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Portland, Oregon, United States
July 22, 2018

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Do you have an editor on your staff? Do you appreciate the critical value an editor can add to your products? If you believe that your copywriters can edit their own content, then I paraphrase the old proverb, “He who acts as his own editor has a fool for a client.” Don’t embarrass yourselves and ruin a potentially lucrative campaign with unnecessary and rookie grammatical mistakes. A fresh set of eyes is essential to creating a perspective that not only spots errors but elevates your advertising and marketing materials to achieve unprecedented results.

I propose that you consider hiring me as an editor. Please see my attached resume.

I might just be the perfect addition to your team. I am a meticulous yet flexible copy editor with five years’ experience in advertising and marketing. I edited copy for various clients and used sound, creative judgment while remaining a sensitive and tactful team player. I understand that some material calls for articulately crafted sentences with multi-syllabic words targeted at highly educated audiences. And some only a sentence fragment.

Having edited and applied many client style and brand guidelines, I welcome the challenge of adapting to different industry demands and enjoy the puzzle of manipulating language to suit product needs. Of course, standard expectations of such a job always include meeting tight daily deadlines and juggling multiple projects while maintaining editing excellence.

I work well independently, yet I love collaborating with colleagues. I have been praised for my calm, collegial professionalism while keeping copywriters, art directors, and account executives happy with my speedy, detailed, and well-researched work. In this world of “alternative facts,” it’s more important than ever to seek the truth while accepting constructive criticism. Whether I’m tackling short- or long-form copy, I read with vigilance for accuracy, voice, clarity, and consistency and always check my Chicago Manual of Style.

I enjoy the hands-on challenge of copy editing and seek to return to it. That is the work I love, and thus what I do best. In addition to my agency experience, I have also edited retail and financial services materials. My years as a publishing project manager simply added organization and time management to my skills.

I recently shared an article on LinkedIn about clarity of language, featuring this pointed quote from Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” As a published author, myself, I appreciate an editor who can clear away the clutter and unearth the gem inside. A good editor works with the styles of different copywriters, not against them. She brings out the shine in the diamond she doesn’t cut a new one.

Please do not be put off by my current address in the Boston area. I grew up in Portland, and am moving back as soon as possible. My family and several friends are all encouraging me to return, so I am highly motivated. I would be happy to arrange for an interview at your convenience.

I leave you with this LinkedIn recommendation from a marketing copywriter colleague in Boston:

Margaret made me a better writer every day! I would have been lost without her. I've worked with some editors who feel it necessary to mock or criticize writers not Margaret. She is never judgmental, always helpful. She works quickly but never at the expense of accuracy. I learned a lot about writing from Margaret. On a personal note, Margaret is as kind as she is talented. Any company would be better off with her as its editor.

I hope I have convinced you to consider adding me to your team. Editing is the critical layer of scrutiny that can enhance any writing, and I believe I have the skills, flexibility, and passion to enrich it even more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Margaret Park Bridges



Wise and flexible copy editing and proofreading of diverse materials in marketing and other industries. A knack for spotting errors, tightening language, and clarifying jargon in layman’s terms, while not presuming to rewrite.

Creative writing and a strong belief that the craft of clear writing can and should be applied to business materials within the bounds of product need and house style.

Skillful project management of several concurrent projects. Sound judgment in addressing the unique needs of each project and a keen eye for recognizing the forest as well as the trees.


Senior Content Manager, Cengage Learning, Boston, MA (recent new title due to company reorg; prior 9 years as CPM)

As Content Project Manager, I successfully oversaw the production of several college textbook projects in various disciplines. Responsible for ensuring quality, accuracy, schedule, and budget compliance for printed texts and e-books.

Senior Project Editor, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA (6 years)

Managed the production of a dozen college textbooks per year in several disciplines by various outsourced vendors. Responsibilities included checking page proof and approving copy editing samples.

Senior Editor, Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA (2 years)

Successfully copy edited and proofread Learning & Communications sales training materials. Adapted quickly to financial industry terminology using company style guide. Met tight daily deadlines and managed a large volume of work. Collegial relationships with instructional designers, design team, and fellow editors.

Managing Editor/Copy Chief, Candlewick Press, Cambridge, MA (1 year)

Managed in-house copy editor and proofreader and oversaw the production of all young adult and picture books.

Managing Editor, Beacon Press, Boston, MA (4 years)

Managed the copy editing, proofreading, and production of entire list at this independent non-fiction trade publisher. Edited the publishing catalog and initiated electronic text editing.

Senior Editor, Parrish Wickersham & Partners (later absorbed by Arnold Advertising), Boston, MA (2 years)

Successfully copy edited and proofread print and broadcast media materials for diverse clients at direct marketing agency. Cheerfully provided flexible collaboration with copywriters, art directors, and creative directors.

Editor, Bronner Slosberg Humphrey Inc. (later Digitas), Boston, MA (3 years)

Copy edited and proofread print and broadcast media materials for diverse clients at direct marketing agency. Adapted to the needs of each client and product.


Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME. B.A. English

Institute of European Studies, study abroad program, Paris, France

New York University, New York, NY. Continuing Education: Copy Editing/Proofreading


One novel and eight children’s picture books in print.

Author website:

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