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Engineer Technician

Boulder, Colorado, United States
August 14, 2018

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Mark Meadors

Fanatical work ethic, combined with off the scale IQ. I love high tech everything, but especially electronics. Very skilled with computers, hardware (repair) and operation (prefer MS Office applications, but can use nearly anything). Read/Write BOM,CVS, Schematics, Blueprints, etc.

1000 Alpine

Boulder, CO 80303



NREL, Golden, CO Master Research Technician

April 1996 - August 2008

Tested wind turbines, PV, and hybrid systems to international standards. Calibrated test instruments to IEEE standards, accredited by A2LA in eight different tests, including: Power Performance, Strain, Reliability, and Safety and Function. Traveled all around the country helping manufactures debug prototype machines. Worked on 3.5 V inclusively up to 35kV systems. Employee of the year.

Particle Measuring Systems, Boulder, CO Sr. Tech.

Feb 1989 - October 1996

In charge of Product line (8 instruments) of aircraft mounted Particle Size Spectrometers. Recalibrated and repaired customer instruments. Tested and debugged analog, digital and power circuits to the component level. Designed, and built a FSSP300 to measure the ozone hole, working with NASA. This was also (at one point) going to go to Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Colorado Electro Optics, Boulder, CO Test Engineer

June 1986 - March 1989

Designed, built and repaired equipment to test the final product (home security systems.). Hired, and trained new employees. Saved the company money by streamlining training of new employees. Saved more money with improved testing software and hardware. Was sent to DOW Glue School and IBM PC repair school.


East West Center, Boulder, CO MA

Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine. Acupuncture, herbology, moxibustion, akabane, diet and exercise, massage, biorhythm, age progressions, etc.

Front Range Comm. College, Westminster, CO AS

Electricity and Electronics. Drafting (Autocad I-IV)

Kansas University, Lawrence, KS BA

East and West Philosophy degrees. more Chemistry

Garden City Comm. JR. College, Garden City, KS AS

Chemistry. Also studied Math, and physics.


FSSP 300 Particle Size Spectromoneter of SO2 crystals

Designed, built and debugged a SO2 Spectrometer to Nasa specifications, used for ozone hole measurement, also it was to go to Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Boulder, CO 80304



●Electricity & Electronics, Optics, Hydraulics, pneumatics, and lasers.

●Electrical, Electronic, and mechanical (etc) design and repair to component level.

●Mathlab, Labview

●Automatic insertion (VCD) and sequencer calibration and repair.

●Hi speed and hi gain Analog, Digital and Power Supply debug and repair at the component level

●Write assembly and test procedures.

●Operation and repair of DVM, Oscilloscopes, function generators, and logic/system analyzers.

●Quality control and quality assurance.

●Programming in PLC, Basic, machine code, & C.

●Rocky Mountain Employment Council Production Supervision training (all seminars).

●Glues, and Welding, brazing

●Surface mount and thru hole soldering.

●Clean room


●OSHA safety practices for all industrial aspects. NFPA 70E…

●Drafting, 3D drafting

●Large truck driving.

●Forklift operation

●Cherry Picker operation


Somewhat skilled in Spanish, Japanese and German

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