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DC/DC power converters, DC/AC inverters, high power magnetics

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
August 12, 2018

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Naga Babu Koganti 419-***-****, CAREER SUMMARY

Graduated in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with focus on Advanced Power Electronics & Sustainable Energy, Power Systems and three years of research experience in power delivery, with skills in MATLAB, Simulink, SaberRD, PSpice, Eagle, and AUTOCAD. Seeking for full-time opportunities from Spring 2018. AREA OF EXPERTISE

• Behavioral and analytical circuit modeling (simulation studies) of Wide bandgap devices (SiC & GaN) (FET, IGBT).

• Design, modeling, testing and verification of power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, AC motor drives

(DTC, FOC), high power magnetics, and battery charging systems.

• Proficiency in advanced power conversion topologies (fly-back, full-bridge, PFC, LLC) and control schemes

• Hands on experience over variety of standard lab instruments and troubleshooting (Keysight, National instruments).

• Proficient in System stability & Reliability, thermal and EMI filtering analysis and design of PCB schematics. EDUCATION

• MS in advanced power electronics in electrical engineering from University of Toledo (graduated, Summer 2018).

• Bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering from Acharya Nagarjuna university, India (May 2012). RESEARCH PROJECTS

• Effects of control FET gate resistance on false turn-on in synchronous buck converters (GaN devices) [thesis topic] o Study of false turn-on behavior using analytical circuit and behavioral modeling. o The model can then be used to predict amount of false turn-on as a function of control FET gate resistance with mathematical equation.

Analyzing tools: MATLAB, SaberRD, Eagle CAD

• Improved analytical model to predict voltage overshoot in normally off GaN devices (Double pulse tester) [thesis topic] o Investigation of gate to source voltage overshoot and ringing phenomena in GaN devices based on change in external gate resistance and propose a metric to track the overshoot proportion as a function of gate resistance. Analyzing tools: MATLAB, SaberRD, Eagle CAD

• Harmonic elimination using multilevel inverter and its application in static VAR compensator o Elimination of harmonics in an inverter using multilevel topology. o It reduces the devices stress (dv/dt) and can be used in STATCOM application to control the reactive power. Analyzing tools: Simulink, Keil C


• Teaching Assistant (AC-DC machines lab course) at University of Toledo (Fall 2016 to Spring 2018).

• Lab designing (Installation of state of the art electrical modular machines and designing lab course) (Summer 2017).

• Teaching assistant (Circuit theory course), (Summer 2016). PUBLICATIONS

• N.Koganti, S.Dhakal, R.Kini, P.Damacharla, R.Khanna, NAECON 2018.

• M.Hontz, A.Barchowsky, J.Kozak, N.Koganti, W.Stanchina, G.Reed, Z.H.Mao, R.Khanna, JESTPE – 2017 (Under Review). SKILL SET

Tools: MATLAB Simulink SaberRD Pspice

Programming languages: C C++ HTML script

Methodologies: Numerical analysis Artificial neural networks State space analysis CAD: EagleCAD AutoCAD

Packages: MS office suite

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