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Engineer Assistant

Houston, Texas, United States
August 09, 2018

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Kewei Shi

Houston, TX

Cell: 225-***-****


Summary of Qualifications

• Solid engineering background with 4 years of research experience, hands on experience of oil and gas pipelines

• Advanced proficiency with 8 years of experience in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; Proficiency with 3 years of experience in MATLAB and 1 year of experience in Adobe Premiere

• Proficient with SQL and Python packages of NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, and Pandas

• Co-author of paper published in ‘Environmental Earth Sciences Journal’, titled ‘Tracer Test to Constrain CO2 Residual Trapping and Plume Evolution’

• Leadership experience working with a diverse group of people and coordination of volunteers

• Detail oriented, team work based, adaptable and fast learning Education

Missouri University of Science and Technology May 2018 Master and Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering MS GPA: 4.0/4.0; BS GPA: 3.52/4.0 Related Courses: Engineering Statistic Methods, Seismic Interpretation, Petroleum Geology, Advanced Applied Reservoir Simulation, Structural Geology

Software and Programming Skills

• Programming: MATLAB, Python, VBA

• Database tools: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access

• Seismic interpretation: IHS-Kingdom SMT

• Reservoir: Eclipse, CMG, PECON

• Drilling/Completion: Prosper

• FEA: Hypermesh, Abaqus

• Graphic design: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop

• Language: Fluent in Mandarin and English


Senior Project_ Development of Fulmar Sandstone Reservoir Missouri University of Science and Tech January 2015 – May 2015

• Used Kingdom Software to interpret seismic log, analyzed well logs, picked horizon and faults, salt domes, oil spills and identified Fulmar Sandstone reservoir

• Used CMG to conduct reservoir simulations to choose optimum exploitation strategy including numbers of injection and production wells, well type, wellbore placement, and methods for enhancing oil recovery

• Used PROSPER to design well bottom hole assembly and completion types

• Used PECON to conduct comprehensive Oil & Gas project considering property leasing, exploration consulting, production optimization, transportation and storage and oil price Research Assistant

Missouri University of Science and Tech August 2016 – April 2018

• Researched on chemical properties of polymer gels and operations that affect polymer gel for water shut off

• Used MATLAB to perform non-linear regressions and made plots

• Related lab measurements to simulation inputs and built models using CMG-STARS for doing polymer gel injection experiments

• Completed thesis titled ‘Numerical Simulation Study of Factors Affecting Production Well Gel Treatment Using Linear Models with Crossflow’

Research Analyst

Daqing Oil Field Co. Summer 2014

• Practiced Agile on the ‘Yushulin unconventional reservoir exploration project’ maintained by the company

• Collaborated data preparation in the reservoir simulation group preparing data for a reservoir and 5 wells, and made visualized figures for presentations on meetings

• Reported conclusions from history matching and research for forecasting productions by matching simulation results with history data for 5 wells in 1 month, and analyzed sensitivities of well patterns, water flooding rate and production well bottom hole pressure to reservoir performance

• Assisted optimizing scenarios of water injection and well patterns for ‘Yushulin’ unconventional reservoir by using Eclipse considering feasibility, updated oil price, and operation and maintenance fees Recruiting Assistant

International Affairs and Transfer Admission Office of Missouri S&T March 2017 – April 2018

• Used SQL to update statistical data of international students from 137 nations between 2016 spring and 2018 spring, and researched the causes of student number changes and adjusted international recruiting plans

• Used Macro to create new templates, to sort data in descending/ascending order, and to check international students’ enrollment status

• Conducted marketing research on potential Chinese partnership schools for Global Admissions Program by providing introductions, rankings, highlighted curriculums and common majors of the targeted schools

• Translated application forms from Chinese to English, checked the validity of the applicants’ academic background, notified upcoming students with informative emails and responded to any related questions

• Assisted staff scheduling daily activities for a one-month trip to China, arranged and shipped souvenirs for recruiting in China


Shell BOOST Training

Shell’s training facility in Robert, LA March 2016

• Experienced in operations of oil and gas producing process from the Basic Offshore Operations Simulator Training Program (BOOST)

• Mocked roles as operation engineer and safety engineer and successfully run the production by calculations and valves control

• Simulated drilling, tripping in/out, production and gas kicking through simulator machines Wild Well Control Training

Missouri University of Science and Tech February 2015

• Identified different rig types and drill string components, learnt Blow Out Prevention (BOP) procedures and Equipment, Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) procedures

• Used kill sheet to design well casing, tubing, liner, drill collar and drill bit

• Familiarized with consequences of various actions to well CO2 Miscible Flooding Simulation Training

Computer Modeling Group Ltd in Houston, TX March 2015

• Learned various facets of Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 injection in miscible flooding process

• Conducted simulations of CO2 miscible and pseudo-miscible flooding using IMEX and GEM, from creating and importing PVT data, to building a 3D pseudo-miscible flood model in IMEX and a 3D compositional miscible model in GEM

• Matched simulation results with history core data for miscible floods and tuned numerical parameters to enhance the run performance

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