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CIO - Global IT Operations - Director of Technology

Gilroy, California, United States
August 12, 2018

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E R W I N A. A L B I Z U

*** ***** ***** *****, ******, CA 95037 • 408-***-**** • Global IT Operations & Enterprise System Development Boosting ROI and Delivering Infrastructure Innovations Hands-On Technology Leadership Raising the Bar on Market Viability, Competitiveness and Client Solutions Strategic Planning

Dynamic and effective entrepreneurial leader with strong managerial, technical, client relationship, and interpersonal skills; experience in interacting with all levels of executives.

I am a senior IT Executive with proven ability to deliver complex concurrent multi-million dollar solutions and projects on time and on budget.

Results-oriented with strategic organization & operational outlook with 28+ years of experience delivering complex multi-million dollar enterprise solutions.

Extremely strong in building and leading nationwide and internationally cross-functional & cross-divisional teams from engineers to professional services teams. Skillful in rapid adjust of the organizations in response to changing business condition. Rock solid reputation for creating highly efficient, motivated, sustainable & happy teams.

Business solutions expert skilled in identifying, analyzing & emulating client business processes/request and translating them into product requirement definitions; market, technology, and competitive research & analysis, business plan preparation, product launches

Excellent communication, presentation, motivation and training skills. A perfect liaison between end users/clients and network engineers effective in establishing relations and facilitating project definitions and communications between program stakeholders.

Deep passion for innovation and new, non-trivial ideas.

Conceptualize and implement processes, systems, and reporting initiatives to track metrics that deliver scalability and reliability across risk management, security, policy development, enterprise development and strategic planning and implementation.

Partner with senior executive management and recognized as an innovative leader with a successful track record of communicating goals, mitigating risks, resolving QA issues and successfully navigating tactical challenges organization-wide.


Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer Certified Telecommunications Engineer Certified Project Management Six Sigma KEY LEADERSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS

28 Years of Technology Experience

Enthusiastic & Experienced Leader

Proven Team Builder & Motivator

Results-Driven & Service-Oriented

Inspiring and Managing IT


Driving companywide IT Strategic


Global Wan & LAN Design &


Application Solutions Development

Business Process Improvements

Efficient & Cost-Effective Solutions

On-Time/On-Budget IT Project


ERP, WMS, CRM Strategies

Solution Oriented Business Planner

System Design & Architecture

Customer-Based Technology


Substantiating IT Solutions in all


Data Security & Systems Fail Safe-


Advocating/Educating Technology

as a Solution


Director of Technology June 2016 - Present

PRO*ACT Monterey, CA

Overseeing all aspects of Global IT Operations, including nation-wide IT Infrastructure, Applications, and Operating systems, Telecommunications, Network Management and Systems Support.

Directing IT Infrastructure and Applications to ensure consistent, reliability, security, cost-efficiency, and flexibility, while continuously championing present and future IT initiatives to compete more vigorously and more profitably in a constantly changing and demanding marketplace.

Preventing IT risks from unsafe access, data integrity problems, lack of processing, and poor service.

Designing and implementing Big Data as part of the core structure of Pro*Act and its distributors, utilizing Analytics as the primary Business Intelligent Tool.

Delivering IT innovations to support service, transparency, and growing sales nationwide. PAGE 2

Innovating and implementing targeted e-services solutions within a global architecture.

Establishing a Business Continuity Plan guaranteeing operations of all business essential functions, systems, and processes to ensure business continuity throughout the IT lifecycle.

Ensuring the optimum processing of all systems 24/7 including failover systems.

Evaluating all company-wide ERP, CRM, PLM and WMS systems to meet new business strategies and to reduce cost. Aligning enterprise goals with ERP and CRM functionality.

Designing, installing and documenting all IT systems, architecture upgrades, and software modifications, creating standards to maintain, upgrade, and release new revisions of all systems. Achievements:

Successfully executing a Business Continuity plan in 4 months.

Implementing Analytics as a new Business Intelligent solution for all business units as the analytical tool for the visualization of Big Data.

Replaced the existing CRM package with a CRM that is efficient and cost-effective for the business, aligning sales goals with customer sales data tracking.

Developing a Contract Management System to expedite large-scale contracts with national clients.

Creating the Big Data project as a major building block to ensure the Pro*Act future.

Increasing sales by 10% and the savings on purchasing by 13% in the first 6 months.

Streamlining the network infrastructure to improve efficiencies and to create business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Designing, developing and implementing a Food Safety Management documentation system to maintain a high food standard throughout the network.

Director of Technology / C.I.O. June 2006 – June 2016 GreenLeaf Brisbane, CA

Maximizing technology operations through effective collaboration with company President and Senior Leadership team to promote and educate personnel in the company-wide strategic direction across every business unit.

In charge of supervising, hiring, firing, training and motivating Technical Specialists and technical subcontractors for special projects to streamline hardware/software systems operation, technical documentation and troubleshooting throughout the full technology life cycle.

Ensuring the optimum processing of all systems 24/7, including failover systems.

Continuously upgrading all company-wide ERP, CRM, PLM and WMS systems to meet company and market objectives.

Securing company data, hardware, and software with a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Designing, installing and documenting all IT systems, architecture upgrades and software modifications.

Ensuring long-term, 24/7 business continuity and disaster recovery with replication of mission-critical data and applications.

Negotiating RFPs, bids, contracts, and agreements with vendors for continuous System Operations & Maintenance.


Ensuring yearly, on-time budget compliance for all network, software and online upgrades.

Significantly reducing trouble ticket response times, resulting in maximized company performance.

Key projects include: Core Systems Implementation/Administration, Online Ordering System Integration

(Website), Microsoft Dynamics Warehouse Management System with voice picking, Paperless Client Services Implementation / New Greenleaf Warehouse Conversion (Planning & Implementation) Network Operations Director October 2001 – May 2006 Economic & Social Opportunities San Jose, CA

Directing technology & network operations for a community center, resulting in optimum performance

Training students in computer software, enhancing their overall technical skills. Achievements:

Designing, developing and deploying new network infrastructure (LAN & WAN) featuring new business applications and wireless/web-based technologies as well as increasing security.

Establishing electronic policies & procedures to support network operations.

Managing multi-site network and telecommunications services.

Reducing costs through skilled and effective vendor negotiation.

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