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Recent GMU Grad

Lorton, Virginia, United States
August 14, 2018

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Lorton, Virginia 22079



Looking for opportunities that will build upon education experience, and an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills leading to a career in Information Security. SKILLS

• Familiar Programming Languages – Java (preferred), Swift, Python, MySQL, HTML, and PHP.

• Computer Software – Microsoft Office products, Adobe products, Cisco AnyConnect, JGrasp, MySQL, Notepad++, Packet Tracer, Tunnelblick, VM Ware, Wireshark.

• Familiar Concepts – API, Asymmetric/Symmetric, Encryption/Decryption, Cloud, JSON, Object Oriented Design/Implementation, Risk Management, Security Vulnerabilities, and UML. TECHNICAL PROJECTS

• Senior Capstone – provided a solution for a business’s needs by developing their social media and creating an online order form for their clients.

Task Performed

• Researched both technical and marketing solutions. Solutions ranged from Search Engine Optimization, email lists, a syndicated social media program (Hootsuite) and web crawlers/bots.

• Analyzed implementation challenges such as time, training, finance, and sustainment.

• Created a development plan, which involved the project plan/milestones, risks, solution components, and breakdown of the testing, training and development phase.

• IT Security project examining and assessing the role of IT as a tool of warfare and defense. Each group was labeled a “country”, and our responsibilities were to protect the country’s information. Task Performed

• Changed the original login information provided by the professor for each member within the group, using terminal.

• Used a script to perform a brute force attack on the SSH, to retrieve the login information of other students that did not change their original passwords.

• Gathered information on other “countries“ by logging into the email accounts, as well as locking students out, and manipulating the information on “new sites”.

• Applied IT Programming - created web pages using HTML and PHP, and uploaded the files on the GMU server.

Task Performed

• Created a homepage that included information about myself, and also listed links to upcoming projects for the course.

• The projects ranged from, creating a GPA calculator, an appointment calendar, a contact directory, and a login page, which would store the information of users who logged in.

• Notepad to create HTML files, openPHP for PHP files, and MySQL to store the login info. 2

• Created security policies and plans to better understand their purpose. Task Performed

• Addressed relevant issues associated with the policies.

• Created well written polices that were easy to understand, while also using strong policy language.

• These policies ranged from a Bring Your Own Device policy to an Incident Response Plan.

• Mobile Development – Created two different apps using swift on Xcode. Task Performed

• Both apps were created using the basic fundamentals of swift.

• The first app was created using a single view template. It included different UI elements such as labels, buttons, images, sliders, and textboxes. This app is designed for users who want a workout plan for the day.

• The second app was created using a master detail template. The same elements as the previous app were used, along with the use of segues, table layout, and JSON Data (using a REST endpoint). The app is designed for people who wanted to know more information about characters from a particular game. There are 137 characters listed, and if a user clicks on one of the characters, they are presented with a second page that details information about that character. This information is not within the code, but comes from an online JSON API.

• Web Design and Multimedia – used adobe programs to create a website. Task Performed

• Used Photoshop to create a logo, Flash to create a commercial, and Dreamweaver to create a web-enabled multimedia site.


Applied Information Technology B.S (GPA 3.2) George Mason University AUGUST 2014 – MAY 2018

• Concentration in Security (Information Security Fundamentals, Information Defense Technologies, Information Security Principles, Data Application Security, Network Security).

• Minor in Criminology

General Studies A.S (GPA 3.8) Northern Virginia Community College AUGUST 2012 – [MAY 2014]

• Administration of Justice Certificate

• Activities and Societies: Phi Theta Kappa


Technician Assistant Connor’s Pest Control

JUNE 2016 – AUGUST 2016

• Provided Assistance to field technicians, both in the field and the office.

• Performed physical tasks and organized inventory. File Clerk State Farm

JUNE 2014 – AUGUST 2014

• Created and organized a database for their clientele.

• Entered paperwork into an electronic system either by data entry or by using optical scanners.

• Answered incoming phone calls and assisted customers with phone-based enquiries.

• Handled classified client information, either by storing the information or by shredding papers. File Clerk NextXAP - Integrating Businesses

JUNE 2009 – MAY 2011

• Created and organized invoices in Excel, and also sent invoices using QuickBooks.

• Organized a database, filled paperwork, and made calls out to clients/employees for information.

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