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Assistant Microsoft Office

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
August 09, 2018

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Racheal Dsouza

** ********* ***, *******, ** ****4 321-***-****


An articulate, highly focused and goal-oriented Biotechnology graduate and researcher with 5 years of experience in both private and public sectors, determined to carve a successful career in the industry as a Molecular Biologist or Research Associate.


MS University at Buffalo, Biotechnology Feb 2019

BS University of Mumbai, Biotechnology June 2015

Work Experience

Intern- Cellular and Molecular Virology Novavax, Rockville, MD June 2018 – Sep 2018

Developed assay for Sf-rhabdovirus infectivity and quantified RNA in drug substance and in-process intermediates

Incorporated a cell based infectivity step to quantify RNA and correlate to the infectious nature of rhabdovirus

Performed cell passaging and maintained a growth curve for rhabdovirus infected cells

Performed column based RNA extraction and SYBr-Green based RT qPCR

Data analysis for copy numbers of RNA using Microsoft Excel Graduate Research Assistant University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY Aug 2017- Present

Developed a methodology for metagenomic sequencing of lake water from LaSalle using Oxford nanopore MinION sequencing.

Performed water collection and filtration and extracted DNA from the filters.

Analyzed DNA qualitatively using Nanodrop spectrophotometer and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.

DNA sequencing using MinION

Supervised Teaching University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY Jan 2018- May 2018

Assisted in teaching undergraduate students in Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory

Assisted with set up of practical experiments for the laboratory and conducting examination Intern- Assistant Microbiologist M.M Medical Center and Diagnostics, India May 2015- June 2015

Identified fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial infections.

Tested the strength and virulence of microbes.

Performed a variety of biochemical and molecular methods to determine organisms that cause infection

Recording, analyzing and interpreting data, writing reports and reviews. Page 2

Research Assistant K.C College, India June 2013- Jan 2015

Examined and analyzed oral swabs of smokeless tobacco consumers from a cohort of males in Southern Mumbai to ascertain the risks associated with consumption of smokeless tobacco and its effect on the health.

Surveyed the subjects, compiled large set of data and interpreted the findings into reports.

Performed tests like Folin-Lowry to estimate the total protein in the sample

Carried out Antimicrobial Sensitivity tests, microbial and fungal analysis Trainee and Intern Shreedhar Bhat’s Laboratory, India May 2013- Jun 2013

Hands-on experience in callus cultivation and plant micropropagation

Performed Recombinant DNA Technology and screened transformants through α-complementation test.

Conducted Agrobacterium Mediated Plant Transformation through leaf disc preparation, co-cultivation and selection media transfer

Transferred the gene constructs in binary vectors to agrobacterium through triparental mating (TPM) through genetic engineering.

Performed SDS-PAGE for running protein samples from different sources including purified virus.

Performed ELISA for testing the samples for viral (ToMV) infection.

Performed techniques like Western Blotting and Gel electrophoresis Laboratory skills

Molecular Biology/Virology

Isolation of plasmid and genomic DNA, Isolation and analysis of total RNA, Bacterial transformation, Reverse Transcriptase PCR, DNA ligation, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, RFLP, qPCR determination and beta-globulin expression, Study of expression of recombinant E2B Protein in E. coli, DNA fingerprint analysis, Karyotyping and PON PCR genotype analysis, AGE and PAGE Cell and Tissue Culture

Cell counting, Trypan Blue Exclusion Assay, Quantification of viable cells by MTT Assay, Cell passaging, Growth Curve Generation, Trypsinization of cells, Staining of DNA and Actin Microfilaments, Dissociation of extracellular matrix-rich tissue to obtain primary cells for culture and feeding of cells. Immunology and Biochemistry

Western Blot and ELISA

Protein purification, Estimation of total protein by Folin-Lowry method, Biurete method and Bradford’s method.

Technical skills

Statistics: SPSS (One sampled test, independent sample test, paired sample test), ANOVA, Post-Hoc tests Microsoft office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outook

Bioinformatics: BLAST, NEB cutter, ExPasy, ProtParam, PepSraw, RandSeq Instruments: Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Light Cycler, Nanodrop, Analytical balance, Fluorimetry,, Atomic Spectroscopy, Conductivity, Thin Layer Chromatography, HPLC and GC, Micropipettes and Pipettes

Page 3


Coauthored: Harshal, A., D'souza, R.W., Kazi, S.Z., Indulkar, S.S., Gadani, A.S. and Sharma, A. Nucleotide Sequences of novel fluorescent Klebsiella from oral swabs of smokeless tobacco consumers. Under the Accession Bank It 1741524 KM186520 to Gen Bank released on NCBI, EMBL & DDBJ, 8th Oct. 2014

Trainings and certifications

Chemical Hygiene Plan Training

Biosafety and Biosecurity Basic

GCP for clinical trials with

Investigational Drugs and

Medical Devices

Human Research- Health

Information Privacy and


Hazardous Waste Generation


Export Control Cause

IRB Chairs

Laboratory Safety Training

Human Research and

Biomedical Research


5S Training

Biomedical Responsible

Conduct of Research

Conflicts of interest

Human Research- Stem Cell



Presented my work on “Sf-rhabdovirus infectivity assay development”

Presented my work on “Metagenomic Characterization of Eukaryotes, Bacteria and Viruses using MinION- A Pilot Study”

Poster Presentation on “Characterization of TauC3 antibody and demonstration of its potential to block tau propagation” by Samantha Nicholls et al, PLOS ONE (2017); 12,5

Presented my work on “Study of Salivary Markers in Tobacco Consuming Population” at the University Grants Commission sponsored 7th Research Scholars Meet

Poster Presentation in Research Meet organized by Konark Group in association with K.C. College Declaration

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of above mentioned particulars. Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Racheal D’Souza

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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