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Mechanical Engineer Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
45000 - 55000
September 28, 2018

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Devin Gholamzadeh Phone: +1-416-***-****

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Highlights Of Qualifications

Mechanical equipment (i.e. constructional equipment and industrial machinery) Design 2D and 3D: SolidWorks and Auto CAD.

Comprehensive understanding of engineering drawings, schematics and specifications as well as geometric tolerances and dimensions.

Heat and fluid design: CFD package of ANSYS.

Energy management and optimization of buildings and industrial sites using Autodesk REVIT and Trace 700.

Other softwares: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Photoshop.

Detail oriented, accurate and efficient problem solving and time management skills.

Ability to work individually or in a team environment and ability to multi-task.

Fast learner with hands on ability in laboratory and field works.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Exceptional research skills.

Valid G driver’s license.

Work Experience

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Jan. 2016- May 2017 Research Assistant

Designed and produced the star shape sparger to run the experimental setup of a chemical bioreactor using SolidWorks and CNC machining.

Guided the 4th-year students for doing their degree project on CFD modeling of a membrane for pulp and paper industry.

Performed two-phase flow calculations of an activated sludge chemical bioreactor with various sludge MLSS and aeration systems using CFD package of ANSYS.

Analyzed the numerical calculation data on effect of sparger type and the rate of sludge’s suspended solid on bioreactor mixing time and hydrodynamics. Behtam Energy CO., Mashhad, Iran Jan. 2015- Jan. 2016 Mechanical Engineer and Technical Supervisor

Conducted Mechanical Engineering field investigations.

Performed technical site visits and collecting data.

Performed design and calculations regarding HVAC systems, engine size, lightening system, total energy consumption (electricity and gas) and so on by using Autodesk REVIT.

Performed estimations of the cost of project and detailed technical reports.

Attended the consultant company’s meeting for defending the designed project. Devin Gholamzadeh Phone: +1-416-***-**** 2 fo 3

Supervised the project of establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an EnMS (ISO 50001) for Pegah CO. which is one of the biggest dairy companies in Iran.

Supervised the technical project of assessment of the building’s energy cost and efficiency of ventilation system, lightening system and all mechanical installations of OMID Commercial building.

Collaborated with consultant, and supervised technicians and workers to maximize quality of project execution.

Keyfiat Kavan Paj Company, Mashhad, Iran Oct. 2012- Jan. 2015 Designer Engineer

Lead project mechanical engineer for the design, development and documentation of HVAC, plumbing, and temperature controlled systems.

Performed calculations of energy audit stages (Walkthrough Audit, Energy Survey and Analysis and Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications).

Performed coordination with contractors about the scale of project, review the specifications and pricing.

Prepared proposals, estimated the project costs, and monitored the project schedules.

Revised and prepared drawings by using SolidWorks and Auto CAD.

Performed field duties in different projects such as settlement inspection and conducted the field investigation for suggesting the best practical design.

Interacted with clients, consultant, and contractors to maximize the quality of project execution based on the client’s needs.

Nik Hengam Company, Mashhad, Iran Feb. 2010- Aug. 2012 Design Engineer (Internship)

Designed various components of gas powered radio control trucks such as chassis, bumper and power transmission axis by using SolidWorks and Auto CAD.

Operated the CNC machine process using Mastercam.

Designed a multipurpose lift for construction with high level of stability for high-rise building constructions using SolidWorks.

Modeled a solar heat transfer for residential building to investigate the effect of external wall’s color on the internal temperature control using CFD package of ANSYS.

Monitored project schedule.

Prepared project status reports, financial reports, and project schedules.

Revised and prepared drawings.

Prepared and submitted change orders.

Devin Gholamzadeh Phone: +1-416-***-**** 3 fo 3

Azad University, Mashhad, Iran Jul. 2010- Jul. 2013 Teacher Assistant and Private Tutor

Conducted tutorial assistance for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering courses such as Engineering Mathematics, Differential Equations, Strength of Materials, Process Control, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. Certifications

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Energy Management Heat Course Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Energy Management General Course ISO 50001 (EnMs)


Faculty Research Award- Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario Jan. 2016- May 2017 Top 3 Students of Azad University-Mashhad Branch 2010- 2011 Publication and Conference Paper

o Gholamzadehdevin, M. (2013). “Study on rates of walls’ solar heat transfer, using CFD modeling, case study Mashhad.” In 7th ISME student Conference, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.

o Gholamzadehdevin, M. (2013). “A study on range of color’s solar heat transfer, case study Mashhad, using CFD modeling”. In ICEEB, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Under Review Papers:

o Gholamzadehdevin, M., Pakzad, L. (2018). "Hydrodynamic Characteristics of an Activated Sludge Bubble Column through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)" International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Education

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay,

Ontario, Canada


B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Azad University, Mashhad, Iran 2008-2012 References

Leila Pakzad, Ph.D, P.Eng. Assistant Professor at Lakehead University 807-***-**** Amir H. Azimi, Ph.D, P.Eng. Assistant Professor at Lakehead University 807-***-****

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