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Data Entry Quality

Compton, California, United States
August 12, 2018

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George Murphy

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Objective: A Chemist/Chemical Laboratory Technician position utilizing my skills


**/**-***rent QC Chemist (Sherwin Incorporated) South Gate, CA

Color Matching using Beer Lambert Law this method is used to determine the absorption wave length

Fluorescent Brightness, Water Tolerance, Sensitivity, Removability, Specific Gravity, Density,

Ion Chromatography System Model 1500 Software Chromeleon (Anion/ Cation)

Ph. Meter Karl Fischer Auto Traitor, Layering, Cloud Point, Boiling Point

Calibrations on a monthly basis of Thermometer, Kinematic Viscometer, Spectrophotometer,

Analytical Balance, Photofluormeter, Timers, Flashpoint, Compiles with GMP and GLP guidelines

In charge of the QC Laboratory

Work in close collaboration with the different departments of the company while working


NDT/ Liquid Dyes, Developer, Cleaner Removers, Parr Oxygen Bombing 1108p

Cecil CE 2041 Aurous 2000 Series

10/03-04/05 RD Chemist/QC Chemist (Valspar) Gardena, CA

Perfor basic and routine technician duties including preparation of samples

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Color Matching, Batch Making, Inspection of Products

12/02-10/03 RD Chemist (Acrylic Products Inc. ) Tucson, AZ

Assisted in Developing Formulation and process Improvement for Adhesive, and Polymers/Acrylics

Performed test Investigations and Validated Formulations

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Performed Color Matching, Cleaned Glassware, Maintained Records, and performed Data Entry

03/01-11/02 RD Chemist (Valspar via (Lab Support) Gardena, CA

Batch Making, Research Laboratory, Work with Gel Coats

Color Matching, Calibration of Equipment, Inspection of Products, Apply Practical Record keeping

01/00-12/00 QC Chemist ( Eastman via (Kelly Scientific Resources ) Orange, CA

Conducted Chemical and Physical Laboratory tests of Solid Materials

Analyzed test data for Research, Product Development, Quality Control

Worked with Polymers, Resin, and Coatings

Demonstrated consistent record of Raw Materials and Products

Set up Laboratory Equipment and Instrumentation required for tests, Research

10/95-12/99 Chemical Technician ( LA County Sanitation via ( Lab Support ) Carson CA

Change Gas Cylinder and Collected Gas Samples

Inspected Products as needed, cleaned Laboratory, Maintained Inventory

Applied Practical Laboratory Techniques and Record Keeping

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

03/95-09/95 Chemist (Mile Laboratory via (Olsten Temporary) Pittsburgh, Pa

Mixed dyes and Chemicals for use in dying products such as pulp

Weighed Quantities of Powders/Liquid Dyes from Chemicals formula sheet

Performed Color Matching, Cleaned Glassware, Maintained Records, and Performed data entry


01/00-06/00 Communities in School of South Bay Carson, CA

Certified M/S Suite 97

09/93-12/94 Bidwell Training Center Pittsburgh, Pa

Certified Chemical Laboratory Technician

09/92-09/93 Urban League of Pittsburgh, Pa

Certified Accounting

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