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Rolling Meadows, Illinois, 60008, United States
August 08, 2018

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SYNOPSIS: Ken is a seasoned Management Consultant with over 25 years of consulting experience focusing on strategy, market analysis, IT Enterprise Architecture and security. He has sat on the board of multiple international corporations as well as advisory boards and councils. He has provided strategic vision, direction, market analysis and security solution design to international corporation and advisory councils needing to change, extend, or better leverage their IT systems and information assets to aid in better intelligence, improve competitive advantage, and achieve their strategic business goals. Ken has a strong business and technical solutions background making him highly effective to solve complex business problems. He has extensive experience with IT assessments, Systems Analysis, Decision Support Systems Design, Services Oriented Architecture, Integration and automated Data Exchange and Enterprise Architecture. He has strong solution engineering and design methodology experience and has worked with teams to rapidly define requirements and design creative integrated solutions that achieve success.


Gateway Energy Group

Cofounder and Partner 2012 - Present

Helped established a company for developing sustainable solutions in the energy generation, water desalinization and terraforming industries. This company will fund, develop and commercialize new technologies in these markets. Currently completing the funding of this company.

Yahua First Financial Affairs International Investment Group Limited

Board Member 2012-2014

Helped create an investment strategy for monetizing IBOE’s placed against the State of Alaska for funding strategic global projects.

Zhongchuang Hengji (HK) Petroleum Import Trading Company Limited

Board Member 2014-2015

Helped create a strategy for extending the existing ESPO pipeline that goes from central Russia to the Chinese refinery in Daqing. This strategy consisted of methods to fund the extension of the pipeline in Russia from Taishet to the new fields near Baykit. The completion of this pipeline with result in significant increases in oil supply with little risk to both Russia and China. A second extension ESPO-2 from Skovorodino to Kozmino would allow for the increase capability to transport crude oil from that port to the refinery in Daqing.

Gateway to Panama Realty S.A.

Board Member 2008 - Present

Helped establish a real estate development in Las Lajas Panama. This included planning for a port, airport and significant commercial and residential development.

Universal Oil Products 1998

Member of UOP’s technology steering board

Anderson Consulting 1990

Member of the technology steering committee for Digital Equipment Corporation and Hewlett Packard.

IBM 1986-1987

Member of IBM’s manufacturing technology steering committee in Boca Raton.


Integrated Software Specialists 2015 - Present

Enterprise Consultant - Advanced Law Enforcement Technology Solution Center

In addition to client consulting projects, provided consulting on possible M&A opportunities. Ken provides leadership and IT strategy for ISS’ Enterprise SOA software products and advanced technology solution center. He is most recently involved in a country-wide court automation project in Africa, requiring the integration and automated data exchange of numerous systems and departments throughout the country. This also includes the development of a data warehouse, secure communications, user ad-hoc reporting, and automated web-based executive dashboards leveraging ISS’ Enterprise Exchange Broker and Business Intelligence solution suites.

AL-RASHED Consulting part of the GID Saudi General Intelligence Directorate

Security Consultant 2004

Project manager and lead security consultant identifying how banking controls were violated through collusion between bank officers at the Bank of Riyadh when conducting trades at the Tadawl stock exchange. This project included security analysis of all bank systems, risk management, internal and external controls.

Illinois State Police

Project Manager and Lead Consultant. 2004-2006

This project included the development of a strategic plan focused on the development/replacement of LEADS (Law Enforcement Access Database System). This system effects over 43,000 law enforcement officers and over 400 different systems across every law enforcement agency in the state of Illinois. The resulting project plan and strategic roadmap contained detailed technical plans for the development of a secure system in an SOA environment including an enterprise service bus and data replication between multiple systems, on multiple platforms.

City Council of New Orleans

Lead Consultant. 2005

Lead Consultant for a security, risk and process engineering assessment for the City Council of New Orleans. This included a full IT assessment, security, document management, interagency/departmental communications, and finance.

State of Illinois

Lead Consultant. 2003-2004

Lead Consultant for a feasibility study that is part of the State of Illinois Integrated Justice initiative. This study evaluated the mobile law enforcement systems of the agencies and departments that are part of the State Police, CMS and ICJCIA. Created and presented a plan for the convergence of these systems which included capturing and consolidation of key data, and enablement technologies.


Project Manager. 2004-2008

Managing 6 FTE architecture and integration team members for a $7 million project. This project was created to manage the distribution of all power and power related resources (personnel and equipment) throughout Northern Illinois. This project was funded based upon a 2-year payback on reduced outage time and a reduction in head count. Development of the system included Mainframe links, WebSphere, Apache web server, Java and XML.

Poder Maxima

President 2001-2008

Designed and developed and intelligence network in Costa Rica with extension into multiple neighboring countries. This include intelligence gathering for banking, energy, agriculture, gambling and political environments.

Intelligence gathering included penetration into corporate systems, sourcing of information on persons of interest, surveillance, creating networks for identifying and collecting information on the movement of funds, activities of international interest.


Manager 2002-2003

Managed a risk assessment and security team of 15 FTE’s at Recope (The national oil/gas company of Costa Rica). This was a $1.5 million project to secure all facilities, networks and software from hackers and saboteurs. This project used the Secure RUP methodology in the evaluation of all software and IT systems.

United Airlines

Engagement Manager/Management Consultant 1994-1995

Led a large team as part of a $1.5 million project to create a web-based e-fare system. Responsibilities included the development of an architecture and technical blue print for processing electronic fares. This provided a competitive advantage for United Airlines realizing revenues in the areas of electronic fares included the booking of hotels and rental cars. This was accomplished through XML links to business partners for a real-time business-to-business collaboration environment. The architecture work, inception and elaboration activities were performed using object-oriented technology based on Rational RUP and Unified Modeling Language. The project scope included providing a IT infrastructure for supporting internal and external transactional control in a multi-national environment. This engagement included Risk Management, Business Modeling, Technical Architecture, Data Architecture, and System Modeling.

Purdue Pharma

Project Manager 1999

Managed 8 FTE’s in a $1.25 million project to develop a new method for capturing cancer research information. This is part of a strategic initiative to reduce the time required to develop new cancer drugs. This project was used to spear head the renovation of a $500 million per year R&D effort. As Engagement Manager, responsibilities included the development of new systems and technical blue prints for the discovery and development of new drugs. The architecture work, inception and elaboration activities were performed using object-oriented technology based on Rational RUP and Unified Modeling Language. The project scope included providing a secure IT infrastructure for the research and development of pharmaceutical products in a multi-national environment. This engagement included Risk Management, Business Modeling, Technical Architecture, Data Architecture, and System Modeling.

Safelite Glass Company

Project Manager 1998

Project Manager for Safelite Glass Company, an aftermarket automotive glass replacement company. Managed 25 FTE’s in a $5.4 million project to create a secure highly fault tolerant Intranet based First Notice of Loss call center. Architected an n-tier application including component-based development using the SilverStream application server, Java, MQ Series with high-speed links to CICS in an IBM 390 environment. This application will support 2400 concurrent call center representatives across 5 sites on a 24 hour by 7 basis.

Universal Oil Products

Project Manager and Management Consultant 1996-1999

Project Manager and Management Consultant at Universal Oil Products (UOP). Managed 14 FTE’s with a $2.4 million budget. Responsibilities included market analysis, leading a workflow-based project designed to re-engineer the way information is utilized throughout R&D and the way technology is transferred across the enterprise. The results of this development created an 8 hundred million dollar a year refinery/petrochemical optimization market. Incorporated CMM into the IT structure to measure and increase the capabilities of the IT staff across R&D. This project incorporated on-line/off-line process simulation and modeling, original material and process research, plant operations, real-time data collection and analysis, as well as in-depth data analysis of captured data including lab books, graphs and statistical analysis. Helped define, develop and manage a JAD relationship with Hyprotech, OSI and Simulation Sciences. Created a common data model and object/component based development effort for the R&D, technology services, manufacturing and engineering divisions of this corporation. As Co-inventor of this technology a Memorandum of Invention has been submitted for a patent.

Universal Oil Products

Senior Architect 1996-1999

Represented Universal Oil Products (UOP) in the CENSA consortium as the senior architect for creating an electronic laboratory notebook. As Lead Architect, Ken had responsibility of developing and coordinating a matrix of resources and personnel that crossed more than 50 corporations. This effort had to integrate with the existing technical architectures utilized by those corporations. This process included the design and architecture of a system that will establish an immutable record system for all pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical companies in North America. This project established an electronic record keeping process that satisfied US patent department, FDA and NRC requirements.

Spencer Stuart

Management Consultant 1994-1996

Responsibilities included architecting and designing a global system that handles confidential information relative to client companies as well as information about candidates. This system allows Spencer Stuart to position itself as the leader in performing global executive searches. This system had to work with and satisfy the laws of 25 different countries relative to what could be stored about individuals as well as what information could be communicated to potential employers and other firms. The system included a database design for replication that encompassed 40 offices in a global area network.

Computer Technology Management

Project Manager 1991-1993

Managed 85 FTE’s and a $14 million budget. Responsibilities included running software design and engineering projects and software systems integration projects for outsourced clients, as well as external consulting projects. Led and managed software product development efforts. Set direction for IT organization optimization, object oriented and client-server strategies. Directed the development of software products and technical architecture. Established an Advanced Systems group through internal promotion, training and hiring new personnel.

Andersen Consulting

Director of Technical Architecture 1989-1991

Directed the development of software systems built for Aerospace and Defense based industries. Responsibilities included management of an internal team of 30 people for product development. Utilized the Method/1 and Manage/1 methodologies in the development of 4 software products. These packages included a rigorous set of security features that were created to satisfy DOD requirements for the handling and storage of classified information. This team designed and constructed a software infrastructure, which facilitated the development of internal software packages across Unix, VMS and MS Windows environments. The project involved coordinating team members located in three different cities. Managed the Hewlett Packard, Digital and Informix relationships for the Application Products Division. Evaluated new hardware, software and communications technologies and how they might be applied to produce more advanced and competitive software products.

Managed and directed 5 concurrent manufacturing systems integration projects in Spain, Canada and the U.S. with over 20 FTE’s per project. Direct responsibility for over $19 Million dollars in project execution. Utilized the Manage/1 methodology in the development and execution of these projects.


Director 1985-1989

Director of Advanced Systems and Product Development for SAIC. Responsibilities included managing and directing systems development operations in the Midwest, hiring technical staff and heading up two IBM product development operations for the plastics and automotive markets. Direct responsibility for 30 personnel and $2.5 Million budget for product development.


Northern Illinois University

B.S. Computer Science, Economics, Minor in Business Administration 1977-1981

Rational University Certified 1999


Security – Illinois PERC card for investigation and security 2008 – Present


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