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Electrical Engineer I

Citrus Heights, California, United States
August 09, 2018

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Julius Jose Chungath Ph: 858-***-****


Seeking a junior/entry level position to hone my skills for electronics and achieve new heights of success within the organization.

Academic projects on Detection of Lung Nodule by Backpropagation Neural Network for CT Images and Design and Analysis of Nanoscale MOSFETs.

Well-versed in COMSOL, MATLAB, KEIL uVision and LABVIEW.

Worked with Accenture Pvt. Ltd. for a period of 11 months following Agile based development as an Associate Software Engineer. .

Good understanding and work experience in C,C++,Java,Javascript,VB Script and OOPs.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills which makes me an excellent team player who strives to learn new technologies in this rapidly changing market.

GREEN CARD HOLDER,no work sponsorship required.


Languages known : C, C++,Java,Javascript.

Hardware Tools : TIMSP430,TIVA ARM CORTEX M4, ATMEGA 128,PLC S7300 Simulation Tools : COMSOL, MATLAB, KEIL uVision, LABVIEW. Software Tools : HP-UFT 12.01,HP-ALM


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering(May 2013 – June 2017) Karunya University, India(GPA 3.7/4)


Detection of Lung Nodule by Backpropagation Neural Network for CT Images

MATLAB was used extensively for the entire project.

Various Digital Image Processing tools such as Gaussian Filter,were utilized along with Segmentation techniques such as Active Contour Model with SPF to extrace the lung parenchyma.

User defined functions for morphological techniques(dilation and closing) and Fuzzy C-Means clustering respectively,was used to find the Region of Interest.

Additionally user defined functions were also used for determining the statistical features for the detected nodule.

Backpropagation Neural Network was used for classification of Lung Nodule.

Design and Analysis of Nanoscale MOSFETs

Designed MOSFET in nanometer scale by shortening the channel size using COMSOL Multiphysics.

Various MOSFETs(with different channel length) and V-I Characteristics for each,were found and tabulated.

Portable FM Radio Station

Designed a PCB circuit with transistor BC547 and combination of series and parallel RC circuits.

An antenna(at the output),and the 3.5mm jack was used as an input.

The frequency to be broadcasted was adjusted using a trimming capacitor and the range for the broadcast was 5 meter.

Devices compatible to the 3.5mm jack were connected and messages(voice,songs) were broadcasted.

Smart Street Lighting System

Designed a PCB circuit with transistor BC547,parallel RC circuit,a light source and a LDR.

The light souce used as was a LED,which would switch ON/OFF according to the light on the LDR. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS,India – Basic understanding on TIMSP430 and TIVA ARM CORTEX M4.

SALZER ELECTRONICS,India - Worked with ATMEGA128 to implement simple calculator.

MTNL Delhi,India - Industrial Training on the

Basic Telephony Technology(manual,automatic and electronic exchanges)

Switching Technology(manual and digital)

Transmission Technology(guided and unguided media)

Broadband Technology(ADSL,IPTV,VOIP)

Wireless Technology(GSM,CDMA,3G)

SIEMENS,India – Worked with PLC S7300 for implementation of Automatic Traffic Light Controller. WORK EXPERIENCE

Accenture Pvt. Ltd. – Pune, India July 2017 – June 2018 Associate Software Engineer

Worked as a automation tester for the project which involved me in making new functionalities for our product in an AGILE based environment.

Worked extensively on VB-Script for the different functionalities in the project.

Worked with HP-ALM to raise,track,and even fix the defects found in the various releases of the project.It has numerous uses which includes Test Preparation,Test Execution,Defect raise and fix.It tracks the individual entries and reduces the risk of confusion.

Was part of a team of 8 for automating the processes and make the task easier.

Used IBM Database Studio copiously for the back-end tests.This simple tool was used as a database management tool which uses the SQL queries to execute and find specific details.

Extensively used SQL for querying different datasets for user reports, error finding and metering & billing reports.

Worked with HP-UFT for creating numerous scripts for automation.VB-Script code language is used to create scripts for Automation.It requires Object Repositories and Function Utils to function properly as per requirement.

Used SOAP UI as an additional tool for the quality testing in order to test the back-end of the portal.

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