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Mechanical Engineer

San Jose, California, United States
October 01, 2018

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Chirag Shah ● ● 669-***-**** ● ● San Jose, CA 95134 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

• Detail-oriented Mechanical Engineer with 2.5+ years of experience skilled in design, integration and control of electromechanical robotics and automation systems

• CAD wizard with high proficiency using SolidWorks and PTC Creo in 3-d modeling, 2-d drafting with GD&T y 14.5 standards, tolerance analysis, sheet metal design and FEA Analysis (Thermal, Structural, Stress, Deflection).

• Experienced in dynamics, actuation and controls for mechatronics systems with different actuators like electro-hydraulic, servo and stepper control, under-actuated systems, etc.

• Award-winning team leader in international robotics competition

• Tenacious working professional with excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as good verbal and written communication skills including technical documentation and report writing SKILLS

• AutoCAD Certified Professional

• Experienced in robotics, motion control, vision systems, failure analysis, hands-on prototyping & testing, statistical analysis, PDM.

• Software Packages: CAD & Simulation/Analysis- SolidWorks, Inventor, PTC Creo, ANSYS, Mastercam, LabView, PMKS, Simulink, Automation Studio, SAS Programming - Visual Studio, PyCharm, ABB Automation Builder, ROS Other - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio.

• Programming Lang: C#, C++, Python, MATLAB, G-code Operating System: Windows, Linux Version Control: Git

• Prototyping: CNC Milling, Lathe, 3-D printing, CNC Turner, Machine shop tools. WORK EXPERIENCE

Mechanical Design Engineer (Contract) June ‘18 – Sept ‘18 Integra Technologies LLC

Worked on initial mechanical design, 3D modeling & creation of production drawings and maintenance of design data

Evaluated the accuracy of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results for the semiconductor chamber devices

Utilized mathematical equations to perform heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis

Coordinated with lead mechanical design engineer and technical project lead to develop engineering evaluation plan

Recommended analysis and test plans that will be used for design development.

Worked on project planning to continuously improve the accuracy of analysis processes and tools Mechanical Engineer (Robotics) May ’14 - Jul ‘15

Zenn Systems, India Robotics and automation industry

Worked on 6 DOF lightweight medium duty autonomous robot arm used for precise pick and place motion.

3-D modeling of base frame, arm & end effector with their electromechanical parts (motors, bearings, gear drives, camera)

Employed tolerance analysis in assembly of the parts to reduce manufacturing errors and cost.

Implemented PID control for accurate and reliable positioning of the servo-controlled robot end effector

Interfaced the camera system with the Arduino controller and infrared and proximity sensor for precise positioning.

FEA structural analysis of the robot end effector by subjecting it to loads and testing its force gripping capacity.

Design, thermal analysis and testing of heat sink for PCB boards w.r.t air flow and ambient temperature. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Research Engineer (Paid employment) Sept ’16 – May ‘18 Oregon State University (Research project for PCC Structurals)

Worked on creating a SolidWorks CAD tool to easily modify design of investment casting parts (due to casting shrinkage)

Developed a set of functions through SolidWorks API arranged in Add-In form to manage the shrinkage factors.

Functionalities developed: Remove fillets automatically, scale bodies (uniform & non-uniform along XYZ axes), set datum, scale planes, scale cylinders, translate cylinders (along XYZ axes & specified direction), chemical milling, adding fillets, history of design changes.

Developed a database storage and search method in C# for past designed parts which the casting engineers can retrieve.

Created a WPF GUI tool in Visual Studio that allows searching for parts through their design parameters Mechanical Design Engineer

Ganpat University (Research project for ABU Robocon) Aug’13 – May’14

Led the team to win the Best Rookie award in the Asiatic level competition.

Worked on a 4 wheeled motor and pneumatic robot and a motor controlled 3 DOF (RRR) autonomous robot.

Designed & optimized a light weight double acting pneumatic control system for rapid push and pull of the gripper.

Vendor management for DC and servo motors, gearbox assembly, pneumatic cylinder and valves & PCB boards

Improved robot grasping by calc. acting dynamic forces & achieving more contact of grasp by testing & evaluation.

Created part and assembly 2- d drawings of the components using GD&T standards. TEACHING/MENTORING EXPERIENCE

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Paid employment) March ’16 – Dec ‘16 Oregon State University

Teaching Assistant for ME 383: Mechanical Component Design (machine design) class for Spring and Fall 2016

Supervised a lab of 25 students in the reverse engineering, evaluation & analysis of mechanical products like bicycle mechanism, sewing machine, transfer case, reciprocating saw, apple peeler, hand winch, scissor jack and more.

Assessed the application of static and dynamic (fatigue) failure theories to machine components by students in the lab.

Analyzed the competitive analysis done by students on risk and reliability of the components ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Kinematic Analysis & Synthesis of an Extended 6 bar labeling mechanism Duration: 4 months

Performed kinematic analysis of the output link to modify the design for better labeling angle.

Analyzed highest angular acceleration points on the path of the link for identifying potential jerk areas.

Employed force, torque, stress & displacement analysis for the mechanism in SolidWorks Simulation & Motion Study tool to identify higher stress concentration areas and test the fatigue strength of the mechanism.

Designed & optimized a double action mechanism (implementing DFM principles) using a single motor input and reduced highest stress by a factor of 5

Doubled the no. of boxes labelled without much increase in stress, while providing good motor torque compensation. Hydraulic Arm Actuation & Control Duration: 4 months

Dynamic modeling of the double acting front arm cylinder of an electro-hydraulic crane

Modelled a mass spring damper mechanical system for the hydraulic cylinder using Simulink

Designed a PID controller for force & position control & worked to adjust the compliance present due to passive dynamics

Generated frequency response plots to analyze and identify best tunable stiffness values for force & position control Applied robotics: Fishing game robot Duration: 3 months

Designed a 3DOF (PRR) robot with one Arduino Uno controlled stepper conveyer base and 2 servo rotating arms

Implemented canny edge detection and hough transform algo. in OpenCV for feature detection using Logitech camera.

Prototyped aluminum base plate, X-Y carriage, linkages, flange & motor, shaft and camera mounts using machine shop tools and stamping, grinding, finishing and drilling processes. Tracking Control of an underactuated ship model Duration: 3 months

Modelled system dynamics of a ship using Simulink and achieved Lyapunov stability for velocity for the ship.

Designed a PID controller for tracking control of the ship and disturbance rejection

Designed an adaptive controller for improving the control quality in cases of large changes in mass and drag coefficients Automated design of a gear train Duration: 1.5 months

Developed an optimization algorithm to design a gear train with a smallest set of gears from the specified gear teeth.

Implemented AI tree search methods (using Python) like BFS, DFS, UCS and A* to find the optimal set of gears. Colored Pencil Packaging System Duration: 4 months

Won 3rd place in Source America’s design challenge, 2016

Process improvement of a colored pencil packaging system with constraints of operating with one hand.

Developed the functional model for the project by carefully analyzing the customer needs.

Identified and Evaluated potential failure causes of system components using FMEA analysis.

Conducted a DOE and prototyped proof of concept for pencils partitioning device applying industrial design principles using 3-d printer after identifying important design variables

Generated Bills of materials and created 2-d part drawings of the mechanical components using GD&T. Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Meta-Optimization Duration: 2 months

Implemented meta-optimization on MATLAB's gamultiobj function to find the Pareto front of multi-objective optimization test functions (Fonseca Fleming, Kursawe and Schaffer) using a Genetic Algorithm based on NSGA-II. Movie Genre Classification using Machine Learning Duration: 2 months

Task was classifying the movies into different genres using their plot summary from IMDB.

Implemented a Naïve Bayes Classifier with a multinomial model for classification.

Achieved an overall 80% test accuracy on a database of 12000 movie records containing 27 different genres EDUCATION

MS in Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Oregon State University GPA 3.53

Concentration in Mechanical Design & Robotics.

Coursework: actuator dynamics, design automation, design of mechanisms, DFMA, non-linear dynamic controls, lean manufacturing, modern product design, applied robotics, bio-inspired design, design optimization, machine learning. BTech in Mechatronics Engineering, 2014

Ganpat University, India GPA 3.6

Coursework: Strength of material, CAD/CAM, hydraulics pneumatics, Control Systems, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, engineering mathematics, PLC & Microcontrollers, machine design, electrical machines and drives. HONORS

Won 3rd place for optimized colored pencil packaging system at Source America’s Design Challenge 2016 in Washington, DC.

Team lead for Best Rookie Award team finishing 17/81 teams at ABU Robocon 2014 in Pune, India.

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