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Data Sql Server

Ames, Iowa, United States
August 10, 2018

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Shukun Peter Tan

Ames, IA *****

Tele: ***- ***-*271(cell) ● Email:

BI Architect/Sr. SQL Server DBA/Data Warehouse Developer

IT professional with 20 years of experience and specialize in Business Intelligence, SQL programming and database engineering. Efficient, creative, and resourceful professional who is able to translate business requirements into actionable business intelligence solutions. Developed numerous business-critical management and operational reports. Created a formal procedure for Business Intelligence projects which included a step-by-step process for requirements gathering, documentation, scope definition, communication plans, development, user acceptance, change management and planning for future versions. Created Universes, Dashboards & Business Views to streamline information and create greater access to information. Created and maintained documentation related to Business Intelligence projects. Planned, tracked and provided status reports on Business Intelligence projects. Provided and implemented recommendations on best practices regarding Business intelligence. Established intuitive reporting methodologies, including ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Ensured that Business Intelligence knowledge is shared throughout the enterprise.


Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

(Upgraded to SQL Server 2012)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

CompTIA Security +


SQL Server


Stored Procedures

Dada Modeling

Data Warehouse







.Net 3.0


Data Mart



Data Performance



Full-text search


Failover Cluster


Power BI


BI Architect. Design application interface to meet business requirement, and build co-related query to reflect the action between the application and human being. SQL Azure environment.

Data transmission and integration by ETL process with DTS and SSIS between different data platforms and data formats, such as DB2, Oracle, Access, Excel, text file, etc.

Design and enhance business reports by MS Reporting Services, CTE, MDX, Stored Procedures and MS Visual Studio. Report server administration. Excel Pivot table by pulling cube with Power BI.

Experience with Cub, SSAS. Design query and MDX to analyze data with Data Warehouse or Data Mart. Apply complicated business rule and data calculation. Matrix and graphic chart.

Use multiple tools to monitor and troubleshooting database issues may be related with different elements. Create solution to optimize database performance.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Restore encrypted data files to different SQL Server.

Failover clustering. Deep understanding on SQL Server clustering environment configuration.

Full-text search with index service. Developing environment setting and programming to generate system metadata. Build document searching application by Microsoft Reporting Services.

Datawarehouse architecture. Denormalizes tables to be dimensional data in Star schema and Snowflake schema.

Accomplished the Data Mart for the OLAP which was a $1MM’s project for The Home Depot, Inc.

Experience with all areas of SQL server for each DBA’s positions. Designed business data in logical and physical modeling; table normalizes in RDBMS; Perform database disaster recovery by back up and restore. Data audits and data running performance are managed by SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, and Windows monitor.

.NET Framework 3.0, CSS. UI design with Multi. Column lay out. User Controls and N’sides control. Data linking with X path in XML Web Service and Dataset apply with Stored Procedures. ADO data connection. Form authorization. SharePoint administration and development.

Make project plan. Architecture design and implementing strategy. Provide consolation information to management on technique solution, software and equipment.


22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (Contract with DLI) Monterey CA

Database/BI Architect 5/17 to 12/17

• Data Modeling: reconciling multiple databases to be related Data warehouse.

• Programing: Design Stored Procedure to insert data into the database with primary key and

foreign key. Design API to pull data from data cloud.

• Consulting: Provide implementing solution and Technique opinion to management team on high

level project requirements.

Loyalty Lane, Inc. Atlanta GA

Sr. DBA/BI Architect/Data Warehouse Developer 11/13 to 12/17

Data Modeling: Create relational database for retail raw data. Physical design with primary key and foreign key. Design DataWarehouse with Fact tables and Dimensional tables.

BI Architect: Design application interface to meet business requirement, and build co-related query to reflect the action between the application and human being with retail data.

ETL Process: Build ETL included TSQL, PLSQL, and SSIS package to transfer large size of

data from MySQL, Excel, and CSV file to MS SQL, with Slowly Change function.

DataWarehouse: Design star schema for cubes. Create cube with SSAS.

Data Analysis: Design high level SSRS report by CTE and MDX. Create Excel Pivot table by pulling data from cube with Power BI, Pivot Query.

Administration: Database backup and restore, SQL server agent and jobs execution plan. Database security control. System performance with index, partition and environment clean. Set up Cloud environment with Window Azure. Running the special query against Hadoop.

Avery Partner Inc. Atlanta GA

Sr. SQL DBA/Developer 04/15 to 07/15

Data Modeling: Collected data from different sources. Reorganized and consolidated data in a

cloud environment with Azure for ERP systems.

Administration: backup and restore. Cleaning up transaction log, removing duplicate and

checking accuracy on data.

Data Report: Complicated scripts with CTE, Stored Procedure and functions. Big data running


Lockheed Martin Corporation Atlanta GA

Database Administrator 02/14 to 02/15

Data Replication: Setup data publisher and subscriber to disturber data between environments.

Administration: Database application maintaining; data import and deleting.

Dashboard and Report: CTE for complicated data join and Hierarchical relation to dig in.

The Goal, Inc. (Contract with CSC) Radford VA

Database Administrator 02/13 to 05/13

Administration: Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Back up and restore encrypted data files to different SQL Servers. Troubleshooting database issues and clean database to optimize database performance for large size of database.

Support: Suggest the technical teams to use right tools to find the SAN related database issue.

Provide professional option to configure SQL Server failover cluster environment and installation with SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012.

Research Analysis and Maintenance, Inc. Ft. Leavenworth KS

Senior SQL DBA 10/12 to 12/12

Administration: Tuning SQL server hardware resources and programming coding. Optimal database and application performance with MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

Support: Troubleshooting database issues for large application. Apply complicated business rules

by serial stored procedures and functions.

BAE Systems Ft. Leavenworth KS

Database Engineer/Database Manager 10/11 to 9/12

Architecture: Design entire decision support system with Microsoft technology. Setting and

apply technique standard on each developing phase. Provide project presentation.

Modeling: Data architecture for Cloud Database. Logical and physical modeling on data which can be process by SSAS.

Database Development: TSQL, ETL process (SSIS), SSRS. Full-text search with index. Data analysis with cube, matrix as a BI role.

Programming: Full-text search with index service. Setting developing and programming environment to generate system metadata. Build document searching application by Microsoft Reporting Services.

Server Administration: Perform job function for Data Center Administration; Maintain Cluster environment; Server tune up to enhance system performance with MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

SWBC San Antonio TX

Senior SQL DBA/Architect/BI 7/11 to 10/11

Data Modeling: Datawarehouse architecture with star schema for building cube, matrix.

Systems Design: SQL server architecture with SAN and RAID 5 for stage, product, develop and testing environments.

Production DBA: Database security, data performance, data replication with MS SQL Server 2008 R2. Perform database disaster recovery by back up and restore.

Smart IT (Contract with Humana Military) Louisville KY

Senior SQL DBA 2/11 to 5/11

Data Mining: DB2, Oracle, and SQL server environments. ETL process with SSIS, Informatics.

Migration: Convert DTS packages to SSIS packages with MS SQL Server 2000 and 2008 R2.

Development: Design new SSIS packages to implement the business solutions.

Normalization: Complicated query for mainframe database clean.

Consulting: Technique opinion on SQL server installation, administration, and standards on database developments.

Thermopylae Sciences and Technology Arlington VA

Database Engineer/BI Developer 10/09 to 12/10

Database Model: Participation in designing related database architecture. Dataflow diagram and data query with Oracle.

Reporting: PLSQL. RDL, XML for complicated finance report design. Setting security environment for report server.

Data Analyze: Finding the best solution to present and analysis the finance information and business mode to clients.

Ad Hoc Report: Build ad hoc report models. Training user for build report.

Documentation: Writing business document for project implementation.

General Dynamic Sierra Vista AZ

SQL DBA/BI Developer 4/09 to 10/09

ETL process: Create and modify SSIS packages to convert and transfer data from outside of MS SQL server 2008 R2 with Cursor and configuration file.

Data modeling: Dataflow diagram for data logical modeling. Snowflake schema

Replication: Data copy distributed by transaction log from developing environment to testing environment. Perform database disaster recovery by back up and restore.

Reporting: Stored Procedures. TSQL. RDL, XML for customizes report design.

Data Analyze: Create cubes and dimensions with SSAS.


SQL DBA/Developer 7/08 to 12/08

Reporting: Stored Procedures. TSQL. RDL, XML for customizes report design. Administration for MS Reporting Services. Enhance existing reports. SSAS.

Database: SQL 2005/2008. SSIS. Design query to apply complicated business rule and data calculation by stored procedure. Temp Table. Data Warehouse. Data converting and clean up.

Analyze: Finance data analysis to meet business management’s requirements on report’s design.


SQL DBA/Data Warehouse Programmer 2/08 to 7/08

Reporting: Online report with TSQL, Stored Procedures, MS Reporting Service (SSRS)

Database: Data transmission by SSIS. Data Market. Data analyze with cube (SSAS).

Achievement: Provide consolation to management on solution, software, and equipment.


ASP.NET Developer/DBA 5/07 to 12/07

Program:.NET Framework3.0, CSS. UI design with Multi. Column lay out. User Controls and N’sides control. Data linking with X path in XML Web Service. Ajax, Silverlight.

Platform: Visual Studio 2005, Source Safe, XML Web Service and SQL/DB2 environment.

Database: DB2, SQL 2005. SSIS, TSQL, database maintenance for software design purpose.


SQL DBA/Data Warehouse Developer/BI 5/06 to 4/07

ETL Process: Data transmission between DB2 and SQL servers by DTS, SSIS.

Data Warehouse: Design OLAP to apply business rule and data calculation.

Database: Database improvement with index turning, denormalization. Database performances by NT monitor, SQL profiler. Temp Table.

Analyze: Finance data analysis with (SSAS), Cognos.

Upgrading: Data server’s upgrading from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Data applications merge.

Achievement: Successful to build the critical component for a 1 million project which was tried by other groups.


Kennesaw State University, Information Systems, Atlanta GA(1999 – 2000)

Georgia State University, Computer Sciences, Atlanta, GA (1998 – 1999)

Cleveland State University, Computer Sciences, Cleveland, OH (1993 – 1997)

City University of New York, Computer Sciences, NY, NY (1988 – 1993)

Jiangxi University, BA/Law, Nanchang, P. R. China (1983 – 1987)

Career training for MCDBA (SQL) through WIA program of Georgia State, Atlanta GA (2004 – 2005)

Advance training for MS Access 2000 and Excel, Atlanta GA (2003)

Professional training for Win 2000 (Server/Workstation), Atlanta GA (2002)

Extensive training in Sun Programmer of the Java 2 Platform, Atlanta GA (2000)

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