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Test Lead

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
August 20, 2018

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Vijaya Shashidhar Thalloju


Qualifications MTech in Computer Science

JNTU, India

Global Business Services


Languages Hindi




Cell Number +91-990*******


Professional experience


Onsite Experience - Worked as a Sr Test Specialist in SAP/Mainframe for a top European Bank UBS AG Switzerland.

Holding H-1B approved petition from OH and ready to relocate to USA.

Having 12 years of total experience including Mainframe, SAP (FS-AM, FICO), Mobile and Manual Testing - Web Applications. Well versed in technical and profound focus on Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Telecom Domains.

Key Skills

Mainframe (JCL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, File-Aid, File-Manager, PDX, XREF, Endevor, SPUFI, QMF, CA7, OPC, IOF, SAR, ELIPS), SAP FICO, FS-AM (Financial Services Account Management) Module, JIRA, Quality Centre, Test Link, TRAC, Perfecto Mobile Tool.

Career History

05/2011 - To date

IBM India Pvt Ltd, India

Sr Test Specialist

Worked as Sr Test Specialist in Assembler to Cobol Migration Testing assignment for Broadridge Financial Solutions Client Hyderabad location.

10/2009 - 05/2011

Applabs India Pvt Ltd, India

Senior Mainframe Test Specialist

Worked as Test Lead in PPI – Promotional Price Integration Project for Safeway Client Canada.

07/2007 - 04/2008

Verizon Data Services, India


Worked as Analyst in Verizon NPD-SEFS Project - Verizon Billing Project.

Assignment History

05/2018 - To date

4 months

Broadridge Financial Solutions

Assembler to Cobol Migration Testing

Project Description Broadridge Financial Solutions applications designed in Assembler language are migrated from Assembler to Cobol. IBM had a sub contract with SML (Software Migration Limited) a third party vendor involved in Migrating Broadridge Financial Solutions application from Assembler to Cobol using a Migration Tool.

Position: - Sr Test Specialist


Involved in debugging of components using Intertest debugging tool.

Involved in component level testing of programs from Assembler to Cobol.

Involved in defect triage calls.

Involved in compiling and uploading components into PDX - Source Code version control tool.

03/2016 - 08/2017 18 months

UBS AG Switzerland

CCA - Core Cash Accounting

Project Description: The Business domain Core Cash Accounting is responsible for position keeping for cash accounts in all end of day interest calculations. CCA main functionality is the Interest calculation when settlement occurs on the accounts. The main business functions include Account keeping, Calculating and processing of periodic and non-periodic interest settlements, Conducting re-booking orders, Maintenance of Interest conditions, Processing cash postings, Delivering data for creation of interest statements and Administering Interest conditions.

Position Sr Test Analyst


•Collaborating closely with design development and project management teams to ensure testing protocols met.

•Preparing ‘Query Log' to track the gaps in Requirements and discussing the gaps with SMEs’ and Dev team.

•Communicating with clients and stakeholders to test for client requirements correctly.

•Attending daily scrum calls to give testing updates to scrum master.

•Working closely with developers, SME/Business Analyst's to resolve technical and functional issues.

•Analysing results and documenting findings for presentation at project team meetings.

•Recommending changes to make applications more efficient and intuitive.

•Approaching applications from a client and end-user perspective.

•Performing detailed test case design and executing tests.

•Test Case setup for System, Regression and Production Readiness Verification testing.

•Tracking action items / review comments /defects /clarifications to closure.

•Defects analysing, raising, reviewing and tracking to closer.

•Publishing test summary reports.

•Updating test plan status to the test manager on a weekly basis

04/2015 - 02/2016 11 months

Nationwide Insurance

Customer Service Billing

Project Description: Nationwide is one of the largest Insurance and financial services company in the world. Nationwide consist of 3 core businesses – Domestic Property, Casualty & Life Insurance, Asset Management. Nationwide Billing System is for all lines of business including Auto, Fire, Commercial, Life/Wealth, Allied and THI. Basic functionalities are Generating Bills, Processing Payments, Generating Warning Notices, Processing Cancellations, Handling Refunds, Collection Etc.

Position Senior Test Specialist (Mainframes)


• As a Senior Test Analyst responsible for Analysing Requirements,

• Responsible for designing Test Cases in Quality Centre.

• Performing System, Regression and E2E Testing of Nationwide Billing System BAM

•Responsible for executing test cases in Quality Centre

•Defect tracking and Bug reporting

•Defect Triage Calls with Client and Development Teams

•Following up with Development team for defect resolution

•Preparing status reports and defect reports for daily status meetings

11/2014 - 03/2015 5 months

Standard Life UK

Chrysalis – 2015+ Stagers

Project Description: Chrysalis is the program name covering the latest changes to the corporate pensions market in the UK demanded by the Government and Regulator. The 2015+ Stagers project is part of the wider Chrysalis program but focused on the offering to existing clients who have staging dates from April 2015 onwards. Covering some 12000 existing schemes spanning current and legacy products, the aim is to encourage clients to move to a new GFRP scheme. This project covers the Pup and Upgrade process to move clients from legacy products to a new GFRP scheme.

Position: Test Lead


• Coordination with Offshore team on a regular basis to monitor KT activities and escalate any issues/gaps to the management at appropriate time.

•Prepared ‘Query Log' to track the gaps in Requirements and discussed the gaps with SMEs’ and Dev team.

•Responsible for attending daily scrum calls to give testing updates to scrum master.

•Raising and monitoring access related issues by closely working with LSA help desk and ensuring that resources have all the necessary access to perform day to day activities.

•Prepared Understanding documents and shared to offshore team.

•Working closely with developers, SME/Business Analyst's to resolve technical and functional issues.

•Identifying Test Data required for testing and setting up the same for all releases.

•Responsible for attending daily Defect Triage meeting.

•Providing support to other teams like Performance and Automation teams when and ever required by helping them with application related knowledge and MF batch jobs.

•Preparation of daily and weekly status report.

•Tracking action items / review comments /defects /clarifications to closure.

•Identification of various scenarios for Regression Testing.

•Analysing test results documented and reported bugs found during testing.

•Planning and execution of Regression, Functionality, Integration testing and System testing.

12/2013 - 10/2014 11 months

Commonwealth Bank Australia

HLS – Salary Sacrifice

Project Description: HLS is the acronym of Home Loan System, performs administration and maintenance of different home loans products. HLS system is a main source of income for CBA, receiving interest from approx 860,000 loans. It has many interfaces, from receiving monetary transactions, servicing transactions and creating interface files for various other CBA applications, as well as producing reports and producing Correspondences & statements to be send to customers. HLS System includes both batch and online components - online screens used for creation of new loans, doing maintenance to the loans, and setting up system parameters, batch jobs are mainly to apply any daily monetary transactions to the loans, calculate interest, produce correspondences & statements, produce reports, produce interface files, and close repaid loans.

Position: Senior Mainframe Test Specialist


• Analysis of the Requirements provided by the client.

•Test Object Matrix preparation and Client walk through.

•Test Case Design – System, Regression and End-to-End Testing

•Executing test cases in Quality Centre

•Defect tracking and Bug reporting

•Defect Triage Calls with Client and Development Teams

•Following up with Development team for defect resolution

08/2012 - 12/2013 17 months

State Farm Insurance, Bloomington US

Project Description: Management of Financial Information (MFI) will provide the ability for Customers, Agents, and the Customer Care Network to add, delete, modify, store, leverage, and view available financial information. This enterprise solution will allow for increased security around customers financial information and consistency in the management of data. Mainly focus on creating a financial database to hold financial account information and provide that information to various other systems.

Position Test Analyst


• Analysis of the Requirements provided by the clients

•Functional study of the application and acquiring business knowledge

•Authoring Test Cases – System, Regression and End-to-End Testing

•Executing test cases in Test Link

•Functional Testing on Smart phones and Tablets using Perfecto Mobile application.

•Defect tracking and Bug reporting

•Defect Triage Calls with Client and Development Teams

•Following up with Development team for defect resolution

05/2011 - 08/2012 16 months

SunTrust Bank Atlanta

ETO Release Testing

Project Description: Release Testing involves integration and client acceptance testing between various mainframe applications. General Ledger is the core of company’s financial records. This constitute central “books” of system, and every transaction flows through the General Ledger. These records remain as a permanent track of the history of all financial transactions. GL daily cycle usually runs after collecting interface files from various applications. GL, VR and MO application participates in all the ICAT,AITC, INTG and PRDR Cycles as these are core application in Release Testing. GL application has interfaces with many applications. ICAT, AITC, INTG and PRDR cycles follow the dates as per the release calendar. The release calendar is used as single reference point for all the activities that comprise a release.

Position Senior Mainframe Test Specialist


• Data Capture and Restores activities

•Change order creation for holding the production jobs

•Data Capture jobs monitoring, releasing the production jobs which are on hold

•Environment clean-up activities

•Environment preparation, monitoring batch, CA-7 updates, and JCL Scans

•Test Case Execution

Prior Experience 10/2009 - 05/2011

20 months

Safeway Retail - Canada

Safeway - Promotional Price Integration

Project Description: Promotional Price Integration (PPI) is a Safeway initiative to eliminate the dependency for manual support of pricing promotions. The solution will automate the pricing of promotions coming from the Promotion Planning and Optimization system (PPO) using the pricing provided by PPO. The solution will populate the pricing information into the SSIMS database. This process is intended to reduce overhead, error at several points in the process, and time currently being consumed to perform this operation.


• Requirement Analysis

• Functional study of the application and acquiring Business knowledge of the System

• Preparing Requirement Ambiguity Report

• Test Case preparation for System, Regression and End-to-End Testing

• Test JCLS/PROCS preparation.

• System, Regression and End-to-End test execution

• Defect tracking and bug reporting

• Defect Triage Calls with Client and Development Teams

• Following up with Development team for defect resolution

07/2007 - 04/2008

10 months

NPD-SEFS (Service and Equipment File system)

Project Description NPD System is a Telecom billing system that deals with billing of retail and wholesale customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware regions. NPD Billing system has around eight applications that operates and functions for enabling customer billing processing order information, maintaining customer product details, account information, generating and formatting customer bills are the core functionality of NPD Billing system. Once customer service orders are completed for provisioning, service orders enters NPD system that takes care of producing customer bill details by processing the completed service orders, extracting customer information, service orders, computing taxes and discounts thereby generating money and account information in bill.


• Analysis of the SRS provided by the client.

• Acquiring business knowledge of the system and documenting the knowledge acquired

• Creating Service Orders for System and regression testing

• Defect tracking and bug reporting

• Involved in Defect Triage Calls

Other relevant information

Other job-related Trained in Pega PRPC 6.2 and 7.0 versions. Having good knowledge in Pega Tool.


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