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Developer Help Desk

El Monte, California, United States
August 10, 2018

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Fabio Morciano

Mobile: +1-424-***-****


Skype: morciano.fabio

Career Summary

I am an I.T. professional who holds extensive experience in programming and generic software support. The advantage on having had so many different working experiences and temporary contracts allowed me to combine my main profile (ILE-RPG AS400 Developer) with other skills learnt over the years. I developed suitable solutions at work using Java (as backend side), PHP as frontend side (with parts written in Javascript\Jquery), Qlikview as Business Intelligence tool and MySql as database. I used Java even to support ILE-RPG AS400 programs. I am currently looking to secure a challenging position within the I.T. industry, where I will be able to apply my current knowledge as well as further develop my skills and experience. Areas of Expertise

• RPG – ILE RPG/AS400 Developer/Operator

• Qlikview Developer/Qlikview server management

• (Junior) Java Developer – PHP – Javascript - Jquery

• SQL400 - MySql

• Microsoft Office 2016 – Customization through VBA knowledge.

• Basic Networking knowledge

• Active Directory knowledge

• Technical Support (Hardware/Software)


2008 Certificate IV in English for Further Study

Institution: Holmesglen (TAFE) – Chadstone – VIC (Australia) 2008 Sun Java Programmer Certified

Institution: Prometric Centre – Milan (Italy)

2007 Formation course on Java/J2EE and .NET applications development Institution: EMIT Feltrinelli – Milan (Italy)

2000 Formation course on RPG/ILE-RPG AS400 Programmer Institution: I.A.L. Lombardia - Milan (Italy)

1999 Information Technology Diploma

Institution: I.T.I.S. Cartesio – Milan (Italy)

Work Experience

Sep 2016 – Jan 2018 Company: Eurospin

ILE RPG Programmer

• Software development:

I developed and maintained new and existing applications and I used Java to fully support the company’s needs. I used service programs to communicate with a web service using JSON files. I developed a simple company’s intranet using HTML/CCS/PHP and MySQL.

I used powershell and vba to fulfill other company projects. Mar 2015 – Sep 2016 Company: S2E (Software House)

ILE RPG Programmer \ Qlikview Developer

• Software development:

- ACI client (automotive company): I worked for a new internal project using RPG IV, ILE RPG, CLLE and both AS400 tables (to be read from other systems) and files. I created service programs to interact with a remote web services through XML files communication using Skott Clement third party libraries.

- Bank “Popolare” client: I maintained existing Qlikview dashboard updated in line with the bank requirements. May 2014 – Mar 2015 Company: Medbank (Bank)

Qlikview Developer

• Dashboard development:

I analyzed the bank requirements with the support of my supervisor and developed the whole back-end side of a new project which consisted on an overview of bank’s trade. I mainly used Qlikview as ETL tool to extract and load data from a MySQL database. Every table has been created with a specific structure to fully match the front-end layout.

May 2013 – May 2014 Company: ENI (Accenture)

Qlikview Developer

• Software development:

I developed and maintained new and existing Qlikview dashboards (back-end/front-end side) with the assistance of my supervisor who collected company requirements for me. I even added new functionalities to existing dashboards using

“set analysis” to better customize the way how to display pivots and charts.

I learnt the use of the “qlikview extensions” as tool to improve the dashboard functionality.

Jan 2012 – May 2013 Company: Casa Editrice Universo (Publishing house) RPG/ILE RPG Programmer – Qlikview Developer

• Software development:

I developed and maintained new and existing applications using mainly ILE RPG language.

I used Qlikview to extract data from AS400’s DB and I developed a dashboard to analyze company’s trend.

• Generic Help Desk to support users for every I.T. request May 2009 – Dec 2011 Company: RANCILIO S.P.A. (Coffee machine field) RPG/ILE RPG Programmer – Help Desk

• Software development:

I developed and maintained new and existing applications using RPG IV and ILE RPG.

• Generic Help Desk to support users for every I.T. request Jan 2007 – May 2007 Company: TECNO S.P.A. (Real estate) AS400 Operator / Help Desk

• I gave my support to solve a variety of users issues such as:

- Printing issues (new printer configuration on servers and for clients, management of technical assistance for hardware problems)

- Operative systems client reinstallation

- Network configuration for newly re-installed clients

- Users’ permission management from server

• AS400 Operator

Daily checks of procedures completed in overnight processing. Guaranteeing the regularity of job queues and minimising backlog caused by crashes.

Scheduling overnight processing.

Feb 2006 – Jan 2007 Company: FAREN S.P.A. (Chemical) RPG/ILE-RPG Programmer

• Software design and development

I developed new applications in RPG or ILE/RPG at the request of the company’s different branches.

I solved problems in RPG or ILE/RPG programs which related to program coding. Through the debug tool I located the bug and made the appropriate changes.

• Customer assistance

I solved customers’ accounts problems including:

- Altering and deleting invalid invoices and entries manipulating all the required files

- Guaranteeing the regularity of job queues and

minimising backlog caused by crashes

- Providing assistance in inputting correct data into programs in order to produce suppliers’ orders,

invoices and printing programs.

Sep 2001 – Jan 2006 Company: GIANNI VERSACE S.P.A. (Textile) RPG/ILE RPG Programmer – AS400 Operator - Help Desk

• Software design and development

I analysed and developed new RPG programs to accommodate users’ requests.

Every program was a customization of the existing programs of the GEICO package.

I resolved jobs which had crashed, arranging every record of the related files through SQL, DFU tools and creating new CLP programs.

I scheduled overnight backups of important files so that complete files and programs were restored when needed.

• Managing print queues, devices, job activities and general checks of system’s performance.

• Managing the email system and ensuring the appropriate level of anti- virus protection was in place.

• I guaranteed the mail box backup and allowed or denied the permissions of every user through the creation of agents in Lotus Notes Server.

• Lotus Notes clients\server configuration.

• Optimum trouble shooting and problem solving abilities developed. When I faced a problem which I didn’t know how to manage I made reference to the IBM or Microsoft web-sites.

• Creating photographic catalogues through Spool Office package

• Repairing computer’s internal broken components. I replaced faulty and non functional internal components of the computer.

• Backup of data through ARCServe 2000

• I checked and managed the internet traffic through Win Gate tool Jun 2000 – Nov 2000 Company: I.C.L. ITALIA

Visual Basic Programmer

• Managing programs for transactions between POS and central processing unit in the supermarket’s networks


Keep abreast of any IT technology and develop my own softwares Follow my favorite motogp/rally race drivers

Play sport

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