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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Antelope, CA
September 30, 2018

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Career Objective: Electrical Engineer wide vision of experience in electrical engineering such as test, programming, design analog, microprocessor level repair, transportation engineering design such lighting and signalization of traffic intersection and freeway electrical systems.


Chevron Circle K Roseville

Nov 2017- Feb 2018

Customer Service representative CSR

During my service my responsibility and duties included 95% or mostly cashier dealing with customers and pumps and transaction such as credit card and ATM and EBT and gift card and cash and opening and closing cashier machine and counting. Other 5% duties included facing up items and cleaning and stocking cooler and pump cleaning and made fresh new coffees and trash removal. Voluntairly left.

Macys department store

June 2016 – Jan 2017

Serviced for department of shipping and receiving seasonally. Duties included striping cloths plactic cover and placing sensors and moving them to sales floor and cleaning work area. Voluntairly left due to reducing hours.

Kumar Contractor, Pharmacia

May 2012 – Jan 2015

Pharmaceutical service under subcontractor to use timely schedule and delivery and organize dealing with paper work and nurse stations when delivered tutos. Agreed to be laid off since I was very tired of driving.


June 1998 – March 2010

Serviced depart of transportation of California governmet as electrical transportation engineer. Reviwed and designed electrical transportation systems projects for freeway and highway to deal with traffic management and control and safety and movability. The type of system design work included lighting and intersection and ramp metering and signs and anntenas and video and loop detection and CCTV. Worked as desinger for district 4 of Caltran and with department of electrical engineering design one also worked with department of service for district 3 and reviwed project and commented for 98% plan and specification and estimate or 98% PS&E review and aslo included review for district one and two and finally construction of projects for two season in Sacramento and outside of Sacramento. This is a PE level work and experience. Dismissed due to people were jealouse in other posistion to take mine or loss thier job like Malek Mahia and used their connection with management but not fired and not laid off or voluntairly left. I was memeber of PEG but their appeal was dismissed since my opponent know the judge and influence them a head of time. I am still intersted for this job because I am good doing it and good person to be Licensed for the work due to 12 years nonstop working and gaining experience but not qualified to be dismissed. Twelve years viloation of work regulation did not exist since the projects were stressfull and they needed me and with me the saw themself making money and now they do not want me and left with not government for me but their laws against me.

Rockford Engineering Service

July 1997 - March 1998

Serviced as electrical engineer and dealt with managing and testing UL projects for Safety directives and evaluated report for pass or failure and signed and submithed project report to UL and in person. Voluntarily left to work for Caltran but the real reason was they did not have money to pay my salary and try to back log it.

The Cerplex Group Incorporation

Dec 1995 - May 1997

Serived as electrical engineer who dealt with testing and repairing and test programming

and development for company complex projects and acted as projected engineer for Cisco and Bay Network projects. Laid off due to face the director of engineering thought he can save money since he gave me raise few months back and the work become none engineering just repair Cisco and Bay network routers ans switchers and monitor reapir.


California State University of Sacramento.

1995 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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