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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Houston, Texas, United States
July 16, 2018

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Rifat Akon

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Houston, TX-*****

Tel: 281-***-****

Cell: 832-***-****



September 1992 To June 1997

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

University of Toronto

Sidney W. Brickman Award In Plant Design

Designed lift gas compression process, heat exchangers and performed mass and heat balance calculations for a gas sweetening plant.

Related Course Work

Process Engineering, Separation Processes, Applied Organic Chemistry, Applied Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Reaction Kinetics

Computer Skills

ASPEN PLUS, PROII, Hydraulic Circuit Simulation programs (D0603, SYSTOOLS, Flash Program), VISIO, HYSIM (Process Heat and Material Balance Simulation), CMS (Cambridge Materials Selector), NMR SIMULATOR, WORD, EXCEL.

STATUS: US Citizen


November 2015 To Date

Math/Science Teacher Full-time

Iman Academy, Houston, Texas

Math/Science Teacher for 8th grade Algebra-1, 9th grade Geometry, 10th grade Algebra-2, 9th grade Biology, and 10th grade Chemistry.

Assist the 4th grade Teacher to grade student performance in class, homework, exams, project work. The subjects to be graded are Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies for 22 fourth-graders. Also, pull out students who need more tutoring to help them reach the desired capabilities. Other duties include supervising the students during recess outside the class or on field trips

Attended workshop for Professional Development

Completed onlineTest Administration Training

Monitor AP (Advanced Placement) testing for college applicants

Teaching Algebra-1 and Algebra-2 to summer students who are trying to earn credits to be able to graduate early.

Rifat Akon / 2

May 2011 To January 2015

Process Engineer

Jacobs Engineering, Houston, Texas

Responsibilities as Process Engineer for the TCACP Project in BP Texas City Refinery:

Replace the old control system (Foxboro Delta-V) by installing the new DCS control system for safety enhancement and greater efficiency of BP’s Texas City Refinery. This involved marking up the P&ID’s for CAD to generate drawings for the Hot Cutover scope while the units are still running. Also, during turnaround the P&ID’s are marked up again to finish the rest of the Cutover scope. Another essential step before issuing and sending the drawings to the field, was to take the drawings for PHA(Process Hazard Analysis) meetings and incorporate any comments/changes or recommendations. Then, ensure in the final step that the process drawings are approved by the client after work is completed in the field. This controls upgrade was done for the Units, SRU, Alkylation, RHU, PS3A, PS3B, FCCU, AU2, DDU, RDU, COKER A/B/C, Blowdown, Scrubber and VRU.

Also worked closely with the Controls group by providing them with PCD’s (Process Condition Diagram), CCD’s (Corrosion Condition Diagrams) and Process Safety time calculations.

To further my career, attended training sessions in ASPEN PLUS, PROII at Jacobs IT computer labs.

December 2008 To January 2010

Process Systems Engineer

Shaw Energy and Chemicals, Houston, Texas

Responsibilities as Process Engineer for the Saudi Ras Tunara Gas Plant Project:

Consistency Check for P&ID’s and Process Datasheets, PSV calculations, Hydraulic Calculations for Fluid Catalytic Crackers, Verify and Incorporate Hazop comments for P&ID’s. The client received all documents in a timely fashion which led to the proposal phase.

For the Fluid Catalytic Cracker, my focus was checking the line sizing between the Catalyst Regenerator, Reactor Riser and

the Reactor for Gas Oil Feed, Steam supplies, Combustion Air.

For the PSV’s the datasheets were populated by performing the required PSV calculations to determine the inlet/outlet lines

of the relieving systems.

March 2006 To October 2008

Process Systems Engineer

CB&I Lummus, Houston, Texas

Responsibilities as Process Engineer for the Petrotrin Project, Argentina:

Prepare deliverables such as P&ID’s, Equipment Datasheets, Instrument Datasheets, Line Lists and Calculation Books

Programs used were ENID for Line List, Point to Point Pressure Profile for Hydraulic Circuit calculations, IDOCS for managing all deliverables issued for FEED (Front End Engineering Design).

Also some preliminary P&ID development to show the coker drums for the coker unit was initiated for increased scope of

work per client.

January 2001 To October 2002

Systems Engineer

Kellogg Brown & Root (a Halliburton Company), Houston, Texas

Responsibilities as Systems Engineer for the Exxon Expansion Project Bay Town:

P&ID (Process and Instrumentation Diagram) development and Hydraulic Circuit Calculations for sizing pipe lines, pumps, control valves, flowmeters, compressors, exchangers, vessels and fluid characterization analysis using Chemical Engineering software for debottle necking existing ethylene plant expansion projects.

In this scope of work, I indicated all 2-phase flow occurance and then using in-house software report 2-phase flow

Characterization with line sizing.

Rifat Akon / 3

May 2005 To May 2006

Volunteer, Assistant Curriculum Coordinator

Islamic Education Institute of Texas, Houston, Texas

Assisting in the preparation of DCA (District Common Assessment) for the three Darul Arqam Schools by collecting resources relevant to state objective skills for generating the DCA tests.

December 2003 To May 2005

Class Teacher

Darul Arqam Islamic School

South East Zone, Houston, Texas

Teaching 3rd grade in the subject areas of Math, Science, Language and Social Studies in the context of an Islamic environment by reinforcing the Islamic regulations and codes of behavior as required by the school administration and also supervising outdoor activities under the same guidelines

March 2000 To December 2000

Volunteer, Assistant Manager

Advanced Computer Systems, Webster, Texas

Assisting in Technical Support and Sales by resolving customer issues concerning the computer system/components of their interest

June 1998 To April 1999

Quality Control Program

Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT)

Advanced project involved Method Development and Validation of a High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) method. This established a reliable HPLC technology for component analysis of drug substances.

June 1996 Summer Volunteer

Supervisor Assistant

Chemical Engineering Dept., University of Toronto

Trained and supervised summer student in performing analytical techniques involving titrimetric methods to determine the pH level of a given test solution.

Summer Job 1994

Research Assistant

Chemistry Department, York University

Conducted laboratory tests for the development of a thermal threshold sensor based on principles of paper chromatography (PC). A color code was developed for the sensor to give the temperature and exposure time of the sample affixed with the thermal sensor.

Summer Job 1993

Chemical Reading Room Library Assistant

Chemical Engineering Dept., University of Toronto

Organized Chemical Reading Room by carrying out an inventory, typing catalogue cards, filing thesis documents

in order to facilitate students searching for reference material and documents.

814 Ramada Drive

Houston, Texas

TX – 77062

Tel: 281-***-****

Cell: 832-***-****


February 9, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to apply for the position of a Process/Systems Engineer. I have completed my Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto in Canada, June 1997. In addition, my relevant experience in the United States have well prepared me to perform the duties you require for this position.

In my work experience, I have been involved in five ethylene plant projects, a Fluid Catalytic Cracker for a gas plant in the Ras Tanara project and BP TCACP project in the Texas City Refinery. As a Process Systems Engineer, the goal of my job activities was to deliver client approved P & ID’s for chemical plant design and construction.

My job process involved the use of Hydraulic Circuit Simulation programs such as D0603 for setting up a defined hydraulic circuit, Flash Program for two-phase occurrence and SYSTOOLS for fluid characterization in two-phase flow. The results were the sizing of pipelines in single and two-phase flow, pumps, control valves, flow-meters, compressors and exchangers to initiate P & ID development. Another of my major tasks was to train recent graduates in using the different Hydraulic Simulation programs and assign circuits for them to design.

Given my educational background in Chemical Engineering and related experience, I believe I can contribute in a chemical engineering teamwork. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to further discuss my career objectives with you.


Rifat Akon


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