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Web Developer Engineer

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
August 10, 2018

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Ana Carolina


Full Stack Web


Personal Info


San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA





My website





Advanced coding knowledge of

WordPress, themes and plugins

development and customization.

Web application development using

PHP, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Relational databases - design and

maintenance, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Front end Framework - Foundation,

pages, emails or newsletters

UX, UI design for mobile websites

and in-house software

Web analytics - SEO, analytics, email

marketing, conversion rate and


Image manipulation software - like

GIMP and Inkscape

Full Stack Web Developer with Digital Marketing skills with 8+ years of experience coding, building, analyzing and maintaining web applications. Flexible, can work in a fast paced environment and handle multiple projects at same time. Self-starter, detail oriented and able to work independently.


2012 -


WordPress Engineer


Startup focused on providing creative solutions for the web market, using exclusively Free Software.


* Developed customized themes for clients websites, since the prototype to the post delivery care.

* PHP development centered around WordPress, including adjustment to templates and improvements in plugins.

* Designed of databases schemes to adapt client's demands, mostly done in MySQL.

* Compiled and analyzed data to make improvements focused on conversion and analytics.


* I was able to identify problems in the development process, propose and implement solutions to fix them.

* Part of the team that focusing in Web Analytics was able to increase the sales in 42% for one of the clients in 6 months.

2013-11 -


Content Officer


Configr builds a PaaS that aims to be the easiest way to manage and deploy your applications on your own private cloud.


* Wrote, reviewed and published content in Social Media.

* Wrote product's official documentation (internal and external) used by customers.

* Wrote website content in Brazilian Portuguese and English. Achivements

* Documentation 100% translated for both languages.

* i18n support across the platform.

2009-10 -


Web Developer

Pastoral da Criança

Pastoral da Criança (Pastoral Care for Children), is a non-profit association that belongs to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil. Responsabilities

* Project Manager and Team Leader.

* Interface between clients and developers to set goals, define specifications and plan roadmaps.

* Database administration using PostgreSQL with PostGIS.

* Created a set of stored procedures to extract data from the geographic database.

Linux user, Debian, since 2005

Version Control System - like git,

github or SVN

SASS and Javascript task runner - like

Grunt or Gulp

* The main project was a PHP application using PostgreSQL database heavily using PostGIS (Geo-processing extension), but our team was also responsible for the internal ERP.


* Created support material/ course for internal training in the software and web applications developed by the engineering team.

*Build a geospatial index where we kept geographic data obtained from our own ERP and the Brazilian Census data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, that enabled us to cross information creating a Business Intelligence tool to enable the institution to make better business decisions.

2001-12 -


Software Engineer

Serviço Social Autônomo PARANACIDADE, IT

Non-profit arm of the Urban Development Secretary of the Paraná State in Brazil, responsible to execute activities and services related to regional development, and also administer financial funds to invest in the urban development of the state's cities. It was a small team and because of the specific niche that the company operated, at the time there was no ERP to meet their needs, so they built their own.


* System analysis, design and coding to build the ERP.

* Process documentation.

* System documentation.

* Support and training for system users.


* Developed many tools, but mostly the institution financial system and integration with the Brazilian banking system.

* 100% of documentation online and accessible to all employees.

* Implementation of the company's intranet using Free Software. Education

1996-08 -


SPEI, Information Systems and Data Processing,


2008-01 -


UFPR, Network Administration, extension

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