQL scripts to adapt to the new accounting calendar and eliminated previous hard coded implementations.

2005 Physicians Sales and Service (PSS), Jacksonville, Florida

PL/SQL Analyst/Developer

Developed Data Warehouse applications involving sales, leasing, billing and pricing data

Created, tested, and maintained PL/SQL procedures for applications and scheduled programs for batch processing.

Performed data modeling and mapping of information as well as trouble shooting data problems.

Populated Data Mart’s Fact and Dimension tables, including the creation of Dimension maintenance processes.

Used multiple ETL processes for transporting data into the Data Warehouse.

Performance tuning of Oracle scripts and procedures using different methods including Explain Plan.

Developed procedures for loading staged tables with a star schema data warehouse design using SQL Navigation.

2004- 2005 Jacobs Sverdrup,

Senior Software Engineer, Advanced Systems Group

Database expert consultant

Conducted database development and analysis in support of the Air Education Training Management System (AETMS) suite of systems, including the Joint Primary Aircraft System-Training Integration Management System, Technical Training Management System, Combat Crew Training Management System, Education Training Management System, and the AETC Decision Support System.

Provided IT engineering support for requirements analysis and modeling, development of numerous acquisition documents, and other plans for the AETMS and its subsystems

Created, tested, and maintained forms, reports, triggers and procedures for web and in-house applications.

2003- 2004 The Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic Atlanta, Georgia

Application Analyst Developer

Implemented Patient Database focused on worker’s compensation cases

Designed and implemented a custom Patient Database focused on tracking attorneys, case workers, insurance claims and other data necessary for processing and tracking patient episodes involving worker’s compensation.

Added functions to import data from Microsoft Word and Medisoft. Cleaned up the existing patient data (MPI).

Managed and worked with multiple users to test, train and integrate the redeveloped system into production.

Created and modified Access Forms applications for retrieval and reporting using Visual Basic.

1997- 2003 Lanier Worldwide, Atlanta, Georgia

Oracle Data Warehouse Systems Analyst Developer

Developed multiple Data Warehouse applications involving client billing, prospect, customer, sales leasing and pricing data

Created, tested, and maintained UNIX scripts, PL/SQL and SQR scripts, forms, reports, triggers and procedures for web applications, form applications, scheduled programs, and the Data Warehouse.

Managed multiple projects involving data warehouse implementation as well as delegating specific assignments utilizing multiple recourses.

Worked with the client to generate the specifications for the Data Warehouse application forms and reports. Designed, implemented and tested the forms and reports.

Created and Universes data marts from the data warehouse for BusinessObjects analysis and reporting.

Created and maintained forms and reports for a variety of applications using Developer 2000 and BusinessObjects.

Assisted with data modeling and mapping of information within the Data Warehouse. Created data marts and reports for specific divisions of the company. Performed data analysis and troubleshooting of the Data Warehouse.

Performance tuning of Oracle scripts and procedures using different methods including Explain Plan and TKPROF.

Responsible for loading, maintaining and retrieving Dun and Bradstreet prospect data. Worked directly with Dun and Bradstreet to resolve any issues in maintaining this information.

Used SQL*loader and links for loading, maintaining and retrieving Unix based Data Warehouse information from operational systems to multiple divisions within the company as well as other multiple ETL procedures

Migrated several Developer 2000 applications from version 5 to 6i and created new applications using version 6i.

Separated and exported Healthcare Data from the Data Warehouse when the healthcare division was sold.

Created and maintained Internet applications using Cold Fusion and HTML to store information in an Access database and an Oracle database.

Assisted with sizing, tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other DBA functions.

1997 Equifax, Atlanta, Georgia

Systems Analyst

Data Analysis for a Credit Retrieval Application within FBS Software Inc

Analyzed a credit retrieval system to be incorporated in a new development project.

Created an installation procedure for a UNIX based credit retrieval application.

1996- 1997 G.E Capital, Atlanta, Georgia

Systems Analyst

Data analysis and implementation of reports for a rental billing system

Performed the analysis and data modeling of a rental billing system in order to design the report processing.

Analyzed, designed and implemented new reports specified by the users using stored procedures.

Converted and verified existing reports to function with an enhanced, redesigned database.

1995- 1996 Equifax, Atlanta, Georgia

Systems Analyst

Analysis and implementation involving a National Motor Vehicle Reporting System

Identified and corrected problems in the National Motor Vehicle Reporting (MVR) System.

Team leader and liaison between client and programming team. Used a knowledge base system to assist with conversion of third party data into the production.Verifying data integrity and consistency between procedures.

Performed analysis, design and implementation of new customer enhancements.

Reformatted and imported data into the MVR from multiple data sources.

Maintained data integrity between test and production databases. Created stored triggers and procedures to monitor updates between the databases.

1995 Keane, Inc, Atlanta, Georgia


Analysis and implementation of a Material Services release process

Analyzed, redesigned, and implemented the release process of the Material Services (MS) system incorporated in the Technical Operations Publications System (TOPS) at Delta Airlines providing a more efficient process.

Corrected problems in the MS TOPS application as needed in the production environment.

Converted a transmittal process originally in the CMS system into the TOPS application.

1994 Community Health Computing (CHC), Atlanta, Georgia

Software Engineer

Analysis and implementation of a Patient Diagnosis Application

Assisted in analysis and design of a medical patient care system interfacing the diagnosis process.

Designed and developed an error and message system to be integrated in the medical care system.

Designed an in-house time sheet management system using ERWin and PowerBuilder.

1990- 1994 TYBRIN Corporation, Shalimar, Florida

Software Engineer, Programmer/Illustrator

Analysis and development of a Military Job Cost Accounting System

Participated in all aspects of software development for the Unit Cost Resource (UCR) system and the Job Order Cost Accounting System (JOCAS) including Capital Asset and Depreciation CSUs.

Created a prototype and demonstrated CSUs on a PC for Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews involving integration with the existing JOCAS system.

Assisted in development of Software Design Documents, Test Scripts and Reports, User’s Guide and Training Manuals.

Installed the application at eight bases with ten additional installations scheduled nationwide.

Participated in providing contractual support to Communications Computer Systems at Eglin Air Force Base.

Designed and assisted in the development of a publications management database using Hyper-card.

As an illustrator generated computer graphic illustrations, documentation layout, and technical writing.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude/3.8 GPA)

University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida, 1990

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Design

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, 1985

Professional Training Courses:

ORACLE Corporation: Performance Tuning Developing Complex Queries Administrator of ORACLE 7 Database

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