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Data Analyst

Oak Lawn, Illinois, 60453, United States
August 14, 2018

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Yolanta Vucic

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Oak Lawn IL *****

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I am a strong Analytical, Team-Oriented Healthcare Data Analyst professional with extensive experience in Healthcare statistical data analysis and Epidemiology. I am seeking a position where I can apply my programming and statistical knowledge gained through earning my MS in Statistics and reputable work history highlighted throughout my resume. I have experience applying statistical methods, building various log linear models, and modelling continuous & categorical data. In the position of Epidemiologist, I worked on the various SAS programming aspects of the statistical analysis of HIV/AIDS data. I also have instructed other epidemiologists on which statistical methods were the most appropriate for the type of the HIV/AIDS data stored in the City of Chicago Depository System.

As a Healthcare Data Analyst, I worked on Stratification utilizing SAS Statistical Software and Tableau Visualization Software utilizing Florida CMS Data and outputting the results from that analysis to an Excel Predefined Template and creating the trend line in Tableau to gain valuable insight. Additionally, I have substantial knowledge in applying the various multivariate statistical methods, expansive statistical modelling experience using SAS and sufficient knowledge in applying statistical methods in SPSS and Minitab.


M.S in Applied Statistics and B.S in Computer Science from DePaul University

Experience using the wide variety of statistical techniques including linear, multiple and multivariate regression, univariate analysis, multiple analysis of variance -MANOVA, principal component analysis, factor analysis, canonical correlation, discriminant analysis, nonparametric methods, clustering analysis, time series or forecasting analysis and general linear models

Proficiency in SAS, SPSS, MINITAB and MS Access programming while dealing with large data sets

Proficiency in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Fireworks MX, Home Site 5 as well as Adobe Photoshop while creating various logos for internet websites

Proficiency in Tableau while creating various interactive animated graphs and dashboard format presentations


CIGNA-Health Solutions, Chicago, IL

Informatics Specialist July 2017 – August 2017

Develops new and enhances existing compliance reports, financial and operational reports.

Extracts and validates membership data, claims data and care coordination data from various servers and databases.

Writes new SQL Queries in SQL Server 2012 as well as enhances the existing queries adequately to needs.

Compiles CMS Medicaid data by writing SQL queries and produces summary reports in Excel.

HCSC-HEALTH CARE SERVICE CORPORATION, Chicago, IL December 2014 - January 2017

Senior Business Solutions Consultant

Maintained and enhanced development of Value Based Care Project in Teradata and SAS Enterprise Guide

Coded and generated data sets for needed reports of Mede Analytics and performed UAT testing in Teradata

Wrote SQL Code in Teradata to validate reporting results between Cognos and Mede Analytics

Wrote Testing and Business Documentation in MS Excel for quality data checks validating reporting needs in Mede Analytics

Gathered and assessed business information needs and prepared system and data requirements for reporting modules in Mede Analytics

Performed regression analysis of various clinical measures by applying SAS Enterprise Guide

Validated reporting results of each ACO in MS Access on data between Mede Analytics and company data stored in Teradata database

Conducted quantitative analysis on company health management data sets to drive business decisions with data sets including pharmacy, claims, provider and member data

Wrote SAS Program transforming logic from MS Access Database for Media Analytics Reports for the purpose of the Quarterly Validation

Wrote SQL Code in Teradata to validate various Enhancements in UAT Environment to promote Code in Production


Healthcare Data Analyst/Biostatistician

Applied statistical models in the form of log linear models to data for both quantitative and qualitative analysis

Developed reports of statistical analysis, including information in the form of graphs, charts and tables by applying proc freq, proc tabulate and proc sql

Applied Proc Glimmix to quantitative and categorical data and output the results of statistical analysis from SAS Code to Excel in form of tables and graphs

Applied heavy macro programming in SAS to output statistical analysis to Excel, by year and each heart failure measure

Prepared data for processing by organizing information, checking for any inaccuracies, adjusting and weighting the raw data and ensuring the validity, applicability, efficiency and accuracy of all analysis

Identified relationships and trends in data, as well as any factors that could affect the results of research

Using predefined report templates in Excel, wrote SAS Data Steps, Macros and various procedures and created summarized patient or hospital discharge (Medicare) data sets on heart failure, stroke, immunizations and emergency visits

Wrote various SAS programs using Proc Genmod and Glimmix to analyze hospital discharge data and output statistical analysis in predefined Microsoft Excel tables

Wrote SAS programs using Proc SQL and data steps to download hospital discharge data from all hospitals in the country

Generated diagnostics and frequencies from hospital discharge data and output numbers to the predefined Excel tables from SAS Code

Prepared data of various measures in SAS and created in Tableau Software data animated graphs and dashboard format presentations including maps of U.S.A.

Wrote SAS Program on Heart Failure, Pneumonia and Acute Myocardial Infarction for all years including combined 6 years and output numbers of hospital involved, eligible patients for at least one measure as well as excluded from analysis into predefined Excel Templates

Worked with hospital provider data on Emergency Visit for AHRQ and calculated median of the median and percentages for each state throughout the country as well as national rate and outputted results from statistical analysis to Excel

Worked on Stratification utilizing SAS Statistical Software and Tableau Visualization Software of Florida data where volume was a dependent variable and Emergency Department Visit was an explanatory variable and output results from statistical analysis to Excel predefined table. Created trend line in Tableau

HEKTOEN INSTITUTE LLC, Chicago, IL January 2011 - June 2011


Wrote various statistical analysis programs using SAS on HIV/AIDS data. Manipulated HIV/AIDS lab results data and prepared various summary reports as well as graphs. Wrote various data dictionaries of HIV/AIDS data and applied various statistical tests as well as created various summaries using Proc Tabulate and Proc Freq in SAS.

Maintained various SAS programs that were changed based on City of Chicago data to show various statistical outcomes needed for meetings of TLC project

Wrote the various statistical reports summarizing TLC HIV/AIDS data for publications and regulatory submissions

Wrote various SAS programs summarizing incompleteness of data necessary to be looked up by the data collection team

Instructed other epidemiologists on applying various statistical techniques: regression analysis, CHISQ, CMH, Measures of association based on HIV/AIDS data available in City of Chicago System. Applied various SQL join techniques in SAS to join the data from multiple tables to prepare the summary reports

Explained statistical concepts and results based on data to other epidemiologists including various McNemar's, Fisher Exact, Cochran-ArmitageTrend tests applied to the binomial and ordinal data

Wrote various SAS programs finding statistical associations in HIV/AIDS data by applying: ordinal measures of association, Chi-Square, Mantel Cochran-Haenszel and Cochran-Armitage Trend tests for statistical association

Wrote SAS programs validating HIV/AIDS data as well as production plans presenting the actual outputs of variables and implementation of the new ways of improving data entry by the collection team

Revised various programs that included very sophisticated SAS macro programming by adequately changing them in order to produce summaries needed for the management meetings

Supervised one employee conducting a data entry of HIV/AIDS data

RESURRECTION HOSPITAL, Chicago, IL December 2009 - March 2010

Group System Analyst/Statistician

Performed case management analysis by generating graphical control charts on data from Case Management scorecard using Minitab and MS Excel. Performed statistical quality control of performance measurements using MINITAB.

Wrote executive summaries on the best practices for risk management and quality of data in Medical Records System

Using MS Access, performed physician profiles to determine best physicians based on Top MS DRGs as well as number of patients admitted for the specific DRG

Performed Spearman correlation analysis of Hospital Acquired Conditions data

Conducted regression analysis on the length of stay with predictors: patient age, hospital acquired condition and severity of illness.

CHILDREN’S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Chicago, IL May 2006 - November 2008

Data Manager/Statistician

Created plan to build SQL Server database captured Chicago Cohort Questionnaire Data related to the Food Allergy Study; Created an implementation of CAP-RAST data collection process designed to capture data in the most efficient way in terms of preparation for statistical analysis; Provided accurate data acquisition and furnished accurate data files with appropriately documented data dictionaries to statistical team.

Developed the program using Visual Basic.Net performing a comparison of the Skin Test data between two files to resolve inconsistencies in terms of verifying raw data as well as data changes conducted during the data entry process

Wrote appropriate programs using Visual Basic.Net software reading the Lung Function Data with the best value and three measurements from the text files and inputting data into MS Access Database capturing the data in the organized and efficient way in terms of its preparation for a statistical analysis

Applied Proc Glimmix procedure to find an influence of food allergies, age, gender and family history of asthma on asthma diagnosis as a response variable

Wrote SAS programs converting questionnaire data to the more appropriate formats using SAS Data import, Proc SQL and Data Steps.

Wrote programs performing a quality control review of lab data, gcrc data identifying out of range values and any data anomalies using SAS

Wrote the data specification dictionaries presenting coded values and their descriptions needed for performing preliminary data analysis

Applied Mantel Cochran-Haenszel test between severity of milk allergy, peanut allergy and eczema diagnosis to find a statistical association

Predicted statistical association between eczema diagnosis and skin test positive to one or more foods: Chi-square, Fisher Exact test, measures of association

Built logistic regression model with current asthma diagnosis as a response variable and number of foods a patient was allergic to based on stringent criteria used as an explanatory variable

Built log linear model with PROC GENMOD procedure with a response variable current asthma diagnosis and continuous age variable as an independent variable, and repeated subject family id

Applied GLIMMIX procedure to binomial eczema diagnosis response variable and gender, race, age and peanut severity code as predictable variables

Ensured the completeness, accuracy, reliability of the Electronic Medical Records data as well as codes and prepared that data for statistical analysis

Wrote SAS Macros converting data to the appropriate formats and outputting data to tables in SQL Server 2000 database using SAS/ACCESS to OLEDB

Conducted statistical analysis of the food allergy data using: Proc Mixed, Proc Glimmix procedures with the purpose of determining the number of patients with milk, soy, egg, etc., food allergies and reasons towards those allergies as well as the lung function data combined with food allergies having as random indicator Family participating in the food allergy study

Generated tables, graphs using proc freq, proc tabulate and graphical charts options to summarize graphically food allergy and lung function data as well as analyzed statistical lung function data

Wrote SAS program that analyzed statistical association between drugs coded as inhaled steroids and controller steroids and severity of asthma

Applied McNemar’s test for symmetry between patients with food allergy and food challenge to test the null hypothesis of marginal homogeneity

Supervised 3 Research Associates working on various aspects of food allergy data plus students during the summer time

Illinois CPA Society, Chicago, IL June 2003 - March 2006

Database Coordinator

Developed customized reports by extracting data and combining it from multiple sources

Assisted in determining and merging duplicate records in SQL Server database

Provided maintenance support for membership records in the information systems and fulfilled list requests from various departments in form of various ad-hoc reports using MS Access and performed letter mail merges

Developed and executed complex queries using MS Access

Developed various reports in SPSS software

Collaborated cross-functionally to develop the database marketing reporting capabilities

Gathered wide range of economic and financial data on domestic and international industry, and public accounting companies

Assured accuracy of content and established parameters by efficiently maintaining MS Access Welcome Stream database

Ensured completeness and high levels of accuracy by periodically analyzing data and reporting any discrepancies

Analyzed and interpreted data of Accounting Consultation Volunteers and prepared the statistical member retention and chapter demographic reports using MS Access and Excel software

Provided necessary data for the annual dues billing process resulting in higher accuracy and better payment cycle time by running various queries in SQL Server database

Created duplicate records reports using MS Access combined with Visual Basic programming

Analyzed data by applying various statistical methods with the purpose of determining factors that may have an influence on the retention rate of the existing members

Developed the conference attendee profiling ad-hoc reports to determine whether outside mailing lists were effective in getting members and non-members to register for 2004 conferences

Created various member segmentation reports predicting retention rates of the retained members


DePaul University – Chicago, IL

M.S. in Applied Statistics, GPA 3.62/4.0, June 2010

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Data Analysis/Database, GPA 3.69/4.0, June 2000

Member of Golden Key National Honor Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Member of American Statistical Association Chicago Chapter


Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Windows 7,10,11, Unix; Programming Languages: Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net, ASP, HTML

Database Systems: SQL, Access, SQL Server 2000/2005/2012, Teradata, SAS, SPSS, SPSS-Answer Tree 3.1,Minitab

Software Applications: MS Office 97/2000/2007/2010, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, QuickBooks, HomeSite 5, Adobe Photoshop

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