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Mainframe Developer

Wayne, New Jersey, 07470, United States
August 10, 2018

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WAYNE, NJ 07470

Tel: 973-***-****


Mainframe development of various business applications including brokerage, insurance, medical claims processing, payroll, human resources, and retail.

Heavy user interface, functional and technical design experience, skilled with

problem resolution and project implementation using business experience combined with technical expertise.

Technical experience includes COBOL, JCL, CICS and DB2

HARDWARE: IBM 3090, 370/158, AS400, System 34, 36; Wang VS;

IBM-compatible PCs


OS/390, OS/MVS, Cobol 1 thru Cobol 5, DB2, BMC Utilities, Data Studio, Rapid SQL, CICS, VSAM, CA7, Easytrieve, Websphere/MQ Series, TSO, Changeman, Endevor, Librarian, Proedit, Spufi, QMF, EDI, Expediter, Intertest, Fileaid, Filemaster, Utilities (including Syncsort), Smart TS,ICE tools; TMON

PC: MS Word, EXCEL, Revolve 2000, MicroFocus Cobol 2/Workbench, Enterprise Workbench, XGEN Xide

Windows 10/8/Vista/XP/2000/NT/98/95/3.1,FrontPage, HTML, OS2, DOS command


Jan 2017 – Present Bank of America, Jersey City, NJ

Consultant Matlen Silver Group

COBOL5 compiler testing and timely discrepancy resolutions

Solved production backlog issues for various systems including Trades Processing, Error Allocation and Asset Services.

Among tools used: File Manager, IBM debugger and utilities.

Agile methodology used for tracking projects.

Aug 2014 – Nov 2016 Prudential Insurance, Roseland, NJ

Consultant Tata Consultancy Services

Developed stored procedures, new menus and functionalities for agencies database compensation system to maintain relationship hierarchies among agents, brokers and solicitors;

Implemented Heir relationships processing for deceased agents

Provided web access for prudential advisor offices.

Rapid SQL, Data Studio, SPUFI and Platinum for analysis and testing of highly complex SQL.

Mar 2013 - Mar 2014 Prudential Insurance, Newark, NJ

Consultant Contech Systems

Analyzed COBOL stored procedures, programs and JCL to determine impact from DB2 tables requiring reorganization or obsolescence due to upgrade of PeopleSoft

Modified SQL where appropriate including multiple table joins and case logic to conform to revised DB2 tables

Modified COBOL programs and JCL when data impacted reports, file lengths or messaging through email

Utilized Data Studio software to test stored procedures and SQL modifications

Transmitted revised data via Cyberfusion or Excel spreadsheets for user sign off

Nov 2012 - March 2013 Express Scripts, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Consultant Collabera/IBM Consulting

Production support for processing pharmacy claims through the legacy systems of Medco Health Services which had been acquired by Express Scripts.

Updated issues log with problems and pending solutions; also tracked status

Provided analysis for issues relating to pharmacy claims rejecting or not being paid properly due to inconsistencies with pharmacy or customer details between the databases of both companies.

Implemented solutions utilizing SQL to correct databases, Cobol/CICS for modifying programs, INTERTEST for CICS, Teradata for analysis and testing.

Mar 2010 - October 2012 United Health Group, Basking Ridge, NJ

Consultant Contech Systems

Developed real time processing modules in COBOL which were called from both batch and online to consolidate and reformat claims information, send to the centralized pricing platform via MQ series, and return pricing information back to the calling application after the appropriate DB2 tables were updated. XML mapping was developed for tagging the varied data for claims transactions.

Composed technical specifications to develop DB2 stored procedures for Inquiry and Update functionality depending on the requirements passed from various screen programs to allow sharing and synchronization of data between COSMOS and NDB systems.

Developed DB2 stored procedures to retrieve from and update databases across regions to allow users to test contract modifications for various sites in a separate region before applying updates to the production environment. Composed technical specs for team.

Develop new CICS modules including data entry screens to interface with a centralized processing platform in order to incorporate rules and policies of claims processing for a new client looking to cut processing costs.

Developed COBOL programs and co-developed a claims repository tracking system to monitor HIPAA 835 and 837 transactions between the company and the Louisiana Medicare processing center.

Sep 2006 – Mar 2010 Medco Health Services, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Consultant Galaxe Solutions

Impact analysis for Eligibility Systems, using Smart TS for implementing new HIPAA regulations and converting prior authorizations database from VSAM to DB2.

For Prior Authorizations system, converted database from VSAM to DB2 and authored specifications for building the new server programs and changing existing modules where feasible.

Enhanced performance of online server program to access Eligibility DB2 tables for client reporting with more efficient utilization of the index columns.

Developed new enrollment databases for retiree drug subsidies pertaining to Medicare D reimbursements.

Designed update and inquiry servers to process the transactions originating from the web and interfacing with other systems requiring validation of coverage.

Utilized COBOL for CICS and batch, DB2, and Platinum utility for verifying DB2 information. Also utilized Easytrieve for quick file conversions, testing and transmissions of client data within tight deadlines.

For Financial Systems, designed fee analysis program to produce audit reports for different fee categories, and showing any differences between scheduled fees and amounts billed.

Analysis and coding to resolve discrepancies between quantities billed to contracts within carriers and the details summarized on the invoice database. Heavy emphasis on DB2 with Case structure. Used Teradata queries to verify test results.

Apr 2006 – Sep 2006 UBS Financial Services, Jersey City, NJ

Consultant Galen Technology Solutions

Programming, analysis and testing of new job streams and programs to incorporate Piper Jaffrey system into corporate processing. Heavy use of utilities, COBOL, JCL, and DB2 for testing and ad hoc reports.

Jan 2005 – March 2006 United Health Group, Basking Ridge, NJ

Senior Developer

Implemented standards of excellence designations for qualifying physicians utilizing COBOL, DB2 and CICS to feed various business users and facilitate customers’ selection of the most qualified physicians through web access. Provided online maintenance to nightly batch rejections for resubmission and developed CICS programs and screens to make available the newer information from expanding databases.

May - Dec 2004 Medco Health Services, Montvale NJ

Consultant Titan Computer Services

For Explanation of Benefits project performed analysis, coding and technical specs for implementing dynamic, personalized ERISA messaging with variable data on benefit statements. Tasks also included adding new DB2 tables and modifying existing ones for new index structure, converting user requirements into logical rules for determining the appropriate messaging and implementing smart text processing for fitting messages in the space available on the statements.

Oct 2003 – Apr 2004 UPS, Ramsey, NJ

Consultant InSys Consulting

Implemented payroll re-architecture for mechanizing manual processes that had developed since original program implementation due to entitlement rule changes at various locations. Utilized Cobol 2 and DB2 for both batch and online programs and screens.

Interfaced with users and wrote common module for validating and reformatting all types of numeric data input through CICS screens, precluding the need for multiple modules.

Sep 2003 UPS, Morristown, NJ

Consultant InSys Consulting.

Business analysis for implementing system to interface with U.S. Customs to comply with regulations involving electronic transmission of pre-departure data for shipments crossing U.S. borders.

Presented documentation of requirements and workflows for discussion with the various user groups for feasibility and for presentation to Corporate for approval.

Jan 2002- Aug 2003 KPMG, Montvale, NJ

Consultant Pierce Technology Corp

Implemented annual requirements of the Partner Tax System for the IRS, state and local tax jurisdictions on behalf of all partners.

Coordinated data processing between MS Access and mainframe databases for reporting requirements

Provided PC support for security software and problem resolution.

Oct 99 - Dec 01 Merck-Medco, Montvale NJ

Consultant Matrix Information Consulting

For Eligibility system, implemented HIPPA requirements, installed new online server and calls to prescription DB2 Database for matching claims/update forms.

Production support for daily, weekly, cycle processing.

Implemented daily cycle process due to substantial increase of data to streamline processing, reduce abends and simplify restarts in the event of abends.

Used CA7 for production support.

Analysis for converting VSAM files and processing to DB2 for implementation described above.

Apr 98 – Sep99 A & P, Montvale, NJ

Consultant Tiffany Computer Systems

Developed in-house store shelf tag system to eliminate outsourcing costs

Implemented Y2K modifications into various retail systems

Converted programs to Cobol II taking advantage of the new features

Viatest and Fileaid for testing mostly VSAM files in batch and CICS programs.

Suggested purchase of Fileaid since there were no utilities for VSAM testing

Aug 97 – Apr 98 KPMG/Peat Marwick, Montvale, NJ

Consultant Pierce Technology Corp

Oversaw Year 2000 Compliance for human resource and partner information systems.

Utilized Micro Focus Revolve / Revolve 2000 software for analysis and spec writing, coding, unit and system testing as well as providing technical support for programming and user staff.

Modifications included both field expansions and windowing techniques for applications using COBOL, COBOL 2, DB2 and CICS.

Mar 96 – Aug 97 Coach, Carlstadt, NJ

Consultant Galaxy Systems

Implemented Perpetual Inventory System including a new DB2 database for capturing daily EDI transactions to summarize weekly activity by sku.

Production support for EDI interfaces, Inventory, Manufacturing and Retail using DB2, Cobol 2 and CICS.

Jul 94 – Mar 96 United Parcel Service, Morristown, NJ

Consultant Trecom Business Systems

Implemented 1Z tracking number enhancements for international shipments tracking system utilizing DB2, Cobol 2 and CICS. Duties included programming, analysis, design, code reviews.

Provided programming/analysis for AS400 interface with mainframe, maintained and supported various applications including providing technical support for team members using test and user acceptance areas.

1976 – 1993 Pfizer Inc., New York, NY

Position Project Analyst (7/92-4/93)

Maintain and enhance Accounts Payable, Travel, Pharmaceutical Sales tracking and Portfolio batch Systems residing in the IBM MVS and VM environments.

Designed a Business Recovery Plan for Accounts Payable using Micro Focus COBOL 2 / Workbench Software to run on the PC.

Upgraded the Corporate Travel System to interface with the DB2 Personnel database and with the Payroll area via VM transactions, to eliminate duplicate

data entry.

Migrated the Portfolio Management System to the PC using Micro Focus Cobol software.

Position: Senior Programmer Analyst (6/88-7/92)

Implemented multiple company processing capabilities for Corporate Accounts Payable which resulted in the obsolescence of job streams run for the various subsidiaries.

Enhanced Accounts Payable System to allow check processing on the PC laser printer to reduce Operations charges from MIS. Allowed the option of using the mainframe printers as a backup procedure.

Position: Programmer Analyst (6/85-6/88)

Migration of the Shareholders System from the mainframe to the PC using Micro Focus Cobol.

Feasibility study of the IBM File Transfer Program with Technical Services personnel from various locations within the SNA network and co-authored a technical user guide.

Positions: Jr. And Associate Programmer (1/80-6/85)

Implemented 401K provisions for the Corporate Savings and Investment Plan.

Maintenance of Savings Plan, Payroll, Personnel and Manufacturing Systems.

Responsible for annual processing of personalized benefits booklets distributed to all employees.

NON-IT EXPERIENCE: Pfizer Inc. (1976-1980 )

Position: Payroll/Accounting Supervisor (3/78/-12/80)

Implemented the Payroll accounting system interface with McCormick & Dodge General Ledger software;

Coordinated activities among payroll and MIS areas, Trained and supervised personnel;

Prepared quarterly taxes and statistical reporting to Corporate Officers and government agencies.

Position: Savings Plan Control Administrator (6/76-11/77)

Processed savings plan transactions

Enforced Corporate policies

Calculated monthly unit values of the investment funds

Prepared reports to Corporate Officers.

EDUCATION: Queens College

Flushing, NY

BA Accounting 1976

REFERENCES: Furnished upon request.

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