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Engineer Software

Suwanee, Georgia, United States
August 10, 2018

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Joe Briggs

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SUMMARY: Software engineer with extensive embedded Linux experience.

HIGHLIGHTS: Linux/RTOS systems. C/C++, RDK, YOCTO, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, MPEG, MP4, JPEG/JPEG-2000, AJAX, Bash, PHP, Python, jQuery, PostgreSQL, TCP/IP, threads, device drivers, NAS, RAID, LXC containers, Buildroot/Busybox, Agile/Scrum development. Broadcom & Intel BSP. ARM, MIPS. Some PIC32, RaspberryPi. MC68K, x86, 8051 assembly.

December 2017-Present: Contract/Consulting Engineer, Landis+Gyr, Alpharetta GA.

Designed and developed web-UI for embedded, Linux-based ARM multi-mode network gateway. Used Buildroot/Busybox to manage kernel and application features in a TFS environment. Created several C-language Bash built-ins to accelerate scripting performance.

December 2017-March-2018: Contract/Consulting: LOFA Industries, Roswell GA

Short-term/Part time project to port FreeRTOS CANBUS application to Linux ARM target. Extracted key application from common-memory RTOS and adapted to Linux IPC, scheduling, timers, pthreads, logging, shared memory, and CANBUS API’s.

October 2007 – November 2017: Principle Software Engineer,

Motorola Mobility, Lawrenceville, GA

(Transitioned to Arris after 2014 acquisition)

Developed embedded Linux software for ARM & MIPS based consumer appliances.

Analyzed new customer DOCSIS/wifi/router requirement to existing RDKB stack and created differential work and feature matrix. Familiar with Jira & CLM integrated work flow and bug tracking. Product security team lead to schedule workload into Agile sprints and manage daily team development activity on full HTML/Javascript/PHP GUI, command-line diagnostics, and tr69/SNMP data mode. Performed bug fixes, new features, and refactors. Designed PHP and PHP-extension solutions to add SJCL encryption, mitigate XSS and other intrusions and vulnerabilities. Worked with Broadcom and Intel BSP teams identifying and resolving source distribution and vendor-proprietary software issues. Wrote/modified/extended DHCP, DNS, iptables, Lighttpd, FastCGI, and integrated 3rd-party/opensource to RDKB recipe and patch environment. Experienced in GIT/Gerrit/Jenkins/Jirra development and lifecycle management tools. Used Buildroot/Busybox/OpenWRT to configure, build, and maintain BSP and custom ARM target. Conduct security audit for final product approvals. Wrote BASH/PHP/SQL scripts for database analysis, 3rd-party software scanning, and misc tools. 4-year member of Open Source/Software Pedigree audit team. Converted embedded Linux applications and services to run in LXC containers to limit errant programs from contaminating or controlling the host environment.

Design, debug, and maintain high-reliability embedded Linux C/C++ software for consumer cable set-top-boxes. Specified, designed, and coded time-shift buffering DVR on top of OMFS sparse file system. Implemented OCAP native layer on Linux target. Daily participation in performance and bug scrums. Triage team member assigned, analyzed, prioritized, and fixed bugs. Wrote web-based internal AJAX tools for Agile/Scrum project management and test data analysis. Wrote MP2-transport stream demux module for video stream analysis and parsing of section and private data.

Misc: PIC/PIC32 firmware, prototyping, proof-of-concept, bring-up and debug using MPLAB IDE. Use of o-scope & common lab equipment.

October 2004 – September 2007: Contract Engineer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington MA

Designed, coded, and deployed ultra-high-resolution digital video surveillance, storage, and image analysis system. Multi-sensor image array captured and JPEG-2000-compressed images that were software-stitched together to form single ultra-high resolution virtual imagery from which interpolation and projections could be performed to identify and track objects of interest. Designed and coded multi-threaded TCP/IP network API to access, index, anneal, process, and stream imagery into storage and analysis phases. Design implemented on 96-blade Linux cluster. ERSA – part of team to integrate remote-controlled traffic cameras with FAA radar feed to track and visually monitor commercial aircraft against their recorded flight plans. Used FFMPEG libraries and BTTV capture CODECS with in-house UDP streaming technology to capture, stream, store, and monitor flights. Configured and used MPEG-2 and H264 codecs to encode, stream, and decode, and analyze video data. Designed diagnostics and control GUI using SDL over GTK/OpenGL. Coded optical Camera-Link interface to capture, store, and pre-process high-resolution JPEG data. Ported 3rd-party JPEG-2000 libraries to Linux.

April 1995 – October 2003: Self-employed Consultant/Integrator – Briggs Media Systems LLC

Specialized in networked media and storage distribution for video-on-demand and video surveillance systems on Linux COTS hardware. Designed MP3 Music-On-Demand system for major hotel in-room entertainment provider. Designed high-performance C/C++ based web-services AJAX framework on top of Apache/PostgreSQL platform to provide generic web-based services control. Designed 64-channel high-performance NTSC video capture, motion-detection, MPEG compression, recording, and retrieval system. Provided a user-agent-keyed server-side scaling for hand-held/portable live video monitors which reduced the CPU & memory requirements of the viewing device. Designed digital recording, storage, archive, and playout system for small television stations such as Community Access, and provided an advanced schedule-by-timeslot web-based GUI. Design included advanced content management and automatically down-converted to web formats and uploaded to web-streaming host sites. Architected hight-performance RAID storage servers with NAS access. Designed remotely-managed ad-campaign analysis system that used four BTTV tuners to read a downloaded program schedule and tune to a channel, transcode to high-compression MP4, and upload to a central repository for analysis. Designed and coded high-capacity/high-performance multi-channel RAID server implementing target-side Qlogic fiber-channel SCSI target driver under Linux in C. 12-months contract work porting embedded web browsers to various RTOS clients.

February 1994 March 1996: Field Engineer, Microware Systems Corporation, Des Moines IA

Supported customer integration of OS/9 embedded real-time operating system including its advanced Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder (DAVID) product targeted to the emerging digital satellite and cable television industry. Attended trade shows. Assisted on sales calls. Conducted training classes. Stayed on-site to assist in customer installation and porting.

February 1991 – January 1994: Systems Engineer, DEKA R&D Corporation, Manchester NH

Part of team to design, test, qualify, and deploy advanced in-home peritoneal dialysis technology. Named in patent for design of advanced acoustic sensor and technique to use DMA-driven memory-pattern as a way to implement a scanning acoustical absorption spectrometer for small-volume measurement and impurity detection.

1990 – 1991: Software Engineer, Convex Computer Corporation, Richardson TX. Designed and coded diagnostics and control software for robotic tape library interface. Wrote high-performance multi-channel ESDI disk controller firmware in C/ASM for departmental workstation.

1987 – 1989: Embedded Systems Engineer, Raytheon Electro-Optics Lab, Bedford MA. Designed hardware and embedded OS/9 software for 68020-based motor controller and IR optics. Coded in Motorola 68000 assembly language.

1987: B.S. Engineering Physics, University of Massachusetts, Boston

1976 – 1982: US Navy. GSM1. 2-years Navy Service School to maintain shipboard gas turbine propulsion and auxiliary control systems.


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