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Software Developer Engineer

Beverly Hills, California, United States
August 12, 2018

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Software Analysis, Design, Architecture, Implementation and testing Software engineer with eleven years of extensive experience as a software developer designing and developing software systems including web application, windows application, web site, web service and console application. Experience with both Microsoft and LAMP environments. Comprehensive expertise in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), including system analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, support and documentation. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JAVA, Python, Perl, C#, C, Visual Basic, Bash, Pascal Web Technologies: Apache Tomcat, Maven, Ajax, JSON, REST, Swagger,, HTML, XML, CSS Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Triggers, Views Platforms: Linux (Red Hat/CentOS), Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 R2, Unix Paradigms: Object Oriented, Declarative, Procedural, and Functional Programming Tools/IDE’s: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, TortoiseSVN, Selenium, phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, MS Visual SourceSafe, Jenkins, Bugzilla, Testlink, Crystal Reports, SoapUI, JIRA PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND

MOJIX INC, Los Angeles, CA Jan 2015 – June 2018

Software Developer 2016– 2018

Developed Linux based web application and JAVA drivers designed to configure Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) units, GPIO and sensor devices. Environment: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JAVA/JEE, REST, MySQL, Eclipse, SVN, Linux, Bash, Perl, CSS.

• Participated in the implementation and changing the architecture of all the software modules in order to migrate from deprecated Gconf and use the database instead.

• Modified the backup restore process of the application (written in Python) following the re-architecting and migration from Gconf.

• Enhanced capabilities of the web pages, including adding the ability to control the number of reports on the UI and providing regular expression search filters.

• Implemented a context menu to provide a list of discovered RFID readers in the network and automatically configure them in the system using jQuery dialog widget and Material CSS.

• Developed jQuery modules to consume RESTful web services using JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON and REST.

• Implemented Restful Web Services using JEE technologies to provide information about the physically plugged antennas, GPIO and sensor devices to RFID readers to be consumed by the UI.

• Implemented Antenna Discovery mechanism that automatically populates connected antennas in the UI page based on a REST response.

• Implemented context Menu for easy access to control buttons such as export, stop and start reading tags and showing ALE Reports on growing web pages of the application.

• Implemented the migration of PHP5 to PHP7 of all the software modules.

• Implemented a Windows application to provide a connection to the Mojix WSDL in order to receive ALE reports using C# and HTTP Listener.

• Implemented a Python script to gather all the auxiliary rpms to be consumed by Upgrade Install process. SEPIDEH SADIGHIAN

• Debugged and developed JAVA drivers of the RFID readers to fix the issue with Returning to Previous Running State on Reboot.

• Implemented some Business Rules to filter ALE reports based on the Business Logic, using Drools, Mvel and JAVA.

• Implemented automatic tests for the existing Business Rules designed to filter ALE reports using TestNG and JAVA.

• Created a cronjob to update the status of the server such as total/free RAM, total/free HDD, uptime, version and CPU Load in the database frequently.

Test Developer 2015– 2018

• Implemented automated test scripts to test the quality of software products using Perl and Testlink.

• Automated configuration of various RFID Reader parameters and automatically plot RDID tag read performance results to determine optimal configurations for the test environment.

• Developed a real time data-collection tool to facilitate comparison various RFID readers by comparing their performances using JAVA, REST, JSON, SSH, telnet and Perl.

• Identified roots and causes of issues and tracked them using Jira and Bugzilla.

• Created comprehensive test suits and scheduled builds to run overnight using TestNG and Jenkins.

• Worked with a wide range of API Testing Tools, including Swagger, Postman Rest Client, Advanced REST Client and SoapUI to test the RESTful and Soap Web Services.

• Developed Jason programs for the RFID reader to Read/Lock/Unlock/Rewrite Tag Memory.

• Worked with vulnerability scanning tools including Nikto, OpenVAS, Wireshark and ClamAV.

• Worked with jConsole to check thread count and memory leak of some of the Business Rules. POUYESH PARS CO, Tehran, Iran March 2009 – Oct 2013 Software Developer

Designed and implemented 3-tire web application forms and web services. Designed and created complex SQL views and triggers as well as advance level custom reports using Crystal Reports. Environment: C#, MS ASP.NET 2, MS ASP.NET AJAX, MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2, Crystal Reports 11, Telerik Rad Controls, The Last Component, IIS.

• Developed web application forms for subscriber's accounting, billing, payments and contracts.

• Implemented several web services including Subscriber’s Information, Latest Bill, Subscription Request Status and Installation Request Status to be consumed by the website pages.

• Rearchitected User Access mechanism to determine which users can access which forms and reports.

• Implemented text message bill web service to send the latest subscriber’s bill to their cell phones.

• Designed and implemented complex business intelligence reports using Crystal Report. TOLOSOFTWARE, Tehran, Iran Jan 2006 – Jan 2009

Software Developer 2007– 2009

• Designed and implemented windows application forms for financial subsystems and created database tables, views and triggers using Visual Basic 6, MS SQL and Data Report Designer.

• Designed and implemented a set of custom-made financial reports using Data Report Designer. Website Designer 2006– 2007

• Created dynamic forms using PHP5 and CSS, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL and Adobe Flash.

• Used JavaScript for client-side validations. Maintained and continually optimized the website.

• Implemented a robust content management system designed to provide an easy website administration. EDUCATION

B.S. degree in Software Engineering

Azad University, Tehran

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