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Graphic Designer Design

Palmyra, Pennsylvania, United States
August 11, 2018

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Christopher Blue

*** ****** **** ******

Port Matilda, Pa


Professional Summary:

I am a cartoonist and freelance graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist, and writer.

I have created my own comic book series and brand that is currently on the market and selling well.

I have created an additional comic book series for a company interested in developing a comic as a marketing tool, with characters and story lines left to my creative discretion.

I have partnered with a variety of companies eager to produce tie-in products to the comic book series, and have attracted the interest of sponsors who help to support and promote the series/brand.

I have attended many events where I promote, advertise and sell the comics and related products as well as interact with customers, fans and interested companies.

Comic Book Series:

I have a business producing a comic book series on a quarterly basis throughout the year, staying in constant contact with printers and distributors, and producing marketing and advertising material that will help to sell the brand.

Comic book production involves writing story lines, creating characters, drawing, inking and coloring all characters, and design of book including covers and sponsored advertising.

Additional responsibilities include all accounting and financial functions for the comic business.

Freelance Projects:

I have been a consistent freelance artist, working closely with many companies and individuals in a variety of long and short-term freelance jobs. Some of these have been: producing comics, creating logos, producing creative syllabus designs for Penn State University classes and professors, designing ad campaigns, T- shirt designs, book covers, tattoos, brochures, business cards, illustrations for magazines, as well as designing text layout. All projects have been completed on a timely basis, and to the full satisfaction of the clients.


Degree of Bachelor of Arts, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA - - 2011

Academic major: Graphic Design

Relevant Courses: Illustration, Creative Writing, and Animation

Special Skills:

Cartooning and character design;

Digital and non-digital illustration;

Print layout design;

Logos and T-shirt design;

Competent in the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator suites;

Book cover design;

Creative writing;

Producing advertising and marketing campaigns;



Since my graduation from the Art Institute, I have produced and created my own moderately successful comic book series. I have built a brand and a business around this brand, due to the positive response of my target audience and sponsors. I did this on my own, and will bring this same initiative, energy, and artistic vision to other projects.

My contact information

Phone – (814) 574 – 5550

Email –

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