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Engineer Forklift Operator

DeRidder, Louisiana, United States
August 14, 2018

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Brittany Dailey

Switchman/G&W Railink

Pointe Coupee, LA


To obtain a career in a well established stable environment that offers an opportunity to enhance my skills and capabilities.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Rail Switchman

Genesse & Wyoming Rail Link - Livonia, LA

May 2018 to Present

Notifies engineer of switching orders and, whereby, which cars are to be moved to specified locations of yard, using radio, telephone, verbal or hand signals. Gives instructions to throw track switches and to couple and uncouple cars.

Maintains records, number, origin, destination, and cargo of cars switched. Document, add/remove seals. May coordinate activities of switching crew from locomotive cab, caboose, or control tower. Raises coupling lever to couple or uncouple cars.

Throws track switches to facilitate shunting of cars and signals Engineer to move cars, using lantern, arm signals or radio.

Climbs ladder to top of car, rides atop cars, and turns handwheel to set brakes or to control the speed of the car when it has been shunted.Ties handbrakes.Connects airhoses to cars when making up trains by bending and applying up to 35 pounds of force

Receiving/Freight associate

Home Depot - Baton Rouge, LA

January 2017 to May 2018

work overnight unloading and stocking merchandise while checking the quantity and quality of the merchandise. In addition, Receiving associates must enter information about incoming merchandise in to the store's computer system.

Broke Hauler/Hydropulper Operator

Georgia-Pacific - Zachary, LA

July 2012 to November 2016


Roll finishing department duties include keeping designated work area clean throughout shift to maintain an orderly and safe work environment.

Working as a team to meet and exceed safety, production, and quality goals. Operation of cascade forklift to empty paper broke dumpsters into hydropulper from the Fine Paper sheeters in converting for 12 rotating hours.

Ensuring and maintaining safety checklist on my fork truck before every shift. Transferring finished butt rolls to core stripper were cores are recycled and stored. Organizing final products for shipping and distribution. Operation of the Hydropulper which duties include clearing out plugs on the roof, pulping through cyclones and cutting down 7klb rolls of paper to dump onto puller belt.


Georgia Pacific is a great company to work for to become a leader in every aspect of work. Checks records on stock, material requirements and production schedules to determine adequacy of stock versus production requirements using SAP software for EMT safety team on assigned shift Skills Used

Driving, physical, and troubleshooting

Banbury Operator

Nan-Ya Plastics Corp of America - Batchelor, LA

April 2008 to December 2011


Responsibilities: Building rapport, qualifying buyers by understanding, interests and requirements of buyer, matching interests and requirements to various modules Maintaining great quality packaging, also keying in formula to produce assigned colored plastic of customers request.

Assisting co-workers with readiness for receiving product and quanity verification Working 12hour shifts overnight to complete stocking in warehouse Maintain a clean and safe work environment

Keying in formula to creating ordered size, weight, and embossing color material Operating banbury mixer, inserting pigment and PVC powder, also able to read buttons and emergency stops

Transferring recycle using palletjack up and down on elevators to assigned floors between mixing batches


Process Technology

Capital Area Technical College

September 2010


Forklift Operator, SAP software

Additional Information


• Skilled in several areas such as inventory control, order processing and data knowledge

• Ambitious, safety first, analyzing procedure careful

• Equipment trained

• Excellent quality service skills

• Efficient computer knowledge and software etc

• Operations of palletjack and forklift

• Able to lift up to 50lbs, hard worker, dependable

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