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Engineer Electrical

Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 71601, United States
September 30, 2018

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Rickey Foots


Obtain a position in which facilitates my abilities, with the opportunity to continue gaining experience that will enhance my growth with the said company.


Electrical Design

Electrical Calculations

Six sigma (Project Design Methods)

Lean Manufacturing (Process Structural Design)

ISO 9000, 9001 Certifications Implications Process- (SOP- Standard Operating Procedures)

TPM (Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Process) CMMS, KPI, OTD, JIT, etc.

Champs and SAP (Purchase Process)

National Dean Scholar

Graduate of Honors

PPE requirements

PAC experience (3yrs)

NEC code requirements

NFPA requirements

5,500,5000 Control Logix AB

Drive Configuration

Hydraulics & Pneumatics systems

CAD Design Experience

HVAC Experience

Tool & Die Experience (3yrs)

Week-in duty


Maintenance Tech STANT, USA Pine Bluff, AR 71602 Jan 2017 – Current

Maintenance Manager U.S. SUGAR Pine Bluff, AR 71612 Jul 2016 – Nov 2016

Oversee any issues concerning machine and assist with production requirements

Electrical Engineer MONDI GROUP Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71602 Nov 2013 – Jan 2016

Prepare scopes of works for Electrical layouts for new or upgrades of service to be completed by in-house maintenance or contractors

oLayout’s would show motor diagrams (CAD)

Horse power (motor)

Applied voltage

Transformer if necessary (sizing)

Landing points

Motor termination points

Panel installation

Breaker and disconnect of service

Wire gauge size

Diagram would show type of equipment to use

Run layout from bus bucket termination, conduit or cable tray placing

Control relay (anything size 1 starter)

oPerform risk assessment based on scope work to be performed

Proper PPE equipment needed

Permit needs

oUpgrades of lightning services panels

oNew transformer installation service

oPower distribution to facility and equipment within

Supervisor of Electrical & Engineering MONDI GROUP Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71602

Enhanced safety practices: SAFETY IS #1 PRIORITY

Held morning meetings with third shift to address concerns and obtain an action plan, based off those concerns from (5:30-6:00).

Held meetings with E & I planner and Electrical leadsman, to discuss meeting with third shift concerns and formulate action plan for concerns from (6:30-7:30).

oAsset concerns based on priority and availability manpower, as well as availability of materials needed to complete assignments. Scheduled work based on these factors in also production concerns.

oConfirm that all proper work orders are issued for assigned jobs being scheduled, and that they are recorded in CMMS system to monitor and maintain a cost reference for each work order.

oProduction would be notified if there were any concerns of a possible unscheduled shutdown possibility or need for a period of a scheduled shutdown, for the purpose making repairs.

oRisk assessments concerns would be discussed after each work assignment so a to cover all issues such as permit requirements, PPE equipment, and all regulations requirements concerning safety aspects of said assignments.

Area superintendents meeting would precede maintenance meeting to address any concerns in their area, or to address any break-in jobs they would performed or what possible effects maintenance assignments may have on their area from (8:30-9:30).

Over site SKU management system to ensure maximum advancement notice of any KPI concerns.

Used CMMS to maintain management over changes and cost control

Project Engineer MONDI GROUP Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71602

Managed projects in the amount of $1.5M

Experienced with both Time, Material, and Lump sum projects

oAll procedures must be followed when the decision is made to make changes such as:

MOC (Modification of Change Form)

Will list the change that is to take place

Have the signatures in place for approval of change

Date of change

Identification of change that is to take place

All layouts drawings should be completed

Drawings should show landings points for both power supply and communication termination if needed for PLC

Verification of equipment and material needed for change should be confirmed to be on site in prep in work location of work site.

Estimate time to complete work order should be listed on work order as well as who will be monitoring project in responsible for status reports, time schedules for reporting progress status should be covered a well.

If there are any unforeseeable problems with project notification it should be reported to the entire team immediately

oUsed estimated cost reference to show cost reference on lump sum projects to monitor status based of cost effectiveness for project, as well as monitor spending and based on cost percentage value of total cost of project.

oOn lump sum projects, I would approve pay-out invoice based on the completion stage of each project and set forth project layout as well as daily hourly invoice for approval.

oOnce scope of work is approved I would build an excel spreadsheet showing cost based on project

This spreadsheet would show the cost of material

Lead time on receiving material and PR, PO, actual date of receiver of material, and close out date of purchased item

List the materials by name, cost, and part number

Status of projects scheduled

Any foreseen proactive concerns, and solutions to concerns, or back-up contingents set in place

Any additional cost must be approved before project is done, which is prepared by me for the approval of the Maintenance Manager, Mill Manager, and Area Superintendent. All three signatures must be on cost before proceeding with scope of work

All foreseen and unforeseen cost will be shown on spread sheet as well.

oSOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

At the completion of project instructions for start-up and shut down of equipment or new device should be performed to give the operator instructions on how to perform his/her duties.

There will be instructions on how to start new equipment with step by step instructions, including photos on how to shut down device.

oTurn over procedure

There will be monitor of equipment for set period by the team. Once that set period ellipses the device will be turned over to production

Process Control Engineer MONDI GROUP Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71602

Monitored the PLC for control system issues and assisted E & I or Electrician on any other issues as assigned.

Gained experience with Siemens, Experion, Wonder Ware, & Rockwell Software.

Implemented code changes when needed (after proper documentation was provided from MOC form)

Made changes to resolve scale settings issues within the system to revolve

Set user define perimeters to allow for necessary code implications of code changes to set code functions

Test code for work ability of the system

Wrote code as compatible existing code in place

Wrote programming code as well

Designed code for wood yard location

Cataloged any changes that were made

Radiation Safety Officer MONDI GROUP Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71602

Performed testing on kay-rays to monitor level control at digester tanks to ensure no leakage is occurring at the units.

The testing is for verifying there are no leaks at the device that will be harmful for long periods of human exposure

Ensured film badges were collected and submitted for testing

Ensured swab kit testing on the devices was performed at applicable time (2yrs) and over cataloged information with leak detection confirmation

Ensured scanner (a job site location) was maintained to monitor porosity, thickness, moisture, density, & weight of the paper

Electrical Technician CENTRAL MOLONEY Pine Bluff, AR 71601 Jul 2003 – Sept 2013

Worked with Allen -Bradley PLCs, drive systems, motor control systems, automation systems and robotic systems.

Designed and constructed control systems for various projects

Interpreted blue prints, and schematics

Utilized auto-cad to layout designs for construction use in trouble shooting proposes

Repaired machinery to avoid lost time production

Replaced or repaired motors, changed or implemented drive systems on motor control systems

Experience with HMIs, programmable connections to CPU unit, VFDs, control rotation and torque on motors and displacement pumps

Performed scheduled maintenance of S-G machines, as well as laser layout machines

Applied core to transformer units

Labeled lead connections for Delta/Delta Y transformer terminals

Verified proper insulation and proper core steel for units

Constructed unit to specification requirements

Supervisor for Predraw and Intermediate Machines TREFILARBED, Inc. Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Aug 1991 – Aug 2003

2001- Promoted to Supervisor (Received certification of Supervisor Management)

2000- Promoted to first operator (monitored intermediate quality and production requirements)

1996- Worked in waste water department in overseen chemicals deposal such as caustic soda, H2SO4, coal, lead, & sine tablets

1991- Intermediate Operator

Certifications & Training


Certificate of Completion- Supervisor of Management


Certificate of Completion-Nocti (Electrical Occupations)


Certificate of Completion- Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1: Control Logix Fundamentals and Troubleshooting (Rockwell Automation, Woodlands, TX) CCP299

Certificate of Completion- Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1: Control Logix System Fundamentals (Rockwell Automation, Carrollton, TX) CCP146

Certificate of Completion – Power Flex 700 Vector Control Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Rockwell Automation, Pine Bluff, AR) CCA163

Certificate of Completion- Power Flex 700 Vector Control Configuration and Startup (Rockwell Automation, Pine Bluff, AR) CCA161


Certificate of Completion-Radiation Safety Officer (Atlanta, GA Certificate Number- 142*******)


University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology, Applied Engineering and Management Dec-2012

Southeast Arkansas College Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Associate of Applied Science, Electrical & Electronics Technology/Electrical May- 2009

Southeast Arkansas College Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Associate of Applied Science, Industrial & Mechanical Technology May- 2009

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