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Software Engineer

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
September 28, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: Seeking a fulltime position as Software Development Engineer

EDUCATION: Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Master of Software Engineering Anticipated DEC 2018

Course Work: Special Topics of SSW(Python), Software Eng. Studio, Arch & Component Based Design, Software Testing, Agile Method for Software Development.

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China SEP 2015

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology

Course Work: Java, Operating system, Principle of Computer Organization, Computer Network

SKILLS: Python, Java, Html & CSS, JavaScript, TensorFlow, Git, SQL, React.js, Flask, Django

Academic Projects:

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Implement autonomous-driving in simulation environment June-July 2018

In this study, we implemented autonomous-driving based on Unreal Engine and Airsim simulator by Convolution Neural Network.

Collected more than 60000 front camera pictures and datapoints (steering angle, speed, throttle and brake) by steering wheel.

Built CNN model with TensorFlow and Keras, and the input dataset is the combination of previous state of the car and images. The output of model is steering angle of the next frame.

Evaluated the performance by time on road and get the parameters such as region of interest and brightness leading to the best performance.

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Interview Question Sharing Web Site FEB 2018

An Interview question sharing web based on Flask, mongoDB and AWS

Built the UI prototype and all web pages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Epidemic Spreading on Weighted Network, Chengdu, China June 2015

Study how epidemic spreads on complex network and how degree and weight distribution affect threshold and size of epidemic. Built modeling with Java and numerical simulations. Got the conclusion that strong heterogeneity of degree distribution and weak heterogeneity of weight distribution can make network be more fragile to the breakout of epidemics.


Chinese Academy of Sciences August 2016

Human Activity Recognition System Based on Mobile Acceleration Data

Work in a team to build a human gait recognition based on mobile acceleration data.

Acquired data from the mobile acceleration sensor before cleaning and normalizing the data.

Selected feature and parameter optimization using LibSVM package.

Developed an android app that performs real-time recognition using acceleration sensor.

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