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Coordinator, Faculty Head Science

Jalandhar, Punjab region, India
October 04, 2018

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Meenakshi Chaudhary

TEL: 987-***-****, 738*******



I am an experienced, qualified, highly-motivated and disciplined education professional, who has worked on wide range of teaching and leadership roles. A Biology Teacher by core competency, I am highly organised with a verifiable track record in fields such as developing teaching methodologies, resolving conflicts, teacher performance evaluations, designing improvement plans, troubleshooting immediate issues. I have vast experience in need analysis, analysing gaps and impacts of organisational requirements, implementing educational initiatives and designing research based curriculums to achieve optimum performance by pupils.


15 x years of experience in leadership role as Head of Science Faculty (senior school) with consistent achievement of 100% subject result among Class XII students in the last 10 years.

More than 15 x years of teaching experience as Post-Graduate Biology Teacher, supporting and helping students to achieve optimum results, with subject average between 79 – 85% in the last five years, by effectively using varied teaching methodologies such as direct teaching, flipped classroom, Design Thinking (Case Method), Self-Learning and Gamification.

15 x years’ experience in supervision and management of educational events, science fairs and exhibitions and cultural-social events at inter-school and inter-state level.

15 x years of experience in financial budgeting, fundraising and resource planning to deliver educational events, science fairs, social and community projects.

15 x years’ experience of using effective communication methods in teaching like classroom lectures, Power-Point presentations, using logs, diagrams, tables, videos and flow chart diagrams to present complex subject.

15 x years’ experience of successfully chairing and replacing the school principal in meetings and seminars, to maintain overall stability and cultural direction of the school.

Good ability of interpreting laws and regulatory compliance requirements such as Safety and Security of School Children, Data Protection, Prevention of Bullying, Adolescent Education.

10 x years’ experience of defining and active implementation of policies to make education accessible to all, without physical and/or economical discrimination and barriers.

Keen blogger with good working knowledge of MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and database concept such as Student Database Management Systems.


Delhi Public School, Bhatinda, Punjab (March 2006 - present)

Head of the Science Faculty

Role: Working as a Head of Science Faculty, my role is to provide leadership and general direction to the department of science, in order to achieve continuous excellence in imparting theoretical and practical education to senior classes.

It involves leading a team of 24 x teaching and non-teaching staff, leading taskforces focused on curriculum development, recruiting and training science faculty, chairing and serving on school committees, facilitating brainstorming sessions, performing textbook reviews, ensuring laboratory facilities in top condition, and leading student involvement programmes to encourage analytical and scientific outlook among students.

Skills: The role requires skills like human resource development, conflict management, investigating and problem solving skills, attention to details, organisational and communication skills to involve all stakeholders at all levels. Some of the key achievements are as below:

Lead and support department of science to achieve excellence in providing scientific and analytical bend of mind among students. Role requires monitoring and evaluating job performances, gathering requirements from students and staff, analysing gaps and fulfilling the identified requirements.

Result: This has resulted in a highly motivated, skilled and trained team enjoying their work in a result oriented environment. The school has been consistently achieving subject average between 79 – 85% in the last 10 x years in class XII exams in CBSE.

Manage relationship with parents, respond and resolved difficult and/or sensitive students/ parents, answer faculty inquiries, resolve complaints and deal with positive and negative feedbacks. Implement coherent, research-based conflict management techniques with required consultations.

Result: Science department continually adjudged as the best managed department for last 10 years, on the basis of Parents-Students annual surveys carried out by the school.

As an overall in-charge of science laboratories of the school, I oversee the safe and healthy environment, cleanliness and stock taking of labs. This involves defining and implementing health and safety policies, carrying out regular risk assessments, conducting safety drills, completing safety reports, maintaining Incident and near-miss log to ensure absolutely safe environment for students and staff.

Result: No major incident or near-miss reported in last 10 years.

Class Representative (For XI and XII classes)

Role: To lead a team of 12 x teachers, oversees and manages their activities for year XI and year XII classes, to ensure that students get maximum teaching hours and have access to the highest quality of classroom experience.

The job includes collaborating and liaising with other disciplines and departments to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning, supervision and line-management of teaching staff, coordinating with faculty to improvise standard test procedures, participate in personal development programs of faculty staff, oversee mandatory registrations with CBSE and supervision, co-ordination of written and practical exams, lead parent-teacher conferences, and oversee educational field trips.

Skills: The role involves skills like man-management, conflict management, investigating issues, resolving issues, validating requirements from teachers and communicating with diverse internal and external teams at all level. Key achievements are as below:

Prepared timetables, maintained students’ records, and supervised scheduled staff and student rotations.

Developed popular after-school study labs to provide impetus to students to help scoring higher grades.

Developed and delivered need based training programmes to faculty members, on teaching best practices, research and evidence based teaching techniques and subject specific trainings.

Post-Graduate Biology Teacher (Senior school – Class XI and Class XII)

Role: Working as a Post-Graduate teacher, the role involves imparting classroom education in teaching basic and advance concepts of Biology, in accordance with the syllabus of the subject as a minimum. The role demands to tutor senior students, assume role of a mentor and a guidance counselor, as per student’s specific needs.

Skills: The work requires knowledge of latest research and best practices in Biology, organizational skills, ability to plan in advance, ability to assess students’ strengths/weaknesses, patience, having understanding and caring attitude. It involves consistent attention on students’ performance, behavioral changes and loading information appropriately to offer education as fun to learn. Key achievements are as below:

Effectively tutored year XI and year XII students using traditional and modern teaching methodologies such as direct teaching, flipped classroom, Design Thinking (Case Method), Self-Learning and Gamification.

Result: Consistent involvement and interest of students in Biology specifically, and science in general. Consistently achieved 100% passing rate among year XI and year XII students for the last 10 x years.

Assistance to Principal / Vice Principal

Provided full-scope support to Principal and Vice-Principal, either in their absence or in collaboration with them, to budget, plan and coordinate educational events, literary seminars and graduation events on regularly basis for the last 10 x years.

Worked closely and served as assistant to the Principal in educational events, fundraising events, literary seminars and anti-bullying efforts.

Worked intimately through the resourcing, recruitment and interview process for new candidates, extended support to hired candidates during on-boarding period, provided continuous professional trainings and facilitated in adopting school policies and best practices.

Assisted principal/vice-principal in maintaining a safe and orderly school environment, by conducting all safety drills, completing safety reports, and overseeing the compliance with school/Department of Education rules, regulations and laws governing private schools in India. This includes maintaining a discipline during school - after-school hours in principal’s absence.

Assumed a role of overseeing, monitoring and carrying out periodic inspection of food hygiene, general cleanliness in facility areas, quality of food and water being offered in school cafeteria and canteen to ensure highest quality of food.

Perform duties as a member of various committees such as Disaster Management Committee, POCSO (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) committee, and regularly contributed with new and innovative ideas to form a policy framework and implementation of policies to ensure compliance and minimise any deviation from the laid policies.

Assumed role of first contact for a venerable child to report against offences such as bullying, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and pornography. My job involves sensitively hear the grievance, formally register the incident in incident register, call committee meeting to discuss and resolve the issue and arrange qualified professionals if counselling facilities are required to support victim, their families.


R.E.D. Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar, Haryana. (2003 - 2005)

Post-Graduate Biology Teacher (senior school)

Tutored year XI and year XII students on various topics such as human, marine and plant biology.

Explained and illustrated biological concepts, theories in humans, plants, marine biology and micro-organisms.

Planned and prepared schedule for lectures and practical sessions.

Managed biology lab and supervised the annual science fair.

Sun Shine Public School, Kaithal, Haryana (2002 – 2003)

Post-Graduate Biology Teacher (senior school)

Tutored year XI and year XII students on various topics such as human, marine and plant biology.

Planned and prepared schedule for lectures and practical sessions.


Master of Philosophy in Botany from C. Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana, India.

Master of Science (Botany) from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

Master of Education from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

Pursuing PG Diploma in Education Management and Administration


Certificate in Teaching Student Leadership and Personal Development from British Council, UK.

Certificate in Core Skills for Teachers from British Council, UK.

Seminar on prevention of Bullying in schools, Organized by ICTRC, New Delhi.

Workshop on Adolescent Education Program, Organized by CBSE, New Delhi.

Workshop on Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation by CBSE, New Delhi.

Workshop on career guidance for senior classes in schools organized by CBSE, New Delhi.


I independently and successfully achieved highly acclaimed and prestigious, British Council of India’s International School Award (ISA) accreditation to the school, in year 2017. The school was awarded for consistently maintaining the excellence and innovation in pupil outcomes, enriching learning and improving teaching by guiding and introducing international education into the curriculum and within the school’s culture. I led multiple streams of evidence based projects, liaised and collaborated with three foreign schools, documented and presented the activities and outcomes as per requirements.

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