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Computer Engineer

Devon, Pennsylvania, United States
August 09, 2018

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Kusuma Mounica Ankala

Email: Ph: 484-***-****


• 2+ years of professional experience in designing, developing and customizing Internet of Things Applications.

• Experience in Microcontroller Programming (8051, Genie, NI), Sensor Interfacing, Debugging and creating end-end prototypes using various Microcontrollers and RTOS devices.

• Experienced in Developing Real Time User Interactive Devices using front end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery)

• Expertise in Analyzing, Requirement Gathering, Structuring and Developing a complete prototype from scratch and with strong ability to debug and fix the issues.

• Good experience with configuring and using MQTT broker to send commands and receive events from devices.

• Ability to draw ER diagrams and experience using databases like MySQL, MarkLogic writing scripts

(Queries) and using Normalization on the databases.

• Active participation in user testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing and in preparation of test plans.

• Highly committed to responsibilities with good analytical skills, interested to learn new technologies.

• Self-motivated with excellent Communications skills, ability to work independently/team and perform well. EDUCATION

Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA Dec 2018

Master of Science in Computer Engineering. GPA:3.63/4.00

• Coursework: Embedded Systems Architecture, Adv. Digital Des. Using FPGAs, Computer Organ & Design, Trusted Computing, Cryptography and Network Security, Ethical Hacking, Database Systems, Internet of Things, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers.

• Worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for the following courses- Intro to Electronics & Applications, Analog Electronics, computer & Network Security. VRSEC, Vijayawada, India May 2016

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communications Engineering. GPA:3.98/4.00 TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming Languages: Java, Python, Embedded C, SQL

• Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery

• Databases: MySQL, Oracle 11g, MS SQL, MarkLogic, MangoDB

• Tools: Eclipse, Arduino, Keil μvision, Atom, Anaconda, Intellij, Sublime text, MySQLWorkbench

• Servers: Apache Tomcat

• Operating Systems: Windows, Unix

• Cloud Mlabs

• Testing Frameworks: Junit, Selenium, Postman, Soap UI, TestNG WORK EXPERIENCE

Smart Box Jan 2018

• Developing a Real-Time Prototype of a box with embedded sensors controlled by Raspberry Pi which provides secure authentication to the user and the delivery agent

• Designed to prevent package loss and miss-delivery, saving time and re-delivery costs.

• Cloud Integrated which provides live authentication replacing the traditional passcode locking mechanism.

• Used Rest for Communication between the Pi and MLabs(Cloud database) and used JSON as communication mode for REST. Equipped with Sensors to prevent Box Theft. Technologies Used: Raspberry pi 3, Sensors (EM Lock, Load Cell, HX711, Electric Strike, 5” TFT Display), REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, mLab.

Database for Smart Community May 2017

• Created a relational Database for a housing community to handle lease, tenant information and various activities. Developed an Entity Relationship Diagram and mapping relational schema from ERD satisfying Schema to be in 3rd Normal Form. Implemented a set of SQL queries along with few complex queries such as JOINS etc., to populate, retrieve and update the content in DB on MySQL Server.

• Developed a NOSQL Database for the same community on MarkLogic Server. Data stored in the form of JSON documents. Loaded Bulk data to MarkLogic Server using JavaScript. Implemented queries for adding, accessing and to manage the data stored in the database using JavaScript and cts search API. Technologies Used: MySQL Workbench, MySQL Server, MarkLogic, SQL, JSON, JavaScript. Intern- Que Technologies: Jan 2016 - May 2016

• Developed a Smart Home that is equipped with various sensors providing live updates to the user as well as allowing user to control the Home Appliances remotely.

• Implemented emergency alert systems taking input from various sensors and detecting emergency situations and notifying the user.

• Designed, Developed and Tested Smart House prototype for use in the insurance and Smart Home domain.

• Used Raspberry Pi to connect to the sensors like temperature, water, fire, vibration, gas etc., to form a smart house network to monitor the house.

• Hands on experience in consuming REST services using JSON.

• Used SQL Queries to create Schemas, tables, sequences, Views and to insert and retrieve data from the respective tables.

Technologies Used: Python, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap, PHP, AJAX, MQTT, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Apache Tomcat, Blynk App.

Intern- Vijayawada Municipal Corporation May 2015 – Nov 2015

• Worked with the local authority in developing a collective solution for waste management across the city

• Used sensors like Ultra Sonics, humidity to determine when the trash bin is full and need to be picked up eliminating the regular routine of waste collection with lot of disadvantages.

• Created a centralized network with cloud connectivity and a user interface to check which dustbins are full and would notify the concerned people with the list of dustbins to be collected that day. Technologies Used: Python, HTML, CSS, Java Script, REST, Raspberry Pi, NoSQL, Apache Tomcat. Inferno Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

• Designed and Developed a responsive single page website using advanced HTML5 tags with latest design techniques, fluid animations using CSS3 keyframes and made responsive design to fit all screen resolutions.

• Designed, modelled and Implemented database using MySQL and created advanced animations using JavaScript and jQuery.

Demo: Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe illustrator, JavaScript, jQuery. Robotics

• Worked as an active member of Robo Club, Vijayawada.

• Conducted several Robotic workshops for undergraduates.

• Worked on several robotics projects like Line Follower, Obstacle avoidance, Garage Automation, Traction Control Robot, Robo Golf.

• Learned to interface various sensors to different microcontrollers and develop robots as per the problem statement for the competition.

• Learned to debug the code in Keil μvision. Ability to choose the microcontroller based on the requirements.

• Experienced in guiding a team to reach specific targets in a time period, which is very important while preparing for a technical competition.

• Won in various Robotic competitions(Line Follower, Obstacle avoidance, RoboGolf, Aquaria).

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