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Technician Assistant

Britton, Michigan, 49229, United States
August 12, 2018

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Stacy D. Haller, H.T, A.S.C.P.

Certification # **653

**** ***** ***

Britton, MI 49229

Cell 734-***-****


•Histology professional with over 20 years of experience in the scientific

collection, testing, analysis and quality control of production samples.

•Adept in detecting, diagnosing and contributing to the resolution of flaws and

impediments in the production of histological samples.

•Consistently adhere to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) as well as safety

protocols, producing results that are accurate, safe and compliant with all

regulatory standards.

•Held progressive management positions within most employment history


Promedica Toledo Hospital

2142 N Cove Blvd Toledo, OH 43606

Certified Histology Technician 7/6/15 to present

Embed, section and stain tissue samples for high volume lab. Performs complex and

simplex testing on patient tissue to further distinguish the best course of treatment for the

best outcome.

Experimur 4045 South Morgan Street Chicago, IL 60609


Contract Consulting Histology Technician 6/14-11/14 again 4/2015 to


Collection and grossing of necropsy material for toxicology studies. Adhered to

GLP and SOP's during all stages of tissue sampling. Processed all required material for

reporting needs to Sponsors, FDA/EPA and other governing agencies.


•Recognized as a committed and proficient model employee.

•Participated in project, sponsor, study director and QC meetings.

•Set up project materials needed to complete study.

•Grossed/Trimmed necropsy tissue.

•Processed, embedded, microtomed, stained and QC'd all necropsy tissue.

•All tissue types

•Worked proficiently for optimal outcome, while under rigid time-lines for reporting


•Maintained all histological equipment utilized, necessary for optimal results.

St. Joseph Mercy Health System 5333 McAuley Dr, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Lead Histology Technician 6/2005-5/2014

Oversaw and participated in daily production and distribution of patient biopsies.

Maintained and operated all histological equipment necessary to execute proficient and

accurate findings. Outcomes:

•Ability to work with design engineers on an entirely new LEAN laboratory from

beginning to end.

•Delighted to be a part of a CAP inspection with no citations or recommendations.

•Expansion of managerial knowledge.

•Scheduled and divided daily workload to best fit the needs of laboratory operation.

•Held daily huddles (communication) with staff for the direction and needs of the


•Routinely attended staff meetings with all upper managerial staff.

•Ordered all histological material and equipment needed.

•Maintained all records of equipment, inventory and staffing for all requiring


•Ability to detect and/or repair minor technical issues with equipment operation.

•Adhered to GLP and wrote SOP's within the guidelines of all governing agencies;


•Extensive training in all of the following fields; MOH's, IMP and IMF staining.

Pinkus Dermatopathology 1314 North Macomb St. Monroe,

MI 48161 734-***-****

Histology Technician 11/2004-6/2005

Collection and grossing of dermatology specimens in accordance with ISO 900

requirements. Participated in the production of dermatology specimens from tissue to

slides. Outcomes:

•Expansion of grossing ability, knowledge and effective technique.

•Proficiently work in high volume and diversified dynamic setting.

•Flexibility to perform numerous functions and roles within the laboratory.

•Utilized for extensive knowledge on varying types of special stains and

extraordinary testing.

Veterans Administration Health System

2215 Fuller Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105

734-***-**** ext. 5153

Lead Histology Technician 1994-2004

Assigning and coordinating work details for daily operations of the Histology,

Cytology and Autopsy departments. Outcomes:

•Responsible for ordering supplies for all three departments.

•Reception and triage for all three departments.

•Maintained and operated varying types of histological, cytological and autopsy suite

equipment and instruments.

•Operated reclamation equipment for hazardous waste reagents within accordance to

EPA guidelines.

•Developed skill set for writing and maintaining SOP's and adhering to GLP's.

•Acquired presentation skills while assisting in the preparation of Tumor board,

Morbidity and mortality conferences; by ensuring that all presentation material such

as photo's of anatomic organs, slides and ex rays were ready for uploading and

generating a power point presentation.

•Instrumental role assisting in the training of rotational Pathology residents in the

Histology, Cytology and Autopsy departments.

•Developed a new special stain that reduced the overall staining time but also

eliminated the use of a hazardous chemical within the process.

Veterans Administration Health System

2215 Fuller Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105

734-***-**** ext. 5153

Diener (Autopsy assistant) 1993-1994

As a Diener, primary function: Assist a staff Pathologist with post postmortem

examinations and dissections. Maintain and stock autopsy suite. Other functions; assist the

hematology laboratory by performing preoperative bleeding times and serve as the

laboratory assistant to the Histology Laboratory. Outcomes:

•Grandfathered into the Histology Laboratory

•Pursued certification as a Histology Technician

•Acquired a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the intricacies of a Pathology

Laboratory and the many departments that support the term Pathology.

University of Michigan, Pulmonary Research

2215 Fuller Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105

734-***-**** ext. 7979

Part-time Research Histology Technician 1995-2002

Receipt of grossed necropsy samples for processing, microtomy, special and routine

staining from numerous investigators for research and development. Outcomes:

•Embraced and honed skill set of the histology field.

•Enjoyed being a part of something on the cutting edge (no pun intended).

•Experienced proficiency through repetition.

•Thrived on meeting challenging deadlines.

•Acknowledgment for the expansion and diverseness of the Research and

Development world.


1985-1989 Tucker Co. High School

Hambleton, WV 26269


4 years of general studies

1985-1989 Arch A. Moore, Jr. Career Center

Hambleton, WV 26269


4 years of secretarial studies

2 year of trade skill in autobody

Throughout the course of years as a Histology professional, I have

attended numerous seminars and workshops pertaining to the Histology



Sherri Young, Histology Supervisor

David Sadler, M.D. SJMHS (retired) staff Pathologist


Sally Krist HT, ASCP

2042 Rose Arbor Dr.

Toledo, OH 43614


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