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Engineer Systems Administrator

Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
August 09, 2018

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David M. Smith

*** ******* **

Hanover, PA *****

Primary: 717-***-**** Secondary: 717-***-****

OBJECTIVE To maximize your profits by cutting cost and maximizing systems efficiency through effective administration of the IT environment including all infrastructure and supporting resources. Seeking cutting edge technology and virtualization of the IT infrastructure to provide a UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator and automation or aid the enterprise IT department seeking custom alternatives to high priced UNIX & MS Office applications and products. Also, systems automation including AUTOSYS on Linux for scheduled job administration.

SUMMARY Bringing an excellent work ethic, written and verbal communication skills to include IT administration and monitoring reports as well as presentations to superiors and ability to work long hours and or on call support to see the job through. Over 30 years of industry experience in the design, procurement, implementation and administration of heterogeneous networks and Linux/UNIX systems with focus on the following skills.

29 years experience in automated solutions using Linux and UNIX over TCP/IP.

All aspects of SuSE, Red Hat, CentOS Linux and Sun Solaris UNIX systems administration.

Support of users and working directly with different database, engineering and development groups.

Shell scripting for UNIX systems administrative automation of normal system duties as well as build out of new hardware using JumpStart, KickStart automation and proactive notification of system problems.

Strong network engineering skills and administration to include Routers, firewalls and many different network elements from vendors Brocade, BigIP, Cisco, Dlink and others.

Design implementation and administration of TLS, SSH and Kerberos security protocols.

Documentation experience written and web for Operations and Administration of Linux/UNIX and Windows systems.

26 years experience with security protocols, Ssh, Sftp, Kerberos, SSL and signed certificates.

Solaris Sever hardening from initial build to entry in to a DMZ environment for VNC machines.

SSL Certificate creation and administration on various web sites.

Ssh public trust key generation to ‘des’ specifications for trusted logins on internal machines.

Entry of new users and encrypted passwords via Kickstart configurations using Perl script commands.

Design and implementation of Kerberos upgrades version (4 to 5) on hundreds of RHEL/Solaris machines.

24 years experience with respect to direct interfacing to internal and external customers.

SuSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel tuning and customization. SUN Solaris backup and recovery of client/server software, Legato Networker & Veritas Netbackup.

22 years experience with RAID levels 0, 1 and 5 both software and hardware architectures on local and

remote storage devices. Including Fiber attached SAN units from EMC, 3PAR, HP and NEXSAN.

18 years administration of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and MS Office client/server platform and systems.

Administration of SAMBA resources across UNIX/Linux/NT/2000/2008.

Design setup and administration of network file sharing over NIS and NFS v3/v4.

Converting and supporting Microsoft desktop clients to Linux Open Office desktops.

Designing and administering Linux firewalls and TIS firewall on UNIX.

17 years experience finding root cause and solving problems across many different protocols.

Administration of large automated tape libraries (ATL, Oracle, Tandburg, Sony, HP & Quantum) and software for all aspects of disaster recovery (DR).

15 years experience in project management of a complete document management web site.

Coding Oracle backend in PL/SQL, dynamic web page interface to the database repository.

System design for sales demo of product and full field support of the demo.

Configuration and use of fiber network components (backbone and direct) and CAT6 compliance on copper for Gigabit Ethernet.

Administration and configuration of Tomcat Java server and ColdFusion MX server on Linux production.

Knowledge of design and administration on NAS and SAN file systems using SCO UNIX.

13 years experience with Solaris 10 Domains, Logical domains LDOM’s and ZFS on shared SAN & NAS equipment to include bootable SAN devices accessed over high speed GEN6 fiber channel fabric.

Upgrades from prior versions of SunOS. Complete JumpStart configuration and automation.

VERITAS Volume Management and VCS Clustered server software for HA and DR.

6 years prior experience with administration of IBM AIX, WebSphere, SGI IRIX and HP-UX concurrently.

4 years Prior experience programming of C, C++, Perl CGI, HTML, PL/SQL, Python, Jython, JAVA and

JavaScript languages to enhance systems automation of functions and application levels. VCenter, VSphere and SRM for disaster recovery of production systems on remote sites

CERTIFICATION – Oracle University – Solaris 10 Security – completed September 2015

Professional EXPERIENCE

UNIX Systems Administrator Vision Technology T. Rowe Price Owings Mills MD 2018

Contractor Systems administrator – Systems automation for T. Rowe Price Infrastructure dept., Worked with a large team of Sys Admins to help administer over 1300 virtual systems and hard boxes on Red Hat Linux v 5 – 7.4 updated and automation of patching and system level scheduled reboot automation using in-house developed software and AUTOSYS on Linux. Used controlled system ticket system for modifications of the production environments. Developed hundreds of automation scripts and repaired hundreds more legacy system automation scripts to include web site forms and pages. Converted manual reboot systems to automation and scheduled rebooting. Corrected many issues with Red Hat v7.x systems automated backup software of the OS for a bear-medal restore and disaster recovery operations. Created virtual systems with VCenter and VSphere on x86 frame box.

UNIX Sr. Systems Administrator Leidos NDW Woodlawn MD Nov 2010 - Nov 2017

UNIX Systems Administrator contractor – IS&GS NDW Infrastructure dept., Woodlawn MD, Researched new products, designed Solaris SPARC systems for database, application, SDLC and web connectivity for the NDW project. Provide systems administration support for multiple Solaris servers running Solaris 10. Install and configure new software and hardware products using JumpStart and Solaris toolkit. Configured and deployed VM containers on VMWare for RHEL v6.5, v7.0 and Windows. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Researched suggested and implemented many cost-effective solutions to aid in performance, data sharing and disaster recovery. Patch and upgrade all systems software to Miter and STIG specifications. Perform system tuning and troubleshooting to resolve issues. Create VSphere resource profiles for storage and patching. Support the development and testing teams as necessary, implement several Tomcat upgrades to running applications, evaluate and recommend new products that meet their needs. Manage multiple vendor SAN environments to ensure availability and performance of databases and file systems. Hitachi SAN and HP XP series servers. Design and implement creative solutions that improve system processes through automation and documentation. Build and administer Apache web front end servers connected to the Tomcat/Apache environment web servers. Also designed and converted the Tomcat/Apache servers to the current IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM/IHS web servers from Solaris to RHEL on VMWare. Administered servers on five separated three-tiered IBM application and Oracle database environments. Designed and converted the fiber fabric hardware from GEN3 and GEN4 to GEN6. Designed and constructed the management support network and fiber connected Oracle FS-1 SAN devices via Brocade fiber switches zoned for security and performance. Implemented fiber multi-pathing software on the database and application servers for increased performance and redundancy. Designed and constructed the 10 Gig Ethernet over fiber network for Net Backup server and clients on all Oracle Solaris and database boxes. Designed configured implemented and supported many Ethernet and fiber fabric network upgrades. Test and evaluate new system and application software and hardware for the production environment located in Columbia South Carolina. Help maintain the 32 Terabyte database for standby of production data containing over 100 million user’s data. Created and maintain the SOP and version documentation on share point for accountability of duties. Extended usage of shell scripting in Perl, Python, Jython for automation of tasking and systems maintenance on time scheduled jobs and system reporting.

UNIX Sr. Systems Administrator MicroTech ESS contractor Woodlawn MD Sept 2008 - Nov 2010

UNIX Systems Engineer contractor – SSA NCC UNIX Security Team DISSAO in, Woodlawn MD, Deployed new SUN Solaris servers for security testing and training of operating system and application configuration and data using SUN jet server configurations for building mirrored OS drive systems. Configured and deployed VM containers on VMWare for RHEL v6.0, v6.5 and Windows. Configured Cisco switch for private subnet and local VLAN operation of the test environment. Created configuration guide for the Cisco switch to instruct peers on administration of Cisco VLANs. Maintained Risk Model documentation for all critical levels of severity and working examples for reference. Built and configured Oracle Cluster Application servers using SUN cluster and Oracle RAC over shared storage from a SUN T3 local storage unit. Hitachi SAN and HP XP series servers. Configuration of SUN UNIX systems with custom JASS package for ‘hardening’ of the operating system software and using customized packages and Computer Associate’s eTrust Access Control & eTrust Policy Compliance for monitoring and maintaining the Operating System configurations and security as well as the applications running on the servers. Working as backup and automation engineer on the CA Identity Management project IDM, responsibilities include testing, design, configuration, implementation and full life cycle maintenance of this enterprise wide application. Extended usage of shell scripting in Perl, Python, Jython for automation of tasking and systems maintenance on time scheduled jobs and system reporting.

UNIX Sr. Systems Administrator ACS contractor Germantown MD April – Aug 2008

UNIX Systems Engineer contractor - ACS Transportation Technical Services Department in, Germantown MD, Deploying new Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers for ACS transportation contracts in Florida (FTE) and Pennsylvania (PTA) as well as support of Linux servers in other remote locations. Training team members in UNIX and Linux systems Administration for support and deployment of similar equipment. Maintained Training documentation for all course material and working examples for reference. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Orchestrated the design and configuration of an in-house and remote connection to LINUX server via Cygwin application interface. Built and configured Oracle Cluster Application servers using Red Hat Linux and Oracle RAC over shared storage from an EMC CX-3 on ocfs2. Evaluation and proposal of several LDAP products for conversion of the NIS and synchronization of Active Directory data to an LDAP solution. Evaluation and proposal of appliances to handle remote connections to all the data center UNIX / Linux and Windows servers and network resource management.

UNIX Sr. Systems Administrator Space Telescope Baltimore MD April 2007 – April 2008

UNIX Systems Engineer for the Space Telescope Information Technology Department in, Baltimore MD,

Upgraded, rebuilt, deployed over 290 Sun Solaris 8 to the Solaris 10 operating system for science application and database servers. Wrote and maintained a script based user friendly upgrade system to aid help desk & tier 2 SA personnel in building and configuration of the host boxes using JumpStart and automation scripts to install all support software and configuration of scientific and major third party software packages on mission critical systems. Created documentation web pages for team members to build servers in a variety of situations. Maintain remote console devices for SUN servers. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Maintain control of system changes by use of Remedy PC/M ticket generation software. Created 56+ Sun One Grid engine nodes for users and combined the nodes to maximize CPU throughput for remote control of direction on the Hubble Space Telescope. Connected and worked with EMC Clarion, Celera & Centera NAS & SAN storage devices over HBA fiber (fc).

UNIX/LINUX Sr. Systems Administrator Fannie Mae Urbana MD May 2006 – May 2007

UNIX Systems Engineer for the Fannie Mae Urbana Technology Center in, Urbana MD,

Designed built configured and deployed Sun servers for web load balancers, application and database servers. Wrote and maintained a script based user friendly menu system to aid in build out and configuration of the servers to install all support software and configuration of major third-party software packages VERITAS Volume Manager and VCS for HA and Disaster recovery on mission critical systems. Created documentation web pages for team members to build servers while parked in the burn-in room. Maintained 16 recon (remote console) devices for SUN equipment. Setup and configure RSA cards on Linux servers. Connected and worked with EMC Celera & Symetrix and Hitachi NAS & SAN storage devices over HBA fiber. Upgraded Solaris 8 servers to Solaris 10 and configured containers to house virtual hosts on the same server. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Design build and configure IBM x series servers for Linux SuSE OS and custom kernel packages Maintain control of system changes by use of Remedy PC/M ticket generation software. Review Team changes for corporate control and audit.

UNIX/LINUX Sr. Systems Administrator EMC Incorporated Rockville MD Jan 2003 – Jan 2006

UNIX Systems Engineer and Java test engineer for EMC testing lab in, Rockville MD,

Configured Sun Solaris and Linux SuSE servers with Tomcat applet server on Apache web sites for Installation and testing of the Java2 web interface for Documentum’s web based document server. Upgraded Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 and ported software to the new platform. Tested the J2 product on Sun Solaris and Linux SuSE as well as Sun Solaris. Installed, configured and maintained IBM WebSphere V5.x & 6.0 Enterprise container servlet engine on Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows servers. Helped development team deploy the WAR and EAR packages to the different WebSphere platforms. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Integrated CAT6 compliance to all network devices and resources in a Cisco shop. Planed and designed the new servers room equipment and live changeover of entire network.

UNIX Sr. System Administrator SRA International Incorporated Fairfax VA July 2001 - Dec 2003

Government contract for US Government Accounting Office,

Administrated Red Hat and SuSE LINUX and all user support in a heterogeneous environment mixed NT/UNIX with 26 production servers and 5 development servers. Supported LINUX desktop applications for 48 users to include the use and deployment of UNIX Samba shared resources to a Windows 2000 desktop environment. Upgraded constantly security-related patches to the LINUX production and test systems. Designed and maintained a script-based system monitor that gives e-mail notification and pages all systems administrators on critical issues and proactive maintenance of the file systems as needed. Provide systems automation for security and maintenance using bash, Jython and Expect scripting. Supplied tier 3 support of in-house developed applications with Apache as the web server front end and Oracle 8i back-end database. Scripted normal system administrative tasking to include security alerts to validate actions as being non-intrusive. Scripted a secure method of deploying upgrades and new installations of scripts to the entire LINUX test and production environment. Handled production backup and restoration of files with client/server software BRU PRO 2.0 and creation of manual scripting to control automated tape libraries. Orchestrated the design and configuration of an in-house and remote connection to LINUX server via Cygwin application interface. Production projects include ColdFusion MX upgrade, Tomcat v3 to v4 upgrade, IBM JDK2 and SUN EE Java support on multiple versions of Red Hat LINUX.

UNIX Systems Engineer NetSol International Incorporated Vienna VA Jan -June 2001

Contract for Verizon, Information Systems data Department,

24-7 support of more than 400 SUN Solaris application database and client site servers. Provided tier 2 support and disaster recovery operations and maintenance on five major applications over the corporate WAN. Provided root cause analysis of all outages. Developed ISO9009 procedures to recover from predetermined problems. Designed and published support and recovery procedures based on the applications, to the ISO9000 corporate web site for 24-hour support team access. Escalated any unresolved problems to tier 3 support. Reported to the IT director and company VP level on findings. Monitored all system activity for high level reporting on performance and capacity planning. Instrumental in providing an uptime of 99.9% availability on all UNIX systems.

UNIX Administrator/Programmer/Web Design Data Protection Inc. Baltimore MD June 1998 – Jan 2001

Contractor for Barton Cotton, Miles and Stockbridge and Met Life Insurance Company

Designed, planed, built, loaded, configured and administered an Enterprise business service complete web site, with Oracle8i WebDB and interMedia Text search engine on a custom Intel Dual Processor server with SuSE LINUX SMP Professional. Designed, planed, coded and implemented a complete user-friendly interactive full-featured interface to remote Oracle8i document management databases for novice users. Designed, planed and built the local area network for the entire website. Remotely administrated the SuSE LINUX web site and LINUX backup server, using LAN WorkPlace Pro for Windows NT. Remotely administered the database of Oracle8i, WebDB 2.2 and IMT servers using LAN WorkPlace Pro for NT. Programmed a remote Oracle8i web site in PL/SQL with RapidSQL and WebDB on Net8 over TCP/IP connections. Maintained all hardware and software on RAID 0+1 dual channel multiple SCSI LVD drives. Assisted client in upgrade and administration of SGI IRIX and AIX systems. Upgrade operating system software and patches, IRIX 5.6 to 6.2 and AIX 3.5 to 4.2. Migrated the data of the SyBase database, both in an XServer environment. Administered and performed operations management of IRIX 6.x and AIX 3.5 multi-user system and updated system documentation for all systems. Assisted with client multi-user LAN and WAN and administration on a client/server architecture, NT 4.0 servers and workstations, remote installation of software and onsite hardware setup.

System Administrator/Programmer Random Access Machines Ellicott City MD May 1992 – May 1998

Contractor for Onepoint Communications,

Administered the HP9000, HP-UX 10.20, programmed in PERL 5.0, CGI korn and Borne shells, converted Netscape Enterprise 2.0 to Netscape Enterprise 3.01 web server. Administrated the Sun Solaris 2.6 system web server, designed, installed, administered patches and maintained all hardware and software. Upgraded from Solaris 2.4 to 2.5.1 to 2.6 with data migration. For HP and SUN Solaris architectures, developed recovery and automated backup scripts with the system shells and cron features, made use of Open Windows and Common Desktop Environment. With C and C++ on the IRIX Silicon Graphics environment designed and implemented a companywide Intranet and GUI application interface for the Human Resources Department database, Helpdesk database, EDI transactions and web security with GEIS. Novell Lite was used in design and setup LAN for resource sharing, with Internet and E-mail connectivity over high-speed modem to an ISP. Full life cycle web site development, administered, designed and implemented. Designed the web pages and maintained server updates, using Hot Dog 4.5 Professional and its components. System enhancements and dynamic web interface programmed in CGI and PERL 4.5 and 5.0 to script dynamic HTML with some applications written in JavaScript. Java code is designed and built on a SUN Solaris machine using visual Java products from SUN, Java Workshop 2.0. The NT development environment used Javin and Hot Dog 4.5 Professional. Various attributes are customized manually by using common text editors such as WordPad, Notepad for NT, Jot and others on the UNIX environment, Editor on MSDOS machines. Administered remote communications managed by LAN WorkPlace Pro for NT 4.0.

Network Technician and Operations support Catonsville Community Collage MD Sept 1987 – May 1992

College work-study, Operation support and Network Technician,

Installed local and wide-area network including terminals, PCs and networked printers. Upgraded mainframe and PC software and hardware. Connected MAUs with custom made wire for Token-ring LAN. Configured software and hardware, installed remote nodes for IBM 4381 architecture. Troubleshot and repaired various equipment, including: Penril VCX1000 line concentrator, Infotron 4600 digital data switch, IBM 7171 protocol converter, IBM 3274 controller, multiplexers and V.everything modems. Troubleshot MSDOS and Windows PC configurations, software and terminal connections to the IBM 4381 Mainframe. Used “vi” and Pico editors on UNIX and VAX.


Bachelor's Degree BS, Information systems Management, graduated June 1997, GPA:2.91 from the University of Maryland Baltimore County MD

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